Chandrakanta (Life OK) 13th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Bavani Wreaks Havoc

Chandrakanta (Life OK) 13th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandrakantha tries to add Virendra’s idol into water while Bavani/Bhola eagerly waits. She stops reminiscing Yaksha’s warning not to let Yuvraj’s idol harmed, else he cannot return back to normal. Bhola asks if she will not add idol in water. Chandrakantha says no. He says Bavani will get angry if she does not. Chandrakantha says let him come in front and tell, he is not present at all, how will she believe him. He says she does not know Bavani’s powers. She insists to meet him. He says he is Bavani. Krur laughs that he has gone mad and says he will call Bavani. He calls Bavani to come in front and prove this midget wrong. Bavani angrily turns into a monster and takes idol from Chandrakantha. Krur gets afraid and pleads to spare them. Bavani says Chandrakantha did not obey her, so he will kill everyone. Chandrakantha says how can she add Virendra in order. Bavani says she is intelligent and identified his lie. He tells whole story how he found out truth behind idol via Shivdutt, etc.

On the other side, ghosts walk towards Tej and Chapala and discuss they will eat Chapala first and then Tej. Tej uses fire and they walk behind. He gives torch to Chapala and asks to hold it while he runs and find out way to escape. He jumps into well. They all jump behind him. He comes out. Chapala comes there and throws ash into well and throws torch in. They get burnt. Chapala and Tej then search way to reach Chandrakantha and others. Chapala finds Chandrakantha’s jewelry. Tej says she must have let it here as a clue.

Chandrakantha tells Bavani that even he needs talismi power to get rid of his curse. Bavani she is powerful person in the world because of his curse and will destroy Virendra’s idol. He disappears. Chandrakantha searches him and finds him enjoying chicken non bonfire. She sees Virendra’s idol and silently picks it. Krur with puppet come searching her and calls her name. Bavani gets alert and with his magical powers pulls back idol to him. Chandrakantha pleads not to harm Virendra’s idol as he also loved someone once. Bavani says he was betrayed in love and his love disowned him saying she cannot stay with a cursed man. He throws idol in air and asks Chandrakantha to catch it. She tries, but he flies idol and catches it. Chandrakantha gets disappointed. Bavani boasts that he can do anything and can enter anyone’s body, make anyone do an thing for him and demonstrates it on Krur and his puppets.

Shivdutt with Shyamala escapes from fire river somehow and reaches a cave where he finds adivasis jumping into fire and sacrificing their lives and a stick nearby glowing with each sacrifice. Shyamala tells she heard this story in childhood where with years of sacrifice, stick becomes most powerful in the world. Shivdutt mingles with adivasis and steals stick and frightens them all.

Bavani continues his havoc and hangs Krur and his puppets under river with crocodiles. Krur pleads to spare him. Shivdutt reaches and rescues them with his stick. Bavani fumes and attacks Shivdutt. Shivdutt throws power from stick and defeats him. Bavani turns into multiple and attacks. Shivdutt finally pins him to a tree and sucks all his powers into stick. Drama continues.

Precap: Bavani tells Chandrakantha that she rejected whole world’s powers for love, so he will help her get back Virendra. He does havan and brings back Virendra to his original form. Shivdutt’s aide informs him that Virendra has returned and has taken Chandrakantha and Bavani to Layapuram to let Bavani meet his love.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Oh no y is it stretching so much
    Nevertheless vir is coming back to human form next week InShaAllah
    But don’t u all think that the makers should show a good romantic track before ending?


    Full on thrilling episode… ??????
    But Chandrakanta will save Bawani and he will help her realising his mistake..
    But for today, shivdutt did great work, as generally he create problem but today he solved the one indirectly..☺☺☺☺

    1. U r ryt appi

    2. I mean di

  3. chandrakant and vriendra jodi is awesome very nice we only watch this to see them if they will left the cast then we will not going to see it they are rally looks nice beautiful couple ,lovely couple please both of you complete this task .

    1. U r right sujata
      Do comment here


    Going to miss all friends and chandrakanta as channel is going to close..
    Its closure is totally due to less good shows and weekdays good shows ends before time..
    Its too bad, it had so many good shows but all ended as if to be continue with new seasons but now I doubt that channel closure can never have good show season 2

    1. Alister La Frenais

      Hi Shraddha, forgive me for imposing upon you, but I could not relate the written update to the episode that I watched on the 13th August 2017. I am located in the UK, and perhaps the serial is a few weeks behind that of the episodes shown in India. Also, I have noted from your comments that the channel is due to close, do you mean the serial is ending or the actual channel is being taken off the air. I do really enjoy Indian television over the weekends and on week days, when there is nothing interesting on the English channels. My one regret is that I have to follow the story by reading the sub-titles, and I sometimes wonder if the translation is accurate or complete, because the actor/actress delivers a long dialogue yet the translation is confined to a single line or two. Anyhow, one must not complain, because some translation is better than none. Allow me to thank you in advance for your reply.

    2. Dear alister,
      Though the query is not addressed to me, I would like to take this opportunity to clarify ur doubt.
      As shraddha di said, the updaters are supposed to update quickly and so the dialogues are shortened a little bit. Apart from this the translation from hindi to English might be a little short, consider this example:
      If someone says in hindi,
      Ek aur ek gyaarah hotel hai (i.e., 1 &1 make 11)
      When we translate it into English, it goes like this:
      Unity is strength.
      I hope u can note the difference in the number of words used.

      It was a good question which u asked
      And I appreciate ur love for our Indian culture n soaps.
      If u don’t mind, can we be friends? ?

    3. Please note it is hote n not hotel in the above example
      Auto correct!


      Yes channel is closing by end of august and new channel (name is not out yet) will start in place of Life Ok..

      About dialogue delivery, in hindi sometimes dialogue (and old hindi dialogue) looks bigger than written in english and sometimes it get cut short due to writting word capacity..

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