Avniel love for life (episode 4)

Avni gets the video ??and plays it niel get tensed ??but later cames as avni signs she moffed and edited complete so thier no chance bebe getting to now thier marriage truth
It looked like marriage with love n all customs and tradditions !

After d video gets over
A pic of avniel in niel ‘s house ( shirtless and close to avni )

Ali get very angry his blood boil
Riya too is upset as her plan backfires

Bebe : wow ! You gf bf were very romantic before marriage and i cant imagine after marriage

Avniel get embarassed n shy

Niel : not like dat bebe

Bebe : i know im your dadi but it doesnt mean im old .im also new generation only so probs .. dating ..gf love is all fine ..For me if you are happy with annanya its enought

Neela : exactly trust peace and love is very important in married life ..

Ali ‘s pov
Im sorry but niel and avni cant live with love peace n happiness

Avni blushes a lot

Neela and fathima notice avni ‘s reaction carefully

Dd comes over there “”suprise””

Shweta : oye oye wat surprise

Dd : for my birthday bhabhi

Niel : really !

Dd takes a big box wrapped beautifully in a golden gift wrap

Avni : wow its soo big

Avni opens d gift curiously and gets happy to see a photo frame of hers and niels photos ( marriage photo , cute nok jhok and other good romantic photo )

Bebe : i told you both are d best ??

Ali gets jealous

Avni simply chats with niel ‘ s frnd

Shekar ( niel ‘s colledge frnd) : wow man u hav a super gorgeous wife youre damn lucky !!

Niel smiles

Nira: no no ! Ananya is more luckier to have niel as her husband oh. God he is so hot !! N handsome ( shekar ‘s wife )

Avni smiles

Avniel : ( together ) we both r very lucky !

Everyone smile but fatima n ali giv a fake smile

Neela n everyone r talking

Bebe and prakash r busy attending guests

Shweta comes were avniel ,fatima , ali n neela r sittind

Shweta holds neela ‘ s hands
: thank u neela ji ! You did a very big favour on my son

Neela : wat r u saying n gives a clueless look

Shweta : i mean im really happy u made your daughter marry to my son . Im a very bad mother who didnt understand dat my tillu ‘s happiness is in not in riya . Im feeling satisfied n releved dat i hav a gud bahu who keeps a huge wide smile on tillu ‘s face dat happiness he get from ananya is plentiful !! I was mad if my tillu had informed he loves ananya so much then i would have done ananya and tillu ‘s marriage with dhoom dhammal

Ali : angrily ask how do u know niel loves av ..ananya ?
Avni smiles and carefully listens

Shweta : as a mother i shud hav understood when ananya and tillu used to meet everyday but i failed . I read tillu ‘s personal diary wow ! He has stuck so many fotos of here ‘s and even wrote passage abt her dat she is unique , different n beautifull .

Avni smiles

Niel : mom u read my personal diary

Shweta : yes just to know ypur feeling ! Im sorry but i wont repeat it again . Bcz now your wife will read instead of me

Niel : i dont hav a personal diary now after marriage i mean . And anyway wifey dont need chk bcz i share everthing .

Ali get angry and leaves

Guests leave (except shekar and nira )

Bebe tells everyone assemble

Prakash : SUPRISE !! ???SUPRISE !

Avni : how much more suprise will i get im already so excited

Bebe : after this suprise you both will also be more happy ??

Shweta : tillu enjoy enjoy . ??ananya we both will go shopping

Avni : im soo curious ?i really want to know fast … dont keep me waiting

Bebe shweta praksh all together

Avniel get happy and overwhelmed ??

Neela smiles ?

Ali walks with teary eyes?? fathima run behimd him in worry ?

Bebe : since u both goth married u never spent some time with each other so we tought ..

Precap : avni asks niel about thier divorce ….. ali riya plot against avniel…….
avniel romance in honeymoon ..


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