Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj practices on say I love you to Avni. The cars pull up, Raj hides. Arpita looks for him, he waves her. she calls Avni and then pretends spotting Raj. Avni tells him she missed him and has to talk to him. He says he has to say something to her too. She says you first. Raj says ‘I, I…’. Avni holds her hands and excitedly says to him that she said yes to Samarth. She explains that her family likes him so much, so she said yes to him at the same place he proposed her. Raj asks does she love him. He tells her to close her eyes and see a face, who is she seeing. She reluctantly closes her eyes and sees someone but blurred. He asks if he can’t see him clearly how she can live her whole life with him. She says that her mother says closed eyes can only show you dreams, in reality such decisions shall be taken with eyes wide open. She assures him she has taken the right decision and goes inside saying Good Night. Raj thinks how shall he make her realize that the decisions of love and heart are taken with closed eyes. He crushes the rose he brought for Avni in his hand, thinking about her.
In the morning, Mr Chohan comes. He tells Suket Samarth called and said he had something important to say. Everyone also comes there and tells the same. Samarth and Avni come downstairs together. Samarth announces he and Avni have decided to get married finally. Sanvri is elated. Suket hugs Avni while Bhawna brings sweet. Mr. Chohan and bau ji decides the date. Sanvri makes the photo of couple together. Avni is happy to see that her decision brought such happiness in the family.
Raj recalls Avni saying she can’t see him clearly. He says to concentrate and see it is him. She calls him and tells him that she is very happy with the decision and has seen the person with open eyes. She tells him she is sure the decision with which everyone is so happy can’t be wrong. She sees Samarth coming and says bye to Raj. He comes to her and asks is she happy. She says if the family members are happy, so is she. He asks her to give rating to his way of proposal out of ten, like he had done in his serial. She says it was fine, then says Gud and begins to leave. He holds her hand, she is shocked. Samarth says he hopes she likes him more than just nice and fine. Suket comes and Avni get rid of her hand and runs inside. Mr. Chohan asks Samarth to come along as he has to talk to him.
Avni thinks in her room that Samarth touched her for the first time today, but she didn’t feel anything special. She jerks the idea thinking mother is right, this all happens in the films and dramas. Abhaas comes from behind. She asks what happened. He tells her to be quiet. Akshit was sitting behind. He mocks with Akshit that Avni is finally getting married. Avni is irritated by his teasing. They all enjoy recalling their childhood plays. Akshit says he reminds her as a little girl, who has grown up and is about to leave us. She cries saying she doesn’t has to go anywhere. Abhaas says they will keep Samarth here. Akshit says she used to save all her pocket money and now they will get it back from Samarth. Abhaas picks up a calendar to see the dates of marriage. But Avni shows him the date of mother’s day saying she will celebrate it as a grand day. Bhawna over hears her children’s conversation and cries. Akshit tells Avni not to cry as Bhawna wont like it and hugs her.
Raj and Samarth reaches office together. Samarth tells him that they have decided to get married and asks him to congratulate him but Raj is in a bad mood. He goes inside saying he has to give file to suket sir.
Sanvri is calling everyone. Bhawna calls her in the kitchen and tells her to stop calling people as she had already made 40 calls today. Sanvri says she needs to tell people that Avni had nothing to do with Raj and she was afraid that they might lose Samarth because of Raj. Bhawna says to let it go and asks her to taste salt in Avni’s favorite dish she was preparing.
Avni runs in garden to Abhaas and asks him to read the speech she wrote for mother’s day. He asks what about the dance practice they and Samarth were going to give. Samarth comes there and asks what dances. Abhaas says she is planning to run him on his fingertips. Samarth apologizes saying he cant dance as he forgets the steps, in return he will run on her fingertips for whole of their life. He and Abhaas go for tea. Avni thinks she shall now call Raj as he can dance with her well.
At night Sanvri comes to Avni when she was packing gifts. She tells her that they are planning a party for mother’s day. Sanvri asks what else they are doing. She shows her the list; Sanvri sees Avni and Raj’s name together and tells her not to invite Raj even. Avni argues. Sanvri says she doesn’t like the guy, she went to his home to tell him not to come here. Avni is shocked.

PRECAP: Avni shouts in front of Bhawna and says she should ask Sanvri what she did. Bhawna shouts at her and says she is also irritated with all time Raj’s name. She tells Avni to apologize Sanvri. She says she will but first Sanvri must apologize Raj. Bhawna holds hand to slap her then stops, she says there is no need for any party because if the children can’t respect elders; there is no importance of Mother’s Day for them.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Once again the writers have placating out of character, except the nasty, rude, know it all savri; she is true to her character. She has waaaay tooo much to say. IJS

  2. That word placating, was supposed to be……people.

  3. Yikes! Poor Raj he help every one but now no one is caring him.

  4. Hey aur pyar ho gya show me bhut like karta h please is show ko monday to sataurday dikho.

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