Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila gets back her memory and asks about Meera. Gopi shows Meera and says she is our Meera. She further says this is the reason we were called by Vaishnav Devi/god here. Ahem further explains her the incidents happened. Kokila says she wanted Meera to protect from Radha and Tripti as they both wanted to kill our Meera. Ahem, Rashi, Jigar, Gopi are shocked to hear that. Gopi asks Kokila if she is sure about Radha. Kokila says she is 100% sure and says she wanted to Radha to marry Ahem and when she went to temple to take decision, she heard Radha telling that she tried to kill Meera and then when she took Meera in an auto, Tripti made an accident and she lost her memory then. Meera says that means the lady who is with Radha is Tripti, they both tried to kill Kokila. Gopi says she cannot believe Radha can do that. Kokila says that is the truth and says it is like kans trying to kill Krishna and tell some other examples. She says it is the truth of life, with good people, bad people are also there who can go to any extent for their benefit.

Rashi remembers Radha’s conspiracies and says she doubted her always. Kokila says she is right. Gopi asks why will Radha do that. Kokila says Tripti and Radha blame our family for Umang’s murder. Rashi says she should put them behind bars. Gopi says she cannot think her own sister can do this and kept her away from her daughter for 8 days and tried to kill her. She says she will not leave them easily and will punish herself. She takes a oath on god that she will make Tripti and Radha apologise her whole family on their knees, till then she will not perform god’s aarti/pray god and it is her oath.

Gopi takes a oath to take revenge from Radha and Tripti in 8 days and then she will perform god’s aarti. Ahem says he will find Tripti and Radha and punish them. Rashi says she should find evidence against them as they will not easily accept their mistakes. Kokila says Rashi is right.

Rashi says we should inform our family first. She calls Hetal and asks her if Radha came there. Hetal says she has gone to her other’s house and asks about Kokila and Meera. Rashi says they both are with us and asks her not to inform Madhuben or Radha that about Kokila and Meera. She says they are coming back tomorrow and before she says further, signal drops. Hetal informs her family that Meera and Kokila are with Rashi and Gopi and Rashi insisted her not to inform about Meera and Kokila Madhuben and Radha.

Radha and Tripti reach home and laugh thinking they killed Kokila. Tripti asks Radha to go back to Modi Bhavan and inform about their sorrows to her. Radha says she will go to Madhuben first as she informed Hetal that she is going to her house.

Dhaval comes home and asks Madhuben if she got any news about Kokila. Madhuben says no. Radha comes there. Madhuben asks why did she come here. Radha says she wanted to be on her side and asks if she got any news about Kokila. Madhben says no. Radha thinks why didnt they get news yet.

Hetal is tensed why Rashi asked her not to inform Radha and Madhuben about Kokila. Baa says there must be something. Madhuben calls Hetal and asks if she got any news about them. Hetal says no and cuts the call. Meera silently hears Madhuben’s conversation acting as sleeping. Madhuben goes out to bring water. Radha starts thinking why didn’t they get a news about Kokila’s death and gets happy thinking Kokila’s body will be brought here with all Modi’s crying for her.

Precap: Radha asks Gopi about Kokila and starts crying showing a fake concern. Kokila comes and slaps her.

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  1. Hurrah!!!!! Kokila really got her memory back it is not a dream………Why are these fellows chatting without catching Radha and at least now the MODIS will be able to know that Radha is not their in either of the houses……..idiots…… Omg I am bubbling with happiness that kokila got her memory back JAI MATAJI……….if I have came to know that kokila gets her memory back when she reaches temple I might have sent her to temple before 2 months only but it is topo late now!!!!!!!!how ever we got a break after a long……….days of suffer we must enjoy now only I am sure after one or two days another problem comes to them and they will start detective works again………!!!!!!!!
    Any have we are saved from becoming ghajinis like kokila by gods grace…..

  2. it is surprise plan for kokila

  3. No charm in this already too late.

  4. Gud episode …….. but bgm didnt match with de situation when koki reveals the truth

  5. Ya finally kokila got the memory thank god

  6. now how long will gopi’s 8 days vow punish radha and tripthi go on will it take 8 mnths or 8yrs of torture for us or will it next 8 days. already the writers have dragged the story of kokilas memory loss too much and fans are really frustrated with them. If Gopis 8 days of revenge gets over in 2weeks i did accept the writers are really writers with some brain

  7. Finally we r saved from being more tortured

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