Patiala Babes 1st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Ashok’s Hurt Ego

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Patiala Babes 1st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mini confronts Babita that Hanuman Singh’s point was right, they have to protect their self-respect and they can achieve whatever they want. Babita disagrees. Mini asks if she is married and her husband misbehaves with her, will Babita tolerate it. Babita says no. Power goes off. Mini checks and says only their house’s lights are off and whole locality’s lights are on. She goes to check fuse and sees wires burnt. Babita comes and asks her to take Hanuman’s help. Mini asks if she is sure. Babita nods yes. Mini says they will go and search electrician. At tea stall, Khatri badmouths about Babita and Mini and seeing walks aside. Mini asks tea stall owner where they can find electrician. He rudely says he does not know. They ask another stall owner who also rudely says no. Khatri says he can help and shows electrician who rudely says he does not work on Tuesday. Mini says today is Wednesday. Electrician says it is his wish. Mini realizes it is Khatri’s drama and speeds scooter splashing dirt on him. He stands yelling.

At police station, Hanuman singh reminisces Mini confronting that he left her Babes and brought his mistress Mita home. Constable Lal gets passport verification file. Hanuman says these men are already married and mention as unmarried in passport, they settle in UK and USA and start affair there leaving wives to serve their parents. Laal says they have to verify case though. Hanuman says they should not.

At home, Mini goes to fix fuse and says Hanuman uncle is right, their self-respect is important. Babita disagrees again. Mini acts as getting electric shock and collapses. Babita gets worried for h er and cries what will she do without Mini. Mini wakes up and laughs and says she fixed fuse. Hanuman walks in. Mini greets him. He says he feels good seeing them smiling and thought they would be crying after morning’s incident. Mini says they are, he should not have hurt their ego. He says what he told was right. Mini continues arguing.

Ashok in his room fumes reminiscing Hanuman confronting him and even Mini and Babita not stopping. Mita asks reason. He vents out his anger that a cheap inspector confronted him, but Mini and Babita did not utter anything, how can they stay in inspector’s house, etc..

Mini continues taking Hanuman’s side and tells Babita that Hanuman is right and papa is wrong. Mother and daughter’s explanations and counterexplanations continue…

Precap: Laal informs Hanuman that Mini’s father has complained against Hanuman. Mini confronts Ashok. Ashok slaps her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ashok is not deserve to be Mini’s father! I think Hanuman Singh should adopt Mini as his daughter! I like the acting of Hanuman Singh. I don’t like Ashok’s acting at all!

  2. This Ashok is such an arrogant, self-absorbed man. He deserves to be left alone. Dont know what Mita saw in him. I dont like Mita, she stayed in a relationship with Ashok despite knowing he is married, has no regret about Babaita and Minnie’s situation, is completely insecure and clingy. But Ashok does all the same things and then goes two steps ahead in the negativity department. Mita at least behaves properly with Ashok. She cooks for him and tries to please him and his family. And what does Ashok do? He scolds her and screams at her and throws away the food because he got rightly humiliated somewhere else. Ashok neither cared about Babita nor does he care about Mita. He doesnt try to understand her or care for her either. This guy deserves to suffer. I hope Hanuman Singh teaches him a very good lesson, because right now doesnt seem like Babita or Minnie are in the position to do so. Ashok’s father is the only one clearly against him in family, and he is bounded by old age and financial constraints. The daughter and son-in-law of the house are completely useless

  3. Sometimes i feel very angry at Babita. She still looks at Ashok longingly but has the guts to shout at Hanuman. Come on! Hanuman let her and Minnie stay in his house when they had nowhere else to go, Babita struck him on the head on the first night itself and Hanuman lay unconscious the entire night and still Hanuman saved Minnie from being dragged away by Ashok… and still Babita finds fault in Hanuman only. Ghar ka mamla, Ghar ka mamla… according to Babita Ashok can beat and scream and do whatever he wish but no one should counter him because it is ‘Ghar ka mamla’
    But today i felt bad for Babita too. I know Minnie says it teasingly that ‘Babes you are stupid’ everytime and she doesnt mean bad, but Babita must have very low self confidence. Her own husband left her, her brother asked her to leave too, Ashok comes and tells her she is at fault, Hanuman comes and says she deserves this and Minnie also always teases that you are stupid… It is true that while at one point society wants daughter-in-law to be obedient, homely and silently do all task, the same society gives zero respect to such women, blames them for being weak, taunts them for being a cry baby and doesnt try to understand such women at all. Such women will try to please everybody but find that no one values them in return… i hope Babita soon realizes that she needs to find a place for herself in the society and stop being a doormat.

    1. I think the serial is heading in the right direction. Babita was the “ideal” daughter in law for many many years. She’s not going to change her personality over night especially since her confidence and self esteem has been severely knocked by her husband’s affair and subsequent events. But I hope that as the series progresses she becomes more and more confident and we well see her blossom as an individual and get the courage to divorce Ashok and maybe find someone who appreciates her. Or she could just stay with her daughter. Either way I want to see her journey.

      Also this Ashok wasnt concerned about his daughter for, like 5-10 years, didn’t even come to see her. Lived in a whole different country, didn’t even bother bringing her a good gift when he returned and instead brought a mistress and humiliated Babita but he wants respect from Mini? Looool idiot. Hope Mini slaps him back

  4. just get babita and hanuman married lol:0

  5. just get hanuman n babita married 🙂 :0 LOLZ

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