Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem tries to call Gopi to check her whereabouts, but Gopi cuts his call. Gopi on the other side is walking with Kokila with a religious group on a pilgrimage. Gopi asks Kokila to wait for her while she makes a call. Kokila says why will she stop. Gopi takes her phone to call Ahem when a thief snatches her phone and runs. Ahem calls her, but her phone is switched off now. Kokila scolds Gopi for being careless and asks if she wants to go to police station or come with her. Gopi says she will come with her and they both start walking again.

Vidya does not eat on dinner table. Hetal asks Vidya why she is not eating. Vidya says she wants to go with Ahem to meet Gopi. Hetal says we all should stay here and pray god for their safety. Kinjal gets a call from Urmila who informs her that Dhaval came home at 2 a.m. and asks her to check where does he go. Kinjal says he was here with her after office and scolds Urmila that she cannot think straight at all.

Kokil and Gopi reach temple gate while religious song plays in the background. A co-passenger tells them about the important of the gate and asks them all to chant god’s name. Gopi stumbles while walking. Kokila holds her and asks her why can’t she walk properly. She sees her saree getting dirty and says she wants to change it now. Co-passenger suggests her to have bath in religious pond. Kokila says she will.

Radha and Tripti are in airport. Tripti asks why did not Ahem and Jigar come yet. Radha says she punctured their car to delay their travel. Tripti gets happy and praises her. Jigar and Ahem reach aiport. They both watch them hiding. Ahem and Jigar show their ID cards at security check and are surprised that their cards are changed with Samar and Sahir’s. Tripti and Radha get happy seeing that. Security officer asks them to go from there. Jigar says it is Tolu/Molu’s mistake. Rashi takes her son’s side and fights with Jigar. Meera suggests Ahem to call home and ask someone to bring their ID cards. Jigar says it is already late now. Radha on the other side says she has not brought ID card. Tripti asks her to follow her.

Gopi asks Kokila not to bath as she is ill already. A sadhu/religious man there says pond is sacred and nothing will happen to Kokila. He asks Gopi to bath with Kokila. Gopi agrees and they both take a holy bath. Once they come out, ladies around there start praising Gopi for taking care of her mother-in-law.

Chirag brings ID cards of Jigar and Ahem. They both thank him and get into the airport. Ticket vendor says they cannot check in as it is already late and they can only travel tomorrow.

Gopi gifts Kokila a new saree. Kokila likes it and then asks why is she traveling alone as she did not see anyone with her. Gopi does not say anything. She brings food for her. Kokila says she will not have it until she reaches the temple. Gopi says it is prasad and she cannot deny it. Kokila agrees and starts eating. She asks Gopi also to have prasad as she has not eaten since morning. Gopi bites prasad and thinks Ahem should come soon to get Kokila soon.

Ahem calls someone and arrange a private flight. Person agrees. Ahem happily informs Jigar and Rashi that flight is arranged now.

Radha and Tripti reach Katra airport. Tripti says before Ahem and Jigar reach there, they should finish their work. Ahem and Jigar are seen standing behind them.

Gopi asks Kokila to come back home with her as her feet are swollen, else to take a palquin. Kokila says she is fine and asks her continue walking.

Precap: Rashi starts searching Kokila showing her pics to people around. She hears Radha’s voice also searching Kokila. Tripti sees Rashi and hides herself and Radha.

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  1. OMG another stupid and dumb episode how long wll this go on is the show going to go further ahead or we just see that bakwass radha and tripti all the time. Ahem is another idiot he shld have checked his ID before leaving the house bakwass episode lousy lousy

  2. While the plot is serious thief snaches the mobile id cards gets exchanged this type of things happens only in this idiotic serial why they dont check the things before traveling full of idiots…idiots…..No improvement din ba din bigad thi zarahi hai kokila bhagwan ke liye take a bath in that pond bhagwan ke krupa se atleast you can get your memory back or else you don’t come out of that pond sink and die their only Radha dumbo….duffer….aaj Karl bad a kalnayika ban gayi …….

  3. This drama is so stupid now. Dumb storyline that is dragging on for no reason. Maybe if everyone stopped watching it the producers would realise that it needs changing. Sick of boring episodes. Rubbish rubbish drama. Bakwaas.

  4. i come here just to read the comments…. coz i dnt have the stamina to read the update..!!

  5. Sathiya serial was ideally going at a good pace untill Meera was found back… But Kokila’s memory loss is something that they jave stretched pathetically… Its become totally sick to watch it on TV.

    Hence nt wasting the electricity and reading the weitten update…

    Pls grow up Star Plus

  6. Seriously update padhne se acha h ki comments padho at least u v’ll enjoy n not get bored

  7. wat has happend to the director of this serial……….i think he has gone mad thinking wat to write next in this serial.ooooops very boring……please stop telecasting this nonsense story ………………….

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