Shastri Sisters 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil seeing Devyaani’s video and saying why am I saying this trouble maker of my life, I m idiot, if mum knows about this, it will be problem. Shastri ji talks to his wife’s pic. He tells about Alka’s marriage and how she used to be in her childhood. He says they all will go one by one, then I will be alone after they go. Anushka brings food for him and says you did not have food. He says he had it. She says no. He says leave it, I don’t like outside food. She makes khichdi for him. He eats it and likes it. He says when you all go, who will remind me I did not eat, teach me to make khichdi before you leave. Anushka asks where am I going. He says inlaws. She says I won’t go. He says every daughter has to go, a father tries to do their best, but he worries who will take care of them when he is not alive, when daughter gets married, his worry goes.

She says how can a daughter be happy being away from her father having worries. He gives the plate to her and says he is feeling sleepy. She says answer me first. He says I m tired. He asks her to give the perfume to Sareen. Anushka looks at him and says she will not go from this house leaving him. Aircraft is shown landing. The pilot is shown and its Rajat. He looks dashing in his uniform. Rajat gets a surprise farewell party where all his colleagues congratulate him, as its his farewell. He gets transfer to Delhi. Rajat says finally I m coming home. Everyone clap for him. Rajat opens the champagne bottle and says cheers.

Anushka comes to Sareen’s portion and looks for Minty. The landline rings. Rajat says my first dream girl, I m coming to you, make a lost where you have to go on date, if you are not ready, I will take you. Anushka says cheap man, I will make police complaint of you call again. Minty comes and says whose call was it. Anushka says some bad guy, don’t know what his parents taught him. She gives the perfume. The call comes again. Minty takes the call and scolds the guy. Rajat says I have a Pataka mum. Minty says Rajat……..He asks who took the call. Minty says Shastri ji’s daughter Anushka. Anushka says sorry, I did not know. Rajat says she looked daring. Minty says she is very daring, they are very sharp, my BP is high since they came, I m afraid they can fail my heart, they have slapped Neil as he teased Peeya and you know what they did in Mata Ki chowki, they insulted Neil a lot.

He says don’t worry, we will tackle them. She says be away from them, Alka is getting married. Minty asks why did he call. Rajat thinks to surprise her and says I love you Minty. She says I love you so much and kisses him. He says ok mum, I will end call now. He says mum always trouble others, who is this who is troubling her, I have to meet Shastri sisters. Lets see what they do when squadron leader Rajat Sareen is before them, here I come.

Minty asks Neil to have breakfast. Neil says I will have in canteen. Sareen asks him to ride the bike well. Neil stops Devyaani and asks him not to be excited, he can drop her to college on his bike. Devyaani says no need and leaves. Neil says she is not bad. Devyaani comes to have breakfast and greets everyone. Sareen says Shastri ji to do the shagun soon. Devyaani says we will not send Alka soon, what does she know about Rohan. Minty says she is marrying him, that’s enough. Devyaani says they should go out and know each other’s likes and dislikes. Minty says what if their thinking does not match, can they refuse to the relation.

Anushka says Devyaani means they can adjust well if they know each other. Minty says Rohan should know less about Alka. She says Rohan’s dad asked us not to let Alka and Rohan meet often. Sareen says we can’t listen to him. Shastri ji says if we have to do the marriage soon, how will we do arrangements. He asks Anushka to come as they will break the FD and call Bua to book the hall. Devyaani says the marriage will be in Delhi. Anushka says our relatives are in Kanpur, they can’t come here. Minty taunts about Rajeev. Shastri ji says we will keep marriage in Delhi. He gets Rohan’s dad’s call and says fine come. He tells Sareen that he wants to talk and is coming in evening. He gets worried.

Rohan’s dad comes to talk to them and says I want the guests to be welcomed in five star. Shastri ji says we will do our best, but this deman can’t be fulfilled.

Update Credit to: Amena

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