Ayushaman Bhava 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Vikrant reveals his true face

Ayushaman Bhava 29th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sudhir and Samaira talking about Kavya’s reaction. They feel guilt free and fearless as they have told the truth to Kavya. They regret their crimes. Samaira thinks of Avi and regrets to cheat him. Sudhir says we have done repentance by telling everything to Kavya. Samaira says no, we will repent when we get punished by our loved ones, whom we made away from us. He agrees and thinks of Kaushalya. She says there is no fear now. He says yes, I m not afraid anymore. Bubbly waits for Sudhir. She calls him. Sudhir comes to her. He apologizes to her. He talks to her sweetly. She gets glad.

She asks him will he have anything. He stops her and says I have to talk to you. She asks what. He tells her that he was captivated by greed till now, but he has changed. He tells her everything about Vikrant and Avi. He tells Vikrant’s crimes. He repents. He tells her what Krish told him and opened his eyes. He feels sorry to behave badly with Kaushalya. He asks her to decide if she wants to forgive him. She cries and hugs him. She forgives him. He thanks her. Vikrant talks on call and says Krish will die today. Kavya hears this and gets shocked. She thinks Sudhir and Samaira were saying true, dad is wrong. He gets shocked seeing her.

He asks her how is she. She pushes him and confronts him about Krish. She says Krish is not a liar, you are the liar, I will not let anything happen to Krish. He says its nothing like that. She says I won’t come in your words now, I know the entire truth, I can’t believe you can do this, you cheated me. He says I didn’t cheat anyone. She asks him to stop it and see himself. He stops her and does drama. He asks her to understand she means to him. She doesn’t listen. He catches her and ties her up. Samaira looks on shocked. She goes to Krish.

Krish thinks of Kavya’s words and thinks I have no one in my fate, even Badri left me. He cries. He misses Badri and says how will I manage all this without you, Vikrant snatched Badri from me, I will not leave him. He gets Vikrant’s message. He gets shocked when Vikrant threatens him about his loved ones.

Precap: Krish gets hurt and falls down. Vikrant tortures him. He says I will kill you even this time, you can’t win over me, I will stand as your death every time.

Update Credit to: Amena

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