Baawre 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikumbh scolding Jamal asking for his pen stand. Jamal says why are you annoyed with me, I did not touch anything. Yamini comes and looks at Nikumbh’s anger. She hears the problem and gives him the pen stand. She says I came in your room to clean your room, it was fallen on the ground and I kept it there. Nikumbh scolds her for entering his room, he likes hiss room messed up and throws things. He says you don’t like the difference in my life, don’t cross your line. Yamini is shocked. He says he won’t tell again, don’t interfere in my life, thanks a lot. She leaves. Jamal tells Azam about Nikumbh’s anger and asks him to talk to Nikumbh. Azam sees Yamini upset and says when you know he can’t get normal soon, why did you go to him.

He says he is afraid and can’t believe someone can love him, as everyone hated him and left him, no one took care of him, one day he will come back. That day he will understand you and your love. Yamini signs a paper. Azam looks at her. Yamini goes to Nikumbh’s room and knocks the door. She thinks about his rude words. She puts the letter at the door and leaves. Azam comes and takes it. He is shocked to see it. Nikumbh comes and asks what is it. Azam says take it and read. Nikumbh reads it and Azam says be happy now, are you satisfied now. He says you are the first man who is doing bad with yourself, you are hurting the ones who love you, stay alone now.

Nikumbh says go, I did not tell anyone to love me, you all made her do this, she was good before. Azam says she is good even now, I want you to become good too. He leaves. Yamini talks to Raghavendra and says she is ready to sing now. She says she wants to do the singing shows as she has resigned in the drama company. He is shocked and asks why. She says nothing, I did enough theatre and changed mind now, few things we can’t do how much we like it. She asks him to talk to organizers. He asks her to decide well, as he can’t bear insult again like in Mumbai.

She confirms her decision and leaves. Azam is at his shop. Nikumbh comes to talk to him, and cool his anger. He says leave anger now, end this matter and tell me what to do, if you tell me to meet Yamini and apologize, I will do it. Azam says yes, do it, you did wrong with her. He says you treated her badly. Nikumbh says I need my personal space, why did she interfere. Azam says sorry no one will interfere now, she resigned. Nikumbh says I did not want this.

Azam gets a call and says Yamini’s phone will be on silent. He tells Nikumbh that sponsorship was because of Yamini, if she is not here, the sponsorship will be cancelled. Nikumbh says he was sponsoring us. He gets Raghavendra’s call. Raghavendra talks to him and says you might have got the sponsor’s call, I told you I will make you zero from hero. Nikumbh is upset and tells Azam that Yamini’s dad is doing this. Azma says we worked hard and this dream will die, this is happening because of your ego. Nikumbh says you all pushed her to do this.

Nikumbh says we will get some other sponsor, I won’t let my dream break, you can resign if you wish, I will do everything alone, I don’t care. He leaves. Its morning, Raghavendra says he will vacate the haveli if she says. She says no, she will practice in her room. He says fine and leaves. Dadi talks to Yamini. Yamini says she is not needed there, she resigned, his ego is bigger than her, he does not need me now. I like him a lot, he does not care. Dadi tries to explain her. Azam comes to meet Yamini and waves through the window. Yamini is shocked and closes the door. She asks what is he doing here.

He says Nikumbh won’t come to talk, he is mad, he is blaming himself now, he wanted to apologize to you, but he won’t, as sponsorship is gone. Yamini gets worried. Azam leaves. Nikumbh is thinking and penning down his thoughts and the script. Azam comes to him and Nikumbh asks him to call the sponsors. Yamini comes to meet Azam for her mobile recharge. He says postpaid recharge, intelligent excuse. She asks did he get sponsor. He says I m trying. He says Nikumbh won’t take your help, leave him alone for some time.

Yamini reads Baawre’s article, which Nikumbh writes and she reads it daily. He says he has given me to publish this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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