AvNeil Horror Ff: Ghost Girlfriend (3)

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Neil came back home after the interview and took out his keys to unlock the door but stopped as he heard the piano play the same tune. He pressed his ear against the door and thrusted the key into the keyhole and opened the door all of a sudden to catch the one who’s playing the piano. To his own surprise, there was no one there. He closed the door and walked to the dining table and pulled out a chair and sat burying his face in his palms breathing heavily, his eyes were closed. He was sweating badly.

He drew his hand forward to pick the jug but his hand touched the glass and he picked it. He opened his eyes in a shock as he saw that the glass was filled. As far as he remembered, he didn’t fill up the glass. He kept looking at the glass and the water, he rotated the glass round and round again and again but then drank all of it and shrugged. He kept the glass back on the table and went to his room and opened his laptop and connected the webcam as it started and then video called Nandini.

It connected. “Hi bhaiya,” she said and smiled. “Hi behna, how’s you?” he asked. “Fine but what about you bhaiya? You don’t seem to be fine to me,” she said worriedly. “Strange things are happening here, since I came here, I feel like someone keeps coming here hideously, I saw someone,” he told her. “So simply get some security,” she suggested. “It will be of no use,” he said. “Why?” she asked. “Because it’s some paranormal activity in here, there was a girl playing piano and when I asked her who’s she, she disappeared, strange, because humans don’t disappear.”

“Relax, hire some caretaker for the house,” she suggested. “Good idea.” He disconnected the call and began to look for caretakers on internet. He called on a number. “Hallo… Yeah a caretaker is needed in Angel Manor.. XYZ road.. immediately.. today evening, she will come?.. ok then.. thanks,” he said over the phone and disconnected the call and sighed in relief. He stood up and opened his cupboard and took out his guitar and began to play it, at the same time, the piano too began to play. He slapped his forehead and stood up still playing the guitar and a shiver went down his spine.

He walked out of his room and saw a girl with her back towards him, playing the piano. He began to play the guitar in fast rhythm, she too began to play fast, he shut his eyes in anger. “Damn!” he muttered under his breath. He played faster, faster, faster until he played it the fastest and she too played the piano the fastest. He stopped as the string broke but she kept playing the piano still very fast. He shut his ears in irritation and stomped his feet glaring at the unknown crazy girl.

“Shut uuuuuuupppppppp!” he shouted all of a sudden making her stop, she sat there shivering a little and her sobs could be heard. “Kaano’n ki waat laga ke rakh di tumne,” he said angrily. “Haan to aapne konsa Dil ko sukoon dediya?” she said softly revealing her sweet voice. He stomped his feet shutting his eyes. “Shut up, and who the hell are you? Why you keep coming here? Why? Sometimes in the middle of the night, sometimes in my absence, if you want to sing, go sing in some studio, my house ain’t any studio, did you get it?”

He said with eyes closed angrily and finally opened them after completing his sentence but saw that the girl was nowhere to be seen. He searched for her everywhere in his house and stomped his feet once again as he didn’t found her. “Uggghhh,” he groaned and went from there. “Achha khasa guitar baja raha tha, lekin Meri hi bajj gayi,” he said while walking to his room.  He sat on his bed and replaced the broken string with the new one and began to play it and sing as well.

Tere saamne ajanay se
Yeh Dil Mera dharka hai
Ye kasoor nahi hai mera
Ye kasoor Nazar ka hai
Jis baat ka tumko darr hai
Wo kar ke Bata doonga
Aisay na mujhe tum dekho
Seenay se laga loonga
Tumko main chura loonga tumse
Dil mein chhupa loonga

He stopped and shook his head. “Umm not this one, who will I hide in my heart? The one for who I have to wait a lot? No, I will sing another one,” he said to himself and played another tune and sang.

Dheere Dheere se Meri Zindagi mein aana
Dheere Dheere se dil ko churana
O tumse pyaar humein hai kitna jaane jaana
Tumse milke tumko hai batana

He stopped once again. “Something enthusiastic would work,” he said to himself and played the guitar and began to sing.

Keh raha hai Dil
Hai bari mushkil
Keh raha hai Dil
Hai bari mushkil
Beqarari samajh le meri
Aadat ho chuki hai Teri

He stopped once again. “Something else… Which reminds me of my school life,” he said to himself and played another tune and sang.

Woh pal.. humein yaad aayengay
Woh Kal… Humein yaad aayengay
Woh pal humein yaad aayengay
Woh Kal humein yaad aayengay
Humne kiya.. yahan jo bhi kiya
Ro ke.. kabhi has ke jiya
Humne kiya.. yahan jo bhi kiya
Ro ke.. kabhi has ke jiya
Aao khelein.. mil kar gaein
Chherein.. sargam ko
Humne kiya yahan jo bhi kiya
Ro ke kabhi has ke jiya

He stopped and kept the guitar at a side and didnt knew when he fell asleep. Later at evening, doorbell rang. He woke up and went out of the room and answered the door. A young girl in her teens stood there. “Are.. you the caretaker?” he asked and she nodded. “Yes, Aditi Rathore,” she replied and he moved back to let her in.

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  1. Kira

    Nice going girl …osm ????

  2. SunilSneha

    Nice Sally….. Why you mentioned avni as aditi rathore…… Little confused over that…. Update the next part soon

    1. Salley145

      Because Avni has some mystery

      1. SunilSneha

        Ooh….. Can’t wait more yaar……. Plz update next update Asap

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