Ayushaman Bhava 30th December 2017 Written *Last* Episode Update: Vikrant pays for his crimes: Krish-Kavya unite

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The Episode starts with Krish running to Vikrant. Sudhir says what will Vikrant do knowing this, how can he leave his enemies. Samaira comes and says Vikrant is hurting Kavya, he was tying her, don’t know where he is taking her, I feel he got mad. He gets shocked and asks what are you saying, I think he will kill me first, I m not scared now. She says he can do anything with us, its good we told the truth to Kavya in time. He says no, if he took Kavya forcibly, he is going to do something dangerous, we have to do something. He calls someone.

Krish reaches the outhouse. Vikrant rings the bells and hurts Krish. Krish falls down. Vikrant scolds Krish and says I will kill you even this time, today I will not leave you, you have to take another birth to win, I will kill you. He throws Krish’s medicines. Kavya is tied up and struggles.

Sudhir and Samaira come there and stop Vikrant from killing Krish. Vikrant points gun at them and scolds them for cheating. He says Sudhir will die first. Samaira frees Kavya. She gets into an argument with Krish. She says you won’t win if you kill Krish, just think once again, stop atleast for her sake, I wanted to leave you and your money and runaway with Krish, as there is no Devta like Krishna and there is no devil like you. Kavya gets in between and asks Vikrant to stop it. Vikrant drops the gun.

He says I didn’t do anything, they are trying to frame me. Kavya asks him to stop it. She asks how many people did he kill. She yells at him. She cries and says I get ashamed to call you dad. Vikrant says Sudhir killed everyone, I didn’t. She says I m not your daughter. He hugs her. She pushes him away.

She says you would have not done this, I m ashamed that I m your daughter, your blood. He apologizes to her. She refuses. Police comes and arrests Vikrant. Kavya asks police to take him away. Vikrant says I didn’t do anything Kavya. Samaira and Sudhir hold Krish. Samaira apologizes to him. Sudhir too apologizes. He says you have made me realize my mistake, we can’t forgive ourselves if anything happens with you. Sudhir and Samaira go with police. Kavya looks after Krish. She gives him medicines and hugs him.

Kavya stops Krish. She asks are you fine. He says yes. She says I know my dad can’t be forgiven, I m sorry on his behalf, if possible, forgive him, I know you won’t wish to stay with me from now on, that’s why I free you from this relation.

Krish stops her and thinks of their moments. He hugs her. Piya….plays…. He says I have come here to take revenge from Vikrant, but I never wanted to hurt you, forgive me. She says heart always realizes truth, my heart always said that you are true, forget this as a bad dream, we shall start afresh. They hold hands. He hugs her and says I will be your Krishna. After four years, Krish and Kavya attend a patient in their clinic. Krish gives medicine to the lady. Kavya smiles. He says sorry and gives her the seat. She says I m the doctor, sorry, he was joking, come with me. He gives her a flying kiss. They smile.

The show ends on a happy note

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    Show started with good theme but lost charm… But show ended on happy note that’s good… ☺️☺️☺️

  2. I started watching the show religiously after sumeet bhardwaj entered.As Shraddha Sharma said in her post, the show lost all its charm and according to me it didn’t even have good ending.Some characters disappeared into thin air like mai,etc. And krishna had no part in the main climax scene,he was just writhing in pain.NO dialogues.NO action.
    I would have been happy if the ending was like this-“Krishna dies and kavya shoots herself making vikrant mad and at last succumb to mental illness.” If needed Krish and kavya will take another birth to complete their incomplete love story.

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