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Baawre 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yamini telling Raghavendra that she was doing the rehearsals. Everyone say the same. Raghavendra smiles and says so you were acting, it was great, I got mistaken, you have learnt it, very good, once more please, I want to see this acting. Nikumbh signs Yamini what. She signs him please. Nikumbh asks the actors to continue. He says we will do since beginning. Raghavendra sits and sees Yamini’s acting. Yamini says her lines perfectly with tears in her eyes. Everyone feel deep in her act. Raghavendra claps and everyone else too. Nikumbh smiles. Baawre…………plays…………..

Raghavendra says wow, great, this is the best, no one can stop you now, you see even I got tears in my eyes. He says come, lets go, we are getting late. He leaves. Yamini signs Nikumbh can she go. He signs yes go. She takes her purse and says I feel now I can understand this character, you won’t have any problem now. He says yes, we will talk tomorrow, go home now. She leaves. Nikumbh talks to Azam. Azam says you did not do this right by making Yamini cry. Nikumbh says but she lied to her dad, it means she is smart, she is not strong like Shakuntala, but we will make her like Shakuntala slowly. Azam says what? Nikumbh explains him. He praises Shakuntala, who is a balanced character, he has to fill this qualities in Yamini and make her character. Azam asks how. Nikumbh says you won’t understand, I will show by doing it.

Its morning, the narrator says its feels good to see Nikumbh’s trust, now he wants to make the scared Yamini the strong woman Shakuntala. Even he is right, if Yamini starts thinking like her, he has to find out her heart and change her thoughts. Nikumbh brings Yamini to Chor Bazaar. She asks when will Azam and Shaheen come, I came to help her in shopping. Nikumbh says you will do it alone, this is your task, buy a ring where the king Dushyant will give it to Shakuntala, I can buy you just Rs 200, the ring should be best. Yamini says I can’t do this, I did not go shopping alone, if anyone see me with you, it can be a problem if my family knows.

He says relax, wear stole and goggles, no one will identify you. She asks why will I do this. He says as its needed to be like Shakuntala, be bold, buy the ring, if you want to play her role, first be like her. Baawre…………..plays…………… Azam stops Shaheen. She says I came to meet Yamini, but I m going as she is not here. Azam asks but what happened. Shaheen says don’t you remember. He says give me a hint, stop. He says I m sorry, how to make you happy. She laughs and says don’t fight with me again. He gives her a rose. He says he is assistant director and take her in big life ok now awards. She gets happy. They talk about the show and the star performances.

She says I will come with you. He says help me please. She asks in what. He says Nikumbh took Yamini out for a task, so Uttam should not know. Shaheen says is it something going on in between them. Yamini sees angry salesman and is scared. Nikumbh smiles. Yamini says help me. He says why my help was needed then…….. Someone pushes him and he slips falling on her. Music plays………..Nikumbh says I would have done it myself now. He says you said you want to be bold and brave like Shakuntala. Yamini says yes, I can do it. Nikumbh says oh, so prove it.

He says people sell everything at same price, so find out the price yourself. He says this is Chor bazaar and you need to be very careful. Uttam gets Dadi’s call who asks about Yamini. Azam and Shaheen confuse him. They tell him that Nikumbh is training Yamini and he will be angry if anyone disturbs him. Uttam gets scared and says I won’t go. Shaheen laughs as Uttam leaves. Yamini comes to a shop hiding her face. Nikumbh looks at her. She then shows her face and says I want a finger ring, I want an old design and for Male.

The man shows her some rings. Yamini chooses one and shows to Nikumbh. He signs don’t know and gets busy talking to Azam. He can’t hear him and leaves out. Yamini gets tensed.

Yamini likes other one. The man says it was stolen from a king’s palace, its very costly. She asks how much. He says give it how much you think, you are rich and can give anything. She says but you say. He says pack it. She says no, I don’t want. He scolds her and says did you come to time pass, you have to buy, and calls others. Everyone come and scold her for wasting their time. Yamini gets worried as they shout on her. The man says this is Chor Bazaar, give me Rs 2000.

Yamini opens her purse and thinks of Nikumbh’s words. She scolds everyone and says what do you all think. I came here or first time, everyone knows me here, I did not come here because of this bad manners, this shop can get shut if I call MLA Tripathi. Everyone leave. The man says no madam, don’t do this. She says be in your limits, and tell me the rate. The man says give anything, take it. Yamini says I will give only Rs 200. He says joking? Give me rs 1000. She bargains. The man agrees and gives her the ring at Rs 200. She smiles and looks at the ring.

Nikumbh asks the shopkeeper about Yamini. He starts finding her. A goon sees Yamini and follows her. Yamini is happy with the ring fulfilling Nikumbh’s task. She turns and is shocked to see the goon.

The goon follows Yamini. She runs from him. Nikumbh is trying to find her. The goon removes her stole.

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