Saraswatichandra 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saraswati saying now engagement won’t happen, but marriage directly. Everyone is stunned. She asks Badimaa to get first aid. Kumud cries in her room. Saras comes to her and she asks for his hand. She sees his hand burnt and applies cream. He shows their engagement ring and makes it. She asks what are you doing. It hurts to him but he wears it. He says now I m complete. She asks what was the need to burn your hand. He says I told you, I won’t wear anyone else’ name. She says but now marriage will happen directly and its truth. He says no, trust is our love, Lord will show us some way. She asks if not then. He says he trusts the Lord, and us. He says Lord know how much I love you and can’t live without you, so he will show the way.

She says if I have to go, then can you be without me. He asks where will you go. She says I have to go far from you to see Maa happy. He says I know you love and Maa lot, but when Maa know everything, she will regret. He says he will always be hers, feed this in mind. Everyone talk about Saras burning his hand. Badimaa says don’t know what will happen till Saraswati gets fine. Saras comes and says there is some way. Danny says it means Kumud did some magic. Saras says till Kumud and you all are with me, I can’t lose courage. Badimaa says great, moments will come to weaken you, but you have to balance between Kumud and Maa. She says I know you will get both of them, when Kumud and Saras are together, Lord has to do what you both want. Everyone smile.

Saras comes and asks Kumud where is she going. She says in Badimaa’s room, we have to do this for Maa, its not easy for me, I can’t be without you. He says even he can’t. She says this will be good for Maa. She says I m going. Saraswati has a disturbed sleep and says Chandra………..She sees the toy missing and worries. She says where did my son go and looks for the toy. She goes out of the room. Kusum and Danny talk about Saras stopping the engagement by burning his hand. They bare concerned about Saras and Kumud. Danny says why do Lord test true people. Kusum says everyone is worried for Saraswati’s health.

Danny sees Ghuman’s pic and Kusum notices this. He says whatever is happening is because of her. She made Saraswati helpless to commit suicide, I hate her. She asks him to think about Kaki, not his mum. He says she can’t be anyone’s mum, who made two sons away from her sons, poor Kabir……….. I m ashamed that I m her son. He throws the pic out. Saraswati is there and sees the crushed pic. Kumud sees her and hides. Aarti comes and sees Saraswati sitting there. Saraswati shows Ghuman’s pic and says she wants to meet her.

Aarti is shocked and asks her to sleep for sometime. She asks for the pic and Saraswati says she won’t give, as she is her friend who met her in hospital. Aarti says sleep now and takes the pic. She thinks its good I saw this pic, else it would have been a problem, I will tear it. Saraswati takes the pic back and sleeps. Aarti tries to take the pic but Saraswati holds the pic tight.

Aarti thinks she will take in morning and leaves. Kumud sees all this and thinks whose pic is it, that Aarti wants to see it being so keen. Kumud comes and takes the pic. Before she can see it, Saraswati sees her and reacts. Kumud runs out. Saraswati calls Chandra and says Kumud came here to kill me. Everyone come and Saras says no one is here. They say no one is here. Saras sees Kumud standing outside and signs Danny to see her. Danny signs on and goes out. Danny takes Kumud. Saras says there is no one here. I m with you. Badimaa says be calm, nothing will happen to you. Aarti comes. Saras asks her to take care of Maa and leaves. Saraswati sleeps. Aarti thinks where did the photo go.

Kumud asks the doctor is she in this hospital. Doctor says yes, do you know her. Kumud says no, Maa talks about her. Dcotor says she is like friend of Saraswati, she is mentally unstable so shifted here from jail. Kumud is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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