Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 30th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Bahus’ Plan the party secretly

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 30th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari and Pratibha talking. Kanhaiya comes to room. Pari says she has decided with whom she shall take selfie at 12 am. Panjiri says she is making four types of drinks. Prema asks her not to make sherbet and says Maa refuses. Kanhaiya tells that Maiyya refused for the new year party. Pari says we shall do the party at Sarla aunty house. Kanhaiya says we can’t celebrate. Pratibha asks what about all the arrangements. Prema asks Panjiri to make the sweets and says it seems we have to celebrate new year by watching TV. All bahus get upset. Pratibha asks Panjiri to make delicious food to convince Kunti. Pratap says we shall make her sleep for 12 hours. Kanhaiya gets angry. Prema asks Prarthana to do some puja to convince her. Prarthana says it will take some days. Kunti comes and asks if they are still talking about party. Pratibha tries what to say. Pratap says Prarthana told some joke. Kunti asks her to tell.

Prarthana says yatharth. Pratap laughs aloud. Prarthana says let me start. She presents the joke on ant and elephant. Panjiri translates and says one day elephant’s family went to ant’s house to get her hand, but her family refused for the alliance and asks her to say why? Kunti asks why? Prarthana says just because elephant’s mum tells that guy’s teeth are out. They all laugh.

Kunti also laughs. She asks Kanhaiya why he didn’t go to shop. Kanhaiya says he is going. Kunti tells him that she is leaving with neighbors to Vrindavan and asks him to tell Khatru to drop her. Pratap gets happy and dances. Panjiri asks if honey bee entered your kurta. Pratap asks them to get ready for party. He says she will not know and we will have party. Kanhaiya says this is wrong. Pratap says what is wrong if bahus want to celebrate new year, and asks them to think that all universe wants them to celebrate new year and that’s why Kunti is going today.

Kanhaiya sys I will go to shop and asks them to make the preparation of party. He comes to shop. Khatru asks why did he come late. Kanhaiya tells him that Party was cancelled as Kunti refused, but now as she is going to Vrindavan, they are having party. He asks him to drop her to station. Khatru says ok and asks him to give 100 Rs, and asks him to increase his salary. Customer asks them to show the saree. Kanhaiya asks him to show the saree. Kunti waits for the phone call anxiously. Prema says the roads are block. Pratibha tells that it seems her plan is cancelled. Panjiri and Prarthana comes. Panjiri gives tiffin and Prarthana gives holy book.

Kunti says my outing is not yet confirmed. Panjiri gets tensed. Kunti gets Sarla’s call, and she tells her that she is not going. Kunti says ok and says she will go. She gets Rajindri’s call and is upset to know that the people are still on strike. Bahus get upset. Kunti asks are you all happy? Pari says we will be happy and dance if you leave. Kunti asks what do you mean? Pratibha says Pari wants to say if you do charity in Vrindavan then we will get punya/good deed. Kunti gets Rajindri’s call and comes to know that the strike is off because of police. Bahus dance. Kunti is surprised and says you wants me to go. They laugh and says we were concerned that bus shall not be left. Khatru calls Kunti and asks shall I come to take you, and says bus shall not leave. Kunti thinks bahus also said the same thing. Khatru says I will come early. Kunti looks at the bahus.

Kunti tells that it seems highway is blocked still. Pari dances on the song hawai hawai. Kunti returns home. Panjiri and Prarthana dances on the song dola. Kunti gets upset seeing them partying.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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