Characters of my ff

?Harish deewan : father of anika, an army at his teenage age now a business man loves his wife and daughter alot .
?Avantika deewan :mother of anika, a business women and work with her husband, live her husband and daughter alot .
?Anika deewan : a sweet ,innocent girl loves her family alot, for her family and sucess is everything but then someone enters her life who was very special for her..but destiny has other plans .

?Shivaay singh Oberoi : a handsome boy who loves singing alot..and loves his nephew alot and his family , he thought he is in love woth a girl named tia but destiny has other plan.
?Ansh joshi: nephew of shivaay loves his mama..alot and difficult to handle only of 6 years old .only goes with his friend best omakra and with little others when he likes..
?Omkara agrawal :best friend of shivaya and close friend of anika love her wife alot..and his friends .newly married to gauri.
 ?Gauri agrawal : close friend of anika and shivaay loves her husband alot..and had a love marriage.

?Rudra sharma : best friend of shivaay and omkara love his wife alot bhavya alot.
?Bhavya sharma : best friend of anika  and just  a  friend shivaay from school level loves her husband alot.
?Ranveer singh randhawa :best friend of shivaay,omkara and rudra and close friend of anika, gauri and bhavya ,husband of priyanka singh randhawa love his wife alot
?Priyanka singh randhawa :a sweet girl just like a best friend of anika, gauri and bhavya. .loves her husband alot.

?Tia kapoor : crazily in love with shivaay and can do anything for her..just going to marry him..but married to dyusant kapoor. A long story is here ..how she become the wife of dyusant when she was going to marry shivaay and very much angry on anika from then.
?Dyusant kapoor : a boy who at first calls tia a nephew but something big happened and become husband of her. .married her ..but was in secret love with her before marriage.
?Surbhi jyoti :best friend of anika from college, always cares for her and loves her alot..and always share her each things  (dil ki baate and etc) with anika.
?Shaleen malhotra :best friend of anika and close friend of surbhi jyoti always  ready for help of anika and have a big aim.

?Mohit verma : husband of saumya  , loves her alot but a very bad boy ..
?Saumya verma : close friend of anika since school. Loves her husband alot but with a very weak heart ..and very disturb of his husband bad behaviour.

Guys I will introduce others so characters  when I needed them..           

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