Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Sameer apologizes to Rakesh Sir

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lochan Sir asking Sameer to become murqa/cock if he has concentration problem. He asks Munna and Pandit to become murga. Sameer, Munna and Pandit sit for the punishment. Naina, Swati, Kamya and other girls smile. Naina tells Swati that whatever happened was a bad dream and now Sameer is just any other guy of the class, now she don’t see him. Swati says he was special to you. Naina says now my studies and my family are special to me and my life will be just like it was before Sameer came in my life. She asks Swati to come. Just then Rakesh comes there. He tells other sir that kids locked her in library so that he can’t go on trip. Sameer and Pandit come there. Rakesh says I was sure that he was behind locking me.

Sir asks what is the proof that Sameer is involved. Sameer says he has the proof and tells that he himself locked him. Sir asks Sameer why he is accepting his mistake. Sameer says he has realized his mistake and asks Rakesh to punish him. Rakesh forgives him. Sameer gives him pen. Rakesh says today I am not having birthday. Sameer says this is the way to say sorry.

Rakesh opens the box and finds pen, and asks if it is of gold. Sameer says it is gold plated and praises him saying his words are of gold, whatever he writes will be golden. Rakesh asks him to learn something from Arjun. He says he is accepting the gift, but will not accept it. Pandit says you are saying sorry to everyone, and says you shall be forgiven. Naina hears him and gets upset. Later Munna and Sameer see Naina and her friends playing blindfold game. Munna says she is playing carefree while you are in tension. Sameer goes infront of Naina. Naina is about to collide or hold him, when Sameer takes her name. Naina says Sameer you have spoiled the game and says I was blinded by the cloth, but you were not. She goes to drink water.

Arjun practices for his selection in team. Shefali comes there and asks him not to stress himself and asks did you sleep last night. Arjun says he is fine and asks her not to worry. Shefali says I can see your eyes red and swollen. Arjun says it doesn’t matter and asks her to see in his father’s eyes and says he has a dream for him. He struggled all his life, but he never got success, and sees dreams for me. He says he will achieve his father’s dreams for her.

Sameer comes to Naina and says her sorry. He says I accept that I have done a big mistake and is feeling ashamed for it. Naina shows his flower and says broken it again. She says gardener might have made it grow, and you plucked it. She asks can you Sameer asks her plant this flower again. She unfills the bottles and asks him if he can put the water back in the bottle. Sameer gets upset. Munna and Pandit says she is two steps ahead of her father and is arrogant. Sameer’s voiceover tells that Naina had changed fully, and it was all new for me, I was burning in the fire, but I had decided to move 4 steps ahead if she takes 2 steps back.

Naina and Preeto play carrom board. Anand comes home. Bela says she will bring water. Tai ji comes there and asks Anand not to give grains to the pigeons and says it excretes in her balcony. Anand says he will give grains to pigeons in balcony. Pooja comes and asks Naina to make sweater for Varun. Naina recalls making sweater for Sameer. Tai ji scolds Pooja and asks if she will take Naina to her sasural. Pooja asks Naina to weave the sweater. Naina says ok and goes to room.

Sameer stands outside Naina’s house to apologize to her. Later Sameer, Munna and Pandit standing out. One of them kicks the stone and it hits on Arjun’s back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Wow… Amazing Episode. Loved the scene wen Sameer stopped Naina when she was blindfolded…. Precap is cute, especially the parrot. Can’t wait for monday!!!!

  2. Varshni

    The way Sameer felt bad and apologize to Rakesh was awesome ❤❤❤

  3. Totally amazing episode ?❤❤….

  4. attempts to say sorry??

  5. Naina is good actress she is hiding her pain even swati cant understand her. Sameer never gonna give up.

  6. ‘Mere aankhon par to patti bandhi hui thi… Par tumhare aankhon par to nhi tha na? ‘….. This dialogue was just like one more slap on sameer’s face…..Credit to writers.. ?

    1. True Alps…. Even d dialogues near the water tank were also invisible slaps given by Naina to Sameer ….. And it hurts more than the actual slap ????

    2. Liz

      Yeah…… loved all the taunts by Naina…. & the fact that Sameer was able to understand everything was just …..????????????????…

    3. Yes tht was the best dialogue of the episode. It had a deep sense. She meant how he used her emotions for his means

  7. Aayushi_kul

    Lovely episode…sameer apolozising to SE was gud..later when naina was blind folded nd sameer came infrnt of her ..that scene was beautiful…
    Swati is a true frnd..cares so much fr naina??….
    Precap- stone hits arjun??…its weekend…ab monday ka wait krna pdega…??

