RagLak~ Khafa Khafa Si Har Khushi (4~The Savior)

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Ragini returned to her maayka with her family and walked lifelessly like a twig. Her face was stained with tears, her eyes were blood red, her forehead was wrapped with a bandage, her hand was also wrapped with bandage. She sat on the couch with a dull face. Jaanki sat with her understanding her sorrow.

J: Ragini, if you continue crying like this, then you will fall sick

Ragini hugged her bursting into fresh tears.

R: how shouldn’t I cry? I m ruined, everything is done by Shaurya the rapist, today if I am a widow and if today a girl is mentally unstable, so its because of him, since I went with Chirag after meeting him, since then I never saw him happy, but now enough, enough of all this, now their end is near.

She stood up and went to her room that’s door was locked. She unlocked it and opened the door. She recalled the first meeting of her and Chirag.

It was some private party at her friend’s house, she was walking inside the house in which the party was going on with them when she collided with someone and fell in his arms, they both had an eyelock, they were lost in each other and she straightened herself and went away while her eyes were still on him and his eyes were also on her, he turned away his gaze and smiled to himself, she too smiled to herself turning her face. The man was Chirag. In between the party, when she was talking with her friends, she went to a counter where there were drinks and she picked a glass, her gaze went in front and she caught him staring at her, a tiny smile formed on her face. He was randomly playing guitar.

Masha Allah… Subhan Allah… (2)

Masha Allah.., Subhan Allah…
Tera Chehra Jab Se Dekha, Dil Gumshuda Hua Valla
Masha Allah.., Subhan Allah..
Tera Chehra…, Masha Allah.., Subhan Allah…

Masha Allah Subhan Allah Tera Chehra… (3)
Masha Allah.., Subhan Allah..
(He sang looking directly at Ragini, she blushed and drank, and walked away still looking at him)

( Kuch Lamhon Ke Baad, Juda Honge Hum
Dil Mein Reh Jaayenge, Dil Ke Armaan Sanam )… (2)
Par Ek Vada, Jaate Jaate, Karte Jaana..
Doge Tum Dubara Mauka, Deedar Ka… Deedar Ka..

Masha Allah.., Subhan Allah..,
Tera Chehra.., Masha Allah.., Subhan Allah…
(He smiled at her and sung admiring her)

( Tumse Judne Lagi, Dhadkan Ki Kadi
Jaane Kyu Tum Se Hai, Umeedein Badi.. )… (2)

In Umeedon Ko Mukammal Tum, Jaane Jaa Karna
Naamumkin Ko Mumkin Karna… Mumkin Karna

Masha Allah.., Subhan Allah..
Tera Chehra Jab Se Dekha, Dil Gumshuda Hua Valla
Masha Allah.., Subhan Allah..,
Masha Allah, Subhan Allah, Tera Chehra… (3)
(He disappeared from the stage when Ragini moved her eyes away for sometime but soon her hand was held in his hand and he was actually standing beside her)

Ragini smiled and when the party was over, she was going out of the house when once again she collided with someone and fell in his arms, it was Chirag. She just smiled and went

Flashback end.

She smiled and walked towards the balcony. She looked at the balloons in the air and smiled catching a balloon. She looked down the balcony and she couldn’t believe her eyes. She saw Chirag standing there looking up at her smilingly.

R: Chirag?!

She waved at him but then he disappeared, she got sad.


It was Ragini’s birthday, it was early morning, she was sleeping when suddenly she felt pebbles hitting her shut balcony door.

R: uhmmm.

She got disturbed in her sleep and sat up pouting cutely and stood up, she went and opened the door and she saw a balloon in air with smiling face drawn on it. She caught it and smiled, she turned it to other side and looked at the scribblings on it.

” Baar Baar Din Yah Aaye, Baar Baar Dil Yah Gaaye
Tu Jiye Hazaaron Saal, Yah Meri Arazu Hai
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You, Ragini, Happy Birthday To You”

She smiled and looked down the balcony and saw Chirag standing with open arms. She smiled and stood on the railing. He got shocked.

