Jhalli Anjali 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

THE Epsiode starts Anjali tryin to take out the Scarf from top but falls Some how Dhruv Managed to to Save her After that Anjali drinks coldrink and gets Drunk….As she falls on the statue the sponsor scolds Dhruv as he is class representative…Dhruv apologises..Nikki and pinky laughes..Amisha searches for Anjali while she finds her in campus Anjali says everyone that she shares bed..room everything wid Amisha but she dont know How much she love her…Anjali creates a Scene andd Everyone laughs Amisha pushes her and Somehow takea her till car..Anjali shouts says she know how to drive car As in Ambala she uses to win the races…Dhruv comes and control Anjali catches her hand says that he wil Come till home to drop them home Safely…Amisha is happy as Dhruv will Come to know her home…Amisha asks Nikki and pinky to go home..Amisha is driving the Car..In the Car Dhruv Asks Anjali who offered her Coldrink She replies Angad…Dhruv asks who is Angad..Anjali laughs and says he dont know who is Angad…Anjali text Angad saying ..She missed her a Alot today in the party and is coming Ambala to meet him ..

As Angad is getting ready for.the party ringtone Rings “Message aaya Message aaya” Angad recieves the Message and anjali will never leave him alone Amisha asks Dhruv”home as to drop him HE Replies that He has come to drop them safely at home..Anjali says Dhruv Angad is childhood best frnd she uses to make projects for him…And will not sleep in nights seeing the pictures of hin Anjali tells he is her ex boyfriend And says he has broken her Heart Dhruv says that till now he haven’t Seen broken heart story of Girls He hav seen only boys Angad replies Anjali by sayin that He is busy Anjali abuses Angad by Sayin “kutta kamina” Dhruv laughs..Anjali Calls Angad and scolds tells that yes she is not het type..As he like gals who were small clothes who do Dozens of makeup…And those who says “Baby babu shona ” Anjali calls Angad a loser and Kutta kamina and says go to hell and cuts the phone…Dhruv says thats the Spirit…Angad tries to Call back Anjali but she cuts tbe phone Angad gets irritated At the home Taiji is Annoyed as the college authorities calles Tauji and says that Anjali is drunk.Standing outside the house waiting for Anjali..As Anjali comes Ballu tells…”Beawake Queen of Ambala is Arriving”

Taiji calls Anjali “alchoholic” and says Tauji to Call and tell to his father about her Daughter”s conduct while Dhruv comes out of Car Taiji asks who is this asks is this Anjali”s boyfrnd Or Amisha Dhruv says he is Jst a frnd and had Come to drop them home Safely Taiji taunts Dhruv saying Seen home already drop Anjali till Bedroom…Tauji says to keep quiet…Amisha cleans the room and checks herself as Dhruv is coming…Anjali comes to room unaware of anything not in her Senses Taiji Scolds alot and says Amisha also do party but till not came home Drunk.Taiji says to see Anjali.as she is still Smiling Anjali Vomits on Taijii Everyone is shocked…


Update Credit to: Ansari

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