Piya Basanti Re 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Priya requesting Neeta and other Shah family that she has college till afternoon and if she can work in their house from afternoon. Savita says she has to work for 12 hours. Neeta says she is right, but we can handle half day and can keep her as maid. Savita says Priya she should study and not to think about her debt. Neeta says it is a short time and we can manage, let Priya work. Savita tries to intervene again, but Baa says her decision is Priya will go to college and will handle work from 12 noon, till then Ganga will work. Ganga is tensed hearing that and hesitantly agrees. Priya gets happy and thanks Baa. Savita gets irked and leaves, Neeta follows behind her.

Neeta tries to console Savita. Savita says we had planned so many things, but she was instead praising Priya. Neeta says Priya’s food was really tasty. Savita says today you are liking her, then Kaber will like her and then whole family. Ganga hears their conversation.

Aditi brings her friends home. They all greet Baa. Baa asks why did they come there. Aditi asks why can’t her friends come. She then says her friends she will call Priya now. She calls her and Priya comes out. Priya are surprised that Priya is really working at her home. Priya greets her friends and asks what they need. They all order their drinks. She asks Akshay. Akshay gets irked and walks out.

Ganga is trying to brainwash Savita and Neeta. She says both Savita and Ganga’s arguments are right and says Neeta is right Kabeer will not fall in love with Priya as he cares about his family and even Savita is right he can fall for Priya as she may trap him. Ganga starts buttering Savita saying she knows Kabeer’s nature well than Neeta and asks them both to take this thinking from their minds, else Priya and Kabeer may listen to their idea and think of making it a reality. Ganga says if anything happens she will take Priya out of their house. She says she will find a best bride for Kabeer. Savita and Neeta get happy hearing that.

Priya serves beverages ordered by Aditi’s friends. Friends praises her for tasty beverages and says she is expert not only in studies but all in preparing food. Aditi says Priya will work until she clears debt of her mom. Baa hears her conversation and asks her if Ayesha/another friend returned her 10000 rs. Aditi says Ayesha is her friend and can return any time. Ayesha says she will return it tomorrow. Baa says with relationship, a person can earn money but with money, relationship may spoil. She says Priya is working so that her mom’s relationship with them should not spoil. Aditi feels embarrassed hearing that. All friends leave except Ayesha.

Kabeer sees Priya working at kitchen, calls her friend and asks if her plan will work. Friend asks him to add salt in food. Kabeer calls Priya and asks her to keep his book in his room. She agrees and tries to leave. Kabeer feels guilty and apologizes her, says the incident happened. He says he cannot see her working at his home and thinks he is doing a big sin. Priya says she know knows that he also thinks, says we both study together and she respects his feels, but he should also respect her and her work, says our scriptures highly respect women serving food, etc. Kabeer gets impressed and asks if she will be his friend, forwarding his hand. Priya accepts. He praises her thinking and says that is why he calls her miss intelligent.

Priya reaches home and sees her friend Rekha cooking on Geeta’s guidance. Rekha says since she did not come to college, she thought of giving he notes. Geeta is surprised to hear that and Priya gets tensed. Geeta asks Priya why did she lie. Rekha says it was her first day of college, so she left early and went to her internship later. Geeta says she should not compromise her studies for work as she can work later he whole life. Priya emotionally goes in front of her papa’s pic and asks if she is doing a mistake by hiding to her mom that she is working at Shah’s family, but she cannot lie her, says she is missing her papa today.

Precap: Anjali orders Priya to get sandwich in canteen. Priya says she works for Shah family and is not Aditi’s personal secretary, says Anjali will look like a villain if does this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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