Jiji Maa 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Suyash learns more about Sunder

Jiji Maa 29th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suyash talking to Ghanshyam Sunder. Their talk goes funny. Falguni introduces Suyash. She praises him. Niyati introduces Sunder. They both fight. He runs after Niyati. Falguni laughs and says they are fighting since childhood. Suyash says I didn’t see him before. Falguni and Niyati tell him more about Sunder. Sunder boasts of his richness. Niyati asks Sunder to get gift for her. He says I had ordered a gift for you. He flatters a lot. Suyash asks him does he not have family. Sunder says I lost my mum. Suyash says sorry. Sunder says don’t worry, its good, she was step mum, I have sold the house and made my career.

Suyash asks where will you stay. Sunder says I m staying here. Suyash says you can’t stay here, you stay in five star, you would have booked the hotel. Sunder says yes, but I wanted to stay here, as Falguni and Niyati are here. Suyash asks till when will you stay. Sunder says I will meet Niyati’s stupid hero, see Falguni is smart, she didn’t marry yet, but Suyash looks married, he is a marriage material. Suyash says I m not married, did you get married. Sunder says no, I m a free bird. Falguni calls him mad. Suyash understands he is clever. Shom tells Uttara that he has set her schedule. She asks him to see the date and tell her about the meeting. He gets worried as meeting got skipper. He apologizes to her. She asks what are you doing, its fine. She jokes on him. He imagines getting punished. She says tell the clients that we will have meeting tomorrow. She plays music. He gets puzzled.

Sunder boasts of his success and talks to the neighborhood. Suyash looks on. Sunder tells about his costly watch and exclusive clothes. Lalita asks them to stop this discussion and know about the scheme. Zeenat says if I get lottery, I will get the roof repaired. Lalita asks them to give money to Falguni. Suyash gets a call.

Sunder says I got tired, thank God I got some free time, talks never end. Suyash says I know Falguni since 2-3 months. Sunder says we know each other since childhood, I didn’t wish to leave her, but I had to become independent, I m a consultant, I give advices to people. Falguni gets lemon water. She asks Sunder to give him business tips. Suyash asks her not to invest money in any scheme, work hard and earn, shortcut leads to loss. She says your thinking is like me, so we both are poor, I m asking Sunder as he is rich. Sunder asks her to take risk, the scheme is good. She smiles. Zeenat says there is time to get the chit, we should celebrate. They all dance on Sapne me milti hai…..Suyash sees Falguni and Sunder dancing.

Falguni sees Lalita missing at home. She checks the cupboard and sees money gone. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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