Ch: haww.. Ragini

She jumped from there and landed in his arms.

Ch: you mad girl, psychopath, what if you would’ve got hurt?

R: umhm, it ain’t possible, Chirag baba ki Jai.

They had a laugh. He kept her down.

Flashback end.

Ragini smiled recalling the moment but then she got saddened and went back inside.

1 year later:
Ragini came to meet Swara, she saw her asleep.

R: till today, I couldn’t ever feel your pain as you lost your whole family, but today I know how is it to lose someone who’s yours, but no worries Swara, I will take your revenge as well as mine, the coming new morning will be for us.

She kissed her forehead cryingly and went.

Scene: sunny day, lonely road, near a tree, a car was there burnt up in a very bad condition.

A silhouette of a girl appeared which walked towards that car and touched the burnt car cryingly and knelt down besides it hugging a photograph. It was Ragini.

R: (talking to photo) whole one year has been spent, we were so happy but that fire.. that fire took you away from me, if you would’ve been there, my life wouldn’t have been like this, I miss you.

She said and stood up and started walking away from there hugging the photograph and soon she was on a busy road crying to herself when she saw Chirag standing in front of her. She smiled through tears.

Noor- e- Khuda, Noor -e- Khuda
Ajnabee mod hai
Khauff har oar hai
Har nazar pe dhuaan chha gaya
Pal bhar mein jaane kya kho gaya
Aasmaan zard hai
Aahen bhi sard hain
Tan se saaya juda ho gaya
Pal bhar mein jaane kya kho gaya
Saans ruk si gayi, Jism chhil sa gaya
Toote khwaabon ke manzar pe tera jahaan chal diya

R: Chirag

She smiled and hugged him.

R: Chirag I can’t live without you, you know right? Then why you went leaving me like this?

Noor- e – khuda, Noor – e – khuda
Tu kahan chhupa hai hume yeh bata
Noor- e – khuda, Noor – e – khuda
Yun na humse nazarein phira
Noor- e – khuda, Noor – e – khuda
Tu kahan chhupa hai hume yeh bata
Noor- e – khuda, Noor – e – khuda
Yun na humse nazarein phira, Noor-e- Khuda

R: Chiraag why aren’t you saying anything?

She said and realized she was just imagining him and drew back her arms. She walked away hugging the photo protectively. She walked on the streets cryingly looking at her and her beloved husband’s photo who she has lost and who she loved like anything. She didn’t realize she was in the middle of the road and many cars were passing by her and she had lost her senses. She didn’t knew a truck was coming her way in a very fast speed but just then someone came running to her and hugged her from behind wrapping his arms around her stomach and lifted her getting her and himself out of the way and just then they both fell on the road. He was on top of her and she had closed her eyes as tears were continuously rolling down her eyes.

Person: aap theek to hain na? (R u ok?)

She got shocked hearing his voice. She slowly opened her eyes and couldn’t believe her eyes.

R: you? I knew you will come.

Person: Means? I don’t get it, do I know you?

He stood up from top of her and gave her his hand and she smiled and held his hand and he pulled her up. Ragini showed him the photo in her hands. He felt dizzy.

Person: what’s this?

Ragini smiled: you’re my Chiraag.

Person: sorry but I m just a lookalike

R: I know, but if you do what I say then I will give you a lot of money and by looking at you, it seems as if you’re in some problem, trust me, if you do what I say then there wouldn’t be any problem, this is my promise and I never back off from my promises, so deal fixed?

Person: no, I have seen many people like you but none does what they say

R: but..

The person walked away and she watched him going away sadly.

Nazar-e-karam farma hi de
Din-o-dharam ko jaga hi de
Jalti hui tanhahiyan
Roothi hui parchchaiyan
Kaisi udi yeh hawa
Chhaya yeh kaisa samaan
Rooh jam see gayee, waqt tham saa gaya
Toote khwabon ke manzar pe tera jahaan chal diya
Noor- e – khuda, Noor – e – khuda
Tu kahan chhupa hai hume yeh bata
Noor- e – khuda, Noor – e – khuda
Yun na humse nazarein phira, Noor e Khuda

Ragini followed him secretly as after a long time she had got some hope, she couldn’t let it go like that. He didn’t knew that she was following him. He entered a mansion not so big and closed the door. She slapped her forehead but then she saw an open window of the house and looked inside. She could see a girl of her age on the couch and she was putting on makeup.

