Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjali confesses to Raj and Avni that she changed the birth time. She says that she wants her children happy and these stars are nothing in front of them. Raj says that they are hiding the reality from the family, Avni also hopes that other family members will understand this as well. Anjali asks that she will tell everyone in her own style. Avni hugs her.

Bhawna is worried, Anjali asks shall they break the engagement or cancel the wedding. Anjali says that she knew she would also not want the relation to break as she understands the depth of their love. Bhawna asks what Shastri ji said? Anjali says that Shastri ji said there is something in Avni’s birth-chart that causes hindrance in the relation. Bhawna gets worried about her past. Anjali wipes her tears and says that being a mother I don’t want my son to get worried, and you would also not want that all the happiness of our children are snatched. Bhawna says that we must find a way that we don’t have to say anything to the family. She says that we must find a way out, and a remedy.

Avni was worried that what will happen now. Arpita comes and hears this, she says that matching of birth-chart doesn’t assure happy married life. She says that love is more important is such cases. Bhawna and Anjali comes in the room. Avni hugs Bhawna, she promises that there will be engagement and marriage as well; we must do any remedy possible but we must keep it secret.

Suket comes to call them, Avni was worried. Sanvri asks where everyone has been.
Suket and Anjali come down with Raj. Anjali appreciates the ring. Arpita and Madhuri exchange the rings. Bhawna asks Avni to put on the rings, Akshit asks why are they both giving such serious looks, they must be happy now. The ceremony takes place, they both take blessings from everyone.

Sanvri forbids Avni not to touch her feet but hug her. Akshit also hugs Raj. Bhawna was worried.

Sanvri asks where has the dinner been? Jashan was there, Suket asks Sanvri to give the seat to Jashan. Rohit sits with Akshit. Bauji asks Sanvri to serve to Raj’s family. Arpita asks them to put food into each other’s mouth. She then comes to serve Rohit and serves him, Akshit says thanks to him. Shastri ji takes a leave, Suket offers to take him to the gate; Bhawna says she will, Anjali also says that she has also something to ask to him. Bhawna thanks Shastri ji, and asks what if the birth-charts would not have matched. Anjali says to Shastri ji that she is writing an article about marriages in India, and wants to know what remedies are possible. He says he will tell them the remedy tomorrow. Anjali tells Bhawna to relax. Bhawna thinks she is living with her secret past for a long time, but it should not hinder the happiness of Avni in anyway.

Madhuri takes a leave that it is time for Pooja to sleep. Raj goes to call mom, she tells him Shastri ji has think about a remedy. Anjali says thankyou to them and says that there is a cocktail party at their place. Sanvri says that now everything is going to take place in a western manner. Anjali says that she knows it’s a new idea, but they will enjoy a lot. Anjali says that the dress code will be black-western.
Madhuri notices that a diamond from Avni’s ring is missing. Sanvri says it isn’t a good omen. Everyone says that they will find it, Rohit offers his help but Akshit denies it. Everyone tells Avni to relax

PRECAP: Shastri ji tells that he looked for the remedy, the girl must bathe with the water that comes from her maternal parents house. Bhawna finds with the driver, a water tank labeled as Umad Village.

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  1. It is not so interesting

    1. Kya bol rhi ho yaar kajal etna acha stry… Hai ye

  2. is umaad village related to bhawna s love story? dats wen she moved out f umaad and der might be sum connection betss bhawna and raj s father. surprised at his own son s engagement his pa is not present

  3. What happened to everyone their makeups r looking so that they font like the marriage in common days they will wear nice costume n hair styles but donno why they r wearing boring dresses today….n I agree with u pinky..I to think so I saw in some films that the same story where the heroines mom is hero’s aunt…..

  4. i still dont get what the problem is with brawhna,whats it about her past that she is so scared of?

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