Baawre 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi scolding Raghavendra. He says this is happening because of you both, I m understanding, you will lose Yamini. Dadi says you will lose her, not us. He says get her back, else her respect will be gone. She says fine, we are going to stay with Yamini at the haveli. He says what. She says whats wrong in Nikumbh, he is a nice guy, and Yamini loves him. The day you realize your mistake, give her hand to him. They leave angrily. They come to the haveli and meet Nikumbh. Dadi apologizes to him on Raghavendra’s behalf. He says its fine, leave it. Yamini’s mum asks about her. He says come with me and takes them to Yamini. They meet Yamini. Yamini says she is fine and not hurt.

They worry for her. Yamini asks how are you here, I will not stay at home now. Dadi says even we won’t leave there. Yamini asks what. Dadi says she has left home, after what Raghavendra did. He has crossed the limit. She says we came to stay here now. Nikumbh smiles and agrees to make them stay here. Yamini asks them to go back home. Shaheen tells Azam that we should leave. Azam says you stay here with Yamini. Shaheen says but LFW, your clothes are at home, how will you manage, we will send someone and get your clothes. Azam says yes, we will go. They leave.

Yamini comes in Lakme Absolute Salon and gets a makeover. Raghavendra talks to Shaheen’s parents and tells about Azam. Shaheen’s dad says we know them, Azam is not a bad guy, he is a very nice guy. He says its good if we accept our children’s decision and respect it, as times have changed. He says it should not happen that they leave us and go. Raghavendra gets angry. Yamini and Nikumbh play dumcharades with everyone. They promote Dare 2 Dance.

Raghavendra is shocked to know about Yamini is getting engaged to Nikumbh, against his wish. This can’t happen and he will stop them. He fakes a heart attack and Sumitra gets worried. Nikumbh and Yamini discuss a script and have a talk. Sumitra calls Yamini and cries asking her to come home fast, as Dadi is not at home, and her dad got a heart attack. Yamini is shocked. Everyone come to meet Raghavendra. He gets angry on Nikumbh and blames him for everything. He says he will not go to hospital and wants to die. Yamini asks Nikumbh to do something. Nikumbh says I m going and will geta doctor.

The doctor checks Raghavendra and says its not a big thing, its just heart pain, not any attack, give him medicines, he will be fine till morning. He leaves. Yamini stays with him taking care of him and cries. Shaheen consoles him and asks her not to blame herself, as he will be fine. Azam tells Nikubh that he told Dadi and she said she won’t come, doctor said everything is fine, don’t know his engagement will happen tomorrow or not as Raghavendra has filled Shaheen’s parents’ ears against Azam. Shaheen and Yamini hear this and are shocked. Nikumbh asks Azam not to tell anything to Yamini.

Its morning, Yamini comes to Raghavendra and talks to him. She tells him that he has sent goons to beat Nikumbh and now he did all this to stop their engagement. She says Azam and Shaheen are still together, as her parents understand her. She says it was their engagement and you spoiled it. He says what Azam and Shaheen’s engagement? She says yes, it was their engagement, not my and Nikumbh’s. She says she will live her life by her wish, he does not have any right to stop her. He is shocked.

Yamini asks Raghavendra to leave from the haveli. Nikumbh says atleast her to hear what he wants to say.

Update Credit to: Amena

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