Piya Basanti Re 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Kabeer hitting Priya with his football by mistakes. She falls down. Kabeer apologizes her and tries to pick her up, her dress tears. He apologizes her again. She says it is okay as he did not do it purposefully. Kabeer then starts following Priya. Savita sees him getting into mall and follows her. He gets into girl’s dress showroom. Savita thinks why is he going there and follows him. He asks sales girl to show him a dress. Savita thinks why is he buying girl’s dress. Kabeer buys a dress and asks salesgirl to make bill fast. He comes out and sees Savita out, asks why is she here. She says it is obvious for her to be in a girl’s showroom, for whom did he buy dress. He says it is for a girl whose dress he tore by mistake. Savita thinks she should inform about this to Neeta, calls her and tells her the whole incident, asks her not to worry. Neeta thinks Savita frightened her and asks not to worry, hope what Savita told is not true.

Kabeer reaches college and searches Priya. He sees Priya’s friend and calls her. Friend gets happy and asks if he knows her. He says yes as she is his classmate. He then gives a dress and asks her to give this dress to Priya. Friends happily runs to the library where Priya is and calls her out. She then gives it to Priya and says Kabeer gave it to her as an apology. Priya sees price tag of 18,0000 and goes to return it back. He calls Kabeer who is busy playing football. He says she does not have to thank him. She says she has come to return it back. He asks what is the problem. She says her torn dress is of 800 rs and this one is of 18,000 rs, so she cannot accept it. Kabeer loses goal while conversing with her. He asks her why she cannot accept it. She says her mom will scold her for accepting such a costly dress as she wears only costly dress during festival. He asks her to give it to Aditi and says he cannot understand her. She says we both are different.

Neeta asks Savita why is she doubting Kabeer as he does not lie. Savita says a boy always lies for a girl and says that girl is trapping him. They both start talking worriedly. Neeta calls Mahesh, but he says he is in the middle and will call her back. She asks him to come home fast. Savita also calls her husband and asks him to come home fast.

Aditi and her friend are in a canteen. Aditi sees her friend’s ring and likes it. She says her mom bought it from US. Priya comes there and gives dress, telling her the whole incident. Friend starts laughing and says Priya can stitch her torn dress. Priya says they are wasting money and should respect it. Aditi gets irked and throws the dress in bin. Priya picks the dress back and says Aditi if she cannot worship money, she should not insult it at least and says with the cost of this dress, a family can survive on it for 1 month, and gives back the dress to her.

Mahesh comes home and asks Neeta and Savita if they are telling truth. They say yes and say they can inquire Kabeer’s college friends. Just then Akash comes home. They all look at him wierdly. He says he did not do anything. Neeta says they are not doubting him and starts talking about food, etc. Savita asks if Kabeer is having an affair in college. He says he does not know and swears on Baa. Savita says he does not know about it, but not sure. Aditya comes just then and talks to her friend about Kabeer buying dress for Priya Patel. Geeta also hears their conversation. Neeta says she heard this name. Aditi says Mahesh crowned her in fashion show. Mahesh asks if she is Kabeer’s girlfriend?

Whole family asks Kabeer why did he take such a big step. Kabeer is confused.

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