    1. True aayushi ab monday ka wait karna hoga.precap dekh kar tho excitement and curiosity high ho raha hai???

    2. Nice comment. Yes slowly they are showing the positive side of sameer. He is changing. And the twits by which they are showing him to realise were good

  8. Mansi

    Good to see Sameer realizing his mistake and apologizing to Rakesh?☺?SaIna scene was sweet????ArjAli scene was nice too????Precap????

    1. Hai mansi yes its a nice episode

    2. Mansi

      Yep Neha, it’s???

  9. Hi friends abhi abhi e24 me dekha YUDKBH show ko 2017 ka no 1 show dikhta hai this is a great news for fans thanks showmakers giving us a very great show

  10. Superbbb episode ??… loveee ??????…. The way Sameer stopped Naina from hugging him was ?????? he is actually a gentleman …knows what it meant for her….. Naina’s harsh words for Sameer ???????… That ‘meri ankhon par to patti thi ,tumhari ankhon par to nh thi na’ ???…. waiting for precap now

    1. Hai jyoti you are late this day. You are always first. Yes sam is really a gentleman.

    2. Yup neha …. All coz of my slow net

  11. Liz

    Loved the episodes of Thursday & Friday…… amazing……… Chup rehkar saza dena is very painful for the giver & the taker……Naina’s casual behavior was killing Sameer & Naina khud chup rehkar apne dard ko samet rahi thi…..?????? ………. LOVED THE NARRATION BY SAMEER’S Voiceover……..very beautifully written words……. AWESOME……. Dil ko choo rahe they…….. & Finally loved the determination on Sameer’s face not to give up ………. LOVE ? these Characters of YUDKBH ♥️

  12. Alps

    Its weekend… Still only few comments… ?

  13. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice Episode! I really love the way Naina faced Sameer!

  14. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Awesome Show! I maybe commenting for the first time on this page but, really love this show! I am watching this show from day one! Very unique background, old songs, family values and togetherness, life-style from 90ts. Well Done makers! Till day my favorite character is chacha ji!

  15. Transformation in Sameer asking forgiveness from everyone, he is truly a changed person… Naina is deeply hurt and sarcastically taunts Sameer which im sure is very painful… but he wont give up so soon and she wont give in soo soon..:) 🙂
    Guys here’s wishing you all a very happy new year in advance… may we all start on a positive note and may all our dreams and wishes come true..Peace , good health and happiness be with us all.. have a blast guys. 🙂
    Best wishes to you all

  16. Its a nice episode. Really sameer is redeeming. The way he is not at all egoistic or sad tht he was asked to become murga. Previously he used to worry a lot. He used to curse naina like anything but now he is not at all sad.
    The way sameer said sorry to rakesh sir. Steam engine. I was right first how many times sameer said sorry steam engine never believed him. Becoz as an elderly person he could see through sameer. He could get air tht sameer was not repenting but just acting. Afterall he himself is a teacher and saw many students in his life.
    Really appreciate the way the writers mould characters very well justifying their point of view also.???

  17. And when sam repented truly he forgave him. Nice one.
    And the way he called out naina when she was abt to hug him. He is a gentleman right from day one. Tht we accept he never allows her to do which hurts her atleast now.

  18. And naina saying the dialogue. Sameer mera aankho mei patti hai lekin hum toh deekh sakta ho naa. Really its a very painful dialogue.???. It shws her pain and how he took advantage of her innocence. Really he knows she have a crush on him and didn’t discourage her.
    Her talk abt the roses and water filling in water bottle hit him soo hard tht he was deeply hurt and moved.
    And his determination tht if she takes 2 foot backward he will take 4 foot forward tht was ???
    Precap was still more interesting and good

  19. Excellent episode
    Just living my childhood life with both of them
    Sameer has to understand that there are some mistakes which cannot be forgive for the whole life
    It is interesting to see what he will do next

  20. Ghvpriya

    Such a wonderful episode after many days. The way sameer stopped naina from hugging him was too awesome…… The dialogue “meri aankon par tho patti thi, tumhare aankon par tho nahi hai na” was really given like a tight slap to sameer…..His trials to cool down naina was wonderful….. All the best sameer!!!

  21. Happy new year YUDKBH family ?

  22. Aayushi_kul

    Happiieee new year to all guyzzz?????????? wishing u all a wonderful year

    Only 30 comments on weekend???ye kya ho rha h yha pr

  23. Happy New Year everyone ☺☺☺

  24. Liz

    Wishing U all A Very Happy & Prosperous NEW YEAR 2018……. May all ur wishes & Dreams come True & May Success be at ur doorstep today & always……HAVE A HAPPENING NEW YEAR ?☘️??????????

  25. Alps

    Happy New Year to all….. Wishing u great year ahead… ?

  26. Happy New year to all my lovely YUDKBH family ????

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