Baawre 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yamini leaving from the haveli. Baawre…………plays………..Nikumbh thinks about Yamini while she comes home and is upset thinking how Nikumbh scolded her and kicked her out of his play. Dadi comes and asks what happened. Yamini reads a column for Dadi and tries to understand Nikumbh. Dadi asks her what happened. Yamini says he has kicked me out of play, I don’t know my mistake. I wanted to tell him sorry about reporter, but he did not listen to me and asked me to leave. Dadi fumes. Azam reads the same column which reminds Nikumbh about Yamini. He feels bad. Dadi says lets go and talk to him.

Yamini says no I will not go there alone. Dadi beats her. Yamini says why are you beating us. Dadi says if you can ask me, then go and ask him too why is he firing on you often. Nikumbh tells Azam that he has asked Yamini to leave the play. He says I scolded her a lot. Azam says you got an opinion about her without knowing her, the show date will come, what will you do. Nikumbh says now nothing can happen, but I will say her sorry. Azam says what? Nikumbh says seriously, I will say her sorry then let her decide. Azam laughs. Yamini talks to herself seeing in mirror and says I will ask Nikumbh why did he made me leave, why should I go. She scolds Nikumbh acting like Dadi praising herself.

She says now Nikumbh should inform this to principal, I won’t quit it if principal does not tell me. Yamini comes to the haveli and practices her lines. Nikumbh comes and sees her. He is glad seeing her and surprised as he did not think she will come. She sees him and stops. He says I felt you won’t come. She says yes, but I came. He says yes, what happened yesterday, what I told…. She says don’t say again, I m not doing a favor, I committed. If you have any problem, then talk to principal. He says no, I m so….. it won’t be required. He says I want to say I m sor(sorry)….. Everyone is happy seeing Yamini. They take Yamini with her.

Azam comes to know this flyover will make things tough. He sees Shaheen and talks to her. He says I have few things of yours, first your form, I submitted, and I brought some designs for you to help you. She is happy seeing it. He says I made this with my mum’s help. She says you worked hard for me, to help me, thanks. She holds his hand and he is on the cloud nine. Nikumbh asks everyone to start a fun game, they will be given a line and they have to express it by acting.

He asks Azam to do a demo and show everyone. Azam does it and everyone claps. Azam asks Pyaare to tell a line in Yamini’s ear. He does and Yamini emotes infront of Nikumbh. Nikumbh guesses it right. Azam asks Nikumbh to apologize to Yamini and says all the best to Nikumbh. Baawre……….plays………… Nikumbh says sorry to Yamini by emoting. Yamini does not understand at first. He does it again and she asks what is this. The narrator says they are silly, Nikumbh is naughty, he is having a tough work today, he can’t tell I m sorry to her.

The actors rehearse their lines. Azam says I m sorry in many languages to Nikumbh and asks him to tell it to Yamini. Shaheen asks Azam to talk to her. He goes to her. Yamini asks Pyaare is Nikumbh fine, what happened to him, he is behaving weird. She looks at Nikumbh. Nikumbh says final act now and asks Yamini to act with him. She says her lines of Shakuntala. Azam sees Nikumbh saying the lines and says he says I m sor…… Azan says why so drama in saying one sorry. Nawab Sahab comes running and asks everyone to go home fast, as anything can happen. The city is having riots and they can do anything, go home.

Nikumbh asks the group not to panic and go in group, call me after reaching home. Yamini calls Uttam and he says he can’t reach her right now, but will try. She says fine, come soon. Nikumbh sees Yamini and asks why did you not go. She says my driver is coming. He says everyone went, come with me, there is no time to argue. She agrees. They go on his scooter and there is fire on the roads.

Nikumbh and Yamini are stopped by the goons.

Update Credit to: Amena

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