Sasural Simar Ka 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
You gave me sanju and I felt like God gave me another daughter another Anjali. sHe is not my child but I have brought her up. I feel her pain. SHe wanna go to summer camp. It will hurt her. he says I am trusting you don’t break it. sHe says I know how to fulfill my promises. get ready and I will drop you both to airport.

Scene 2
Roli and Sid are at the police station. They ask about the accident. The inspector says there are no accident reports there. Why are you saying that ? Roli tell him the whole story aditi told her. he says there was no car or body except your sister. If there had been an accident we would know about it. She must have joked with you. Roli says how can you say that. Sid says you are right. Roli says to him I can’t believe it. he says lets go and forget it.

Sujata is so worried for sid and roli because they are not back yet. Mausi ji says why you worry so much. Suajat says since I have lost simar I worry when someone is late. Surbhi comes there and says when you have someone precious you care about them. Masusi ji says and people like you lighten the surrounding. SHe greets everyone. Mausi ji says you are here to meet prem ? he is upstairs. She smile and goes.

Sid and Roli come in. Sujata asks where were you ? She says I was.. Sid says she is just worried for summer camp. She says if I go who will handle the hosue. Mausi ji says I will handle the keys and rest will handle the work. Mata ji says we can do all this you should go with Anjali. GO and pack your stuff. She goes, mata ji asks sis why she looks tensed ? Sid says she is just worried for going. Its the first time after so long when she is going out.

Surbhi goes to prem’s room. She finds him packing Anjali’s stuff and saying simar you sould be happy to know that Anjali has brought up, she is just like you. Surbhi says she must be happy to see you and Anjali happy. he says why are you here ? She says I wanted to help you with Anjali’s packing. He says its done already. She says I know you are worried for her. He says no I am fine. Surbhi says you are both mom and dad for her. Can you give me little responsibilities of her mom, like packing. He says packing is done I have some work to do. Surbhi says I am talking to you and you are ignoring. Why I feel like you wanna go away from me ? You are engaged to me. I know its not easy for you but you have to do your part. I am doing my part as well. Relationships are not only fulfilled by rituals. Its needs effort and love. SHe leaves.

Scene 3
Sanjini is so excited for her summer camp. Baa does her arti. sHe says I pray you both have a good journey. Don’t annoy mom sanjina and call me daily. sHe says I will. Sanjina says lets go papa. They say good bye to everyone.

There everyone is greeting Anjali. Suajat says Anjali wear your sweaters its too cold there. Prem says take care of your self there. She says you too take care papa. He says yeah dadi amma. Surbhi says have a good journey Anjali. She has brought some snacks and juices for her. She says share these with your friends. Roli hands over the keys to mata ji and says this is your till I come back. Mata ji says go sid drop them. And don’t come until their bus starts. Uma gives her chocolates. Roli Anjali and Sid go to the car. Anjali is so happy. She says I didn’t says bye to Mata rani. She goes in to say bye. Roli says sid., He says I am not going to listen your list of instructions. She says take care of yourself. He says no I won’t. Roli says you have to do it, for me. He says you know I can’t live without you but you are still going. She says will you miss me ? He says no. He asks will you ? She says not at all. She says I will miss you. He says I will miss you too. Anjali comes back. he says take care of Anjali and of her aunt too. Anjali is so happy to go to Shimla.

Scene 4
Achan comes to mata ji I need your help. I have to go out of city for some property dealings. I can’t leave surbhi alone. Can she live here for few days ? Suajata says its nit good to live with in laws before wedding. Mata ji says she can live here as a daughter. PAri is happy to know. She says now I will train surbhi so she can win hearts and we will rule this house.

Sanjina and Simar are excited to go. Vikran is happy for her. There Anjali and roli are happy as well.

Precap-Simar comes to the summer camp with sanjina and so does roli with Anjali. Simar gets a call from vikran and roli from sid.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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