Jiji Maa 30th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Lalita goes missing

Jiji Maa 30th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suyash attending Falguni’s chit scheme meeting. Uttara gives money to Shom. He calls her great. She says I m giving you just to keep this, there is lunar eclipse today, mahurat is bad, you keep this money, I make my mahurats on my own, it depends on my own. He says she is more dangerous than Rahu and Shani, its fine, I got the money. Lalita says we will have this lucky draw result in the morning, I m not going to run, I m in Falguni’s house, come in morning, we will draw the chit, its your wish. They all agree. Lalita asks Falguni to keep the money safe. They all leave.

Its morning, everyone comes and asks Falguni to call Lalita, they want to know chit lucky draw result. They all get shocked seeing Lalita and money missing. Falguni calls Lalita. Uttara says you are late Shom. Shom says I know, I thought who will get ready too early, you are great, you get ready on time. She says don’t worry, I m in good mood, I have action movies, I will show you some action near Falguni’s house, we will see real action there, it will be much fun. She smiles. Falguni says call is not connecting. Zeenat says I can’t believe Lalita can be a thief. Tara Kaki cries and scolds Falguni. She starts blaming Falguni. Everyone gets against Falguni.

Falguni defends herself. Zeenat says its not Falguni’s mistake. Tara throws the glass bottle. They get just Falguni’s chits inside. They get shocked. Uttara asks Shom to hurry up, there is big action scene, we can see fights and blood, there will be pind daan scene if we are lucky. They leave. The ladies get against Falguni. Falguni cries and recalls Lalita making the chits. The ladies get angry on Falguni. Zeenat and Niyati stop them.

The ladies throw out Falguni and Niyati and beat them. Uttara and Shom look on. She smiles. He praises her. Some goons come there. Uttara says you know whose stomach to hit. Shom says she is talking about Niyati’s child. The goons reach Niyati. Falguni gets shocked. The goon hits Niyati. Falguni comes in between and bears the beating. Niyati cries and shouts Jijimaa. The goon beats her a lot. Falguni protects Niyati and sends her away. Uttara says Falguni always spoils the scene. Niyati runs to Uttara and hugs her. She asks Uttara to save Falguni. Uttara says yes, I have come, now everything will get fine. She scolds the goons and does drama of saving Falguni. She says these two girls are part of Rawat family, I will send you jail. She acts good. Tara says they have ruined us. Uttara slaps Tara.

Uttara asks Falguni to get Niyati’s checkup done, her baby may not be fine. Falguni lights a diya and prays. Uttara plays violin and smiles. The diya blows off. Falguni gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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