Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
vishesh buys one sheet to sleep, he finds aashi at same dhaba, aashi looks at him and says oh sit please, vishesh angrily sits, aashi sits infront of him, he says to aashi that look.. ashi says what, shall we go? vishesh sleeps on dhaba, aashi is frustrated, she gets sahil’s message that where are you aashi mata? aashi messages back that she is behind handsome and will call later, aashi finds mosquito and slaps vishesh, she says sorry, vishesh thinks how to make her understand, aashi thinks same.
Vishnu listens to ashish and mansi convo, she says makes Vishnu understand that sell this house, Vishnu is tensed, ashish says I tried a lot but I have to talk now.
its late night, vishesh ask aashi whats wrong with you, please go from here, its not a safe place, aashi says I wont go till you don’t come with me, leave stubbornness, she ask him to come with her, she says whats wrong with you, vishesh says when everything isn’t right then you cant ask whats wrong, aashi says we have to set everything right, I am not telling you to live in my house for whole life, till you don’t get job stay at my house, when life is bringing happiness in your life then don’t put” don’t disturb” board infront of it, vishesh is pacified and takes his bag in hand, aashi gets happy and says lets go, aashi sits on scooty while vishesh looks at her.

Scene 2
Vishnu says to ashish that I told you that I wont sell this house then why are talking about it again, ashish says we also live in this house, we have the right, you know what, I got a notice from court, our neighbor has filed a complaint that this property is his, now our house is disputed property and no one will buy it, Vishnu says I didn’t find any notice, I have many memories in this house and you want me to sell this house, ashish says builder is giving us good money, Vishnu says this property is mine, I wont give one feet to anyone, I will fight the case but not give property to anyone.
Sahil has fully decorated hi room, he is happy and waiting fro aashi. aashi comes home and says vishesh this is your room(sahil’s room), sahil is shocked to find vishesh and angrily looks at aashi., sahil says to bantu that take out posters from this room, vishesh looks at him, sahil goes out, aashi goes behind him, vishesh sit in room, aashi ask sahil to listen to her, sahil says you lied to me, you were following vishesh, aashi says I thought you will get angry, sahil says you lied to me for vishesh, aashi says you are fighting with me for a room? sahil says no, I can live on couch for whole life to be with you, I am worried for you, you know about vishesh, allegations on him, you are my only best friend and if anything happens to you then.. aashi tries to explain, sahil says don’t give explanation, sahil says you think that many people live here so its fine if vishesh lives here but vishesh cant live here, aashi says you know whats important in friendship, its trust, I don’t agree with you on many things but I support you on that too, I am not asking you agree with me but atleast support me.
Vishnu says to prabha that our child don’t trust us, I shiver thinking of selling this property but my son don’t understand it, I feel like I am living with strangers, otherside aashi says to sahil that there is your own close one in every stranger, it just about believe that you make a stranger your own, sahil looks at her.

Scene 3
aashi is making juice, sahil takes it from here, aashi is sad, sahil tells her a joke once two friends were going in train, one name was chup(silent), other was brain, brain went to washroom, TT comes to take ticket from chup but chup said that he doesn’t have it so TT asked whats his name, chup said his name is chup, TT scolded him and asked where is his brain? chup said that its in washroom, aashi says it was stale joke, sahil says the point is that friends always remain together, he gives her juice, vishesh comes there and says I have some work, I am going out, ashi says dinner is ready, vishesh says no I am going out, aashi introduces sahil and vishesh to each other, they looks at each other, vishesh is about to go but aashi stops him and is tensed, she tensely looks at him and fumbles, she ask will you come back? vishesh says I will come back in sometime, he leaves, aashi too leaves, sahil thinks that I am with you aashi but I will bring out vishesh’s truth soon with full proofs because I care for you.

Scene 4
all are busy in their work at aashi’s place, sahil looks at gate and is shocked. sahil ask aashi to look up, she is shocked and happy at same time to find her parents at here house, she says mummy papa, they smile to her, aashi gets emotional, she hugs her father, parents ask servant to bring their luggage, aashi introduces kannu and bantu to parents, she says I have given rooms on rent, they don’t like kannu and bantu, father and mother sit, father says sorry we couldn’t come on your birthday so come now, aashi says its ok and goes to bring water, father ask sahil how is he? he says fine, jhabru aunty comes there and praises mother’s hairdo, she says to father(sunil) that you seem healthy too, aashi gives water to parents, she says to sahil that why did she come here, jhabru says I take care of your daughter, sunil says thanks, she says don’t be, jhabru says world is not good so I keep looking at your daughter, she says you know one guy has come out of jail one week ago, he is very dangerous, he eve-teased the girl and went to jail, he bumped into me too yesterday, I have brought his photo too, she shows vishesh’s photo, aashi and sahil gets tensed, aashi says to sahil that how will make jhabru aunty understand and now parents also know this, she ask sahil to stop vishesh outside house before he comes in and take him somewhere else, sahil says where? they find vishesh coming in house only, they are shocked and tensed.

PRECAP- Vishnu says sorry to aashi for not giving room to vishesh, aashi says no, don’t says sorry, infact I should thank you, actually one room got emptied in my house so I gave vishesh that room, sahil angrily looks at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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