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Dhara is sitting with her friends when Preet Madam comes to visit her and she is shocked to see her. Miss Fareeda is performing the rituals and Adrij’s father is also there and so is his brother. Miss Fareeda tells the tribe of their legacy and the reason of their gathering and Anshuman is watching from behind and wonders if Vivan is with them. Miss Fareeda lifts the child and says that this child is a werewolf and is one of us. She holds the child in her hands and says that the name of this boy is Vidhyut meaning as strong and fast as lighting.
Preet Madam asks Dhara where Vivan and she says that she doesn’t know as she was busy and they didn’t talk much. Preet Madam says that she sent Vivan here for her and that’ she should have found time in her busy schedule. Preet Madam says that Vivan loves you and that she knows that she know that she also loves Vivan and that she has seen it. Dhara says that they were close and that doesn’t mean they would still love each other when they grow up. She says that she is not the same Dhara who didn’t saw that world outside the Mansion. She says that she doesn’t love Vivan anymore. Preet Madam says that the truth can’t be hidden from her. She leaves saying that she has to find Vivan right now. Dhara also says to herself that she has to find Vivan.
Rohan comes and asks where Dhara is and the girls recognize him as Vivan’s friend. Just as he was about to say something he sees Dhara running who goes to find Vivan in the jungle. She screams his name so that he can hear it and Vivan does hears a voice and recognizes it. However he is very weak and can’t get up.
Anshuman is at the same place and says that he must go and find Vivan inside there. He proceeds but hides inside a tent when he sees someone coming and the boy Vidhyut is there. He goes to look at him and says that how beautiful eyes you have and someone says to him to stay away from my son and they get into a fight and Anshuman kills them both and runs from the place.
Preet Madam is finding Vivan and says that she will not let her efforts of so many years get into a waste. She walks from place to place when Anshuman senses her presence and starts to become weak. Preet has no idea of Anshuman’s presence and is busy in search of Vivan. Anshuman follows by hiding behind trees. Preet Madam senses that something is surrounding Vivan but that she must find him and break that spell.
Dhara is looking for Vivan when suddenly the lockets that both of them are wearing start to move and point at each other. Her locket drags her in Vivan’s direction and then stops. Dhara sees a tent and goes towards it.
Adrij’s father is holding Vidhyut and say that they didn’t expected that a night for celebration would turn into a night for mourning. He says that this is not the end but that the birth of this child has brought a new hope for all of them and takes full responsibility of the child. He says that he knows that when Vidhyut will grow up he will take revenge of his parents murder from their arch enemy which are Vampires.
Dhara goes in the tent and wakes Vivan up, Vivan remembers that how she ignored him when he came but now it has changed. He asks her that how did she find him and she says that the locket brought her to him. She hugs him and when they go back their lockets tie up and it becomes a single piece.

Precap: Adrij’s father is angry that Vivan is not there and Miss Fareeda says that he would not have gone far. She goes after him and Vivan and Dhara are stunned to see it

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