Girl: why did you do so much late Lakshya?

R: oh so he is named as Lakshya, I see.

L: Shagun ma’am there was much traffic over there

Shg: but didn’t you go by walk?

L: there wasn’t any space to walk

Shg: today Raman is coming

L: ok, I will do what u say

R: she herself keeps putting on makeup and makes him do all the work, seriously? There must be some way to take him from here.

Ragini heard footsteps behind her and she hid and watched who it was.

R: he might be Raman, but what relation does Laksh have with Shagun?

The man rung the doorbell and Ragini watched as she heard faint footsteps from inside the house, she watched as the door opened.

Shg: Raman

She saw them hug each other.

R: maybe they are in relationship, so then Laksh..

She watched the duo go inside and again she stood up and looked inside from the window. Shagun and Raman sat on the couch. Laksh stood with a tray with two glasses of water.

Shg: what’s this water? We want iced tea.

Lakshya nodded and went inside the kitchen.

R: he is already tired and she gives him orders one after another.. psycho.. zaalima, lekin tujhe Kya Ragini, vo konsa tera Chirag hai, vo to sirf ek humshakal hai, tujhe to sirf usse badle ke liye istemaal karna hai, lekin agar ye mera Chirag hua to? Kya pata bomb blast ke baad yaadasht chali gayi ho, huff Ragini, this ain’t a serial, get real

Lakshya came after sometime with iced tea and served them both. They both were having it while talking.

Shg: you’re still here? And what kind of iced tea is this? U can’t do a single work by perfection.. go!

Lakshya went back with the tray sadly.

Rm: I came to tell you something really important, I won’t be able to keep any relation with you, because now my marriage is fixed with Ishita.

Shagun got angry and Lakshya heard all this from kitchen.

Shg: what? You freaking cheated me?

Raman just sat calmly.

Shg: when u hugged me, u kissed me,  did u had just that lusty feeling in your heart Raman?

Rm: I didn’t, you did

Shg: ok fine, before u go leaving me forever, just for once (she cupped his cheeks) for once just let’s kiss, for the last time.

Raman pushed her away.

Rm: Shagun! Get lost!

Shg: what did you think that I will let you go? Hmm? Ja ke to dikhao.

He stood up and started leaving, she held his hand but he continued walking forward.

Shg: Raman stop

He opened the door and when she tried to pull him back inside, she pushed her on the floor and closed the door. Lakshya came and gave her his hand.

Shg: you get lost.

R: chala jaunga, par aaj bata Dena chahta hoon ke main tumse beinteha mohabbat karta hoon, or main kabhi tumhe Raman ki tarha chhor k bhi nahi jaunga, jabse dekha tab se hi pyaar hai, lekin saare sapnay toot gaye tumhe us ke saath dekh kar.

Shg: main Shagun Arora hoon, main kisi aisay waisay se pyaar nahi karti.

Lakshya joined his palms. Ragini felt bad.

L: hum gareeb zaroor hain madam, lekin beizzat nahi hain, in raggo’n mein aaj tak unka hi khoon dauray hai jo kabhi pehle aapke liye pehle kaam kiya kartay thay, or jin k baad main aapke liye kaam karta hoon or..

Shg: tumhe mere dil mein to Kya is Ghar mein bhi jagah nahi mil sakti, itni gironi baatein kartay sharam nahi aati, go!

Lakshya went out from the house and walked lifelessly on the road unaware of Ragini watching him. She followed him, he walked like a lifeless body, his condition was worse than Ragini. She went towards him and held his hand.

He looked at her.

R: is musibat se aaram se main nikaal sakti thi, lekin tumhe mushkilaat kaafi pasand hain.. nahi? Ab kya tum vo kahogay Jo main kahoon?

L: Kya?

She told him everything and finally he agreed.

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