Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bani thanking Parmeet for finding Rajji on time. Parmeet says I don’t feel good you thank me so much, what I did was my duty. They are on the way and he plays the radio. The song tere hone laga hoon……………..plays…………. They look at each other. They feel awkward and he shuts the radio. His car breaks down. He checks it. She asks what happened. He says I think the water is not there and also oil. Don’t worry I will drop you home. He goes to the shops to get some water. They get stuck in jungle road. Bani gets scared being alone as she hears animal sounds.

He waits for Parmeet. He comes and says Bani. She hugs him. Sajna ve ravaan tak tak haare…………….plays…………….They have an eyelock as he holds her.

Bani moves away and says sorry. She asks did you get water. He says some shops were closed and on some others I did not get water. In rahon pe jaane kitne………………..plays…………….. She asks how will we go home now. They walk on the road. Bani feels cold and he covers her with his coat. They have an eyelock and then continue walking. Police goes by and stops seeing them. They question them asking what are they doing here, were they romancing running away from here.

Parmeet says we were going home. The inspector gets mistaken and says go to police station and romance there. Parmeet says talk to me well, I m Parmeet Singh Bhullar and she is my wife Bani…..He shows him his driving license. The inspector asks what are you doing here. Parmeet says my car broke down, so I was trying to take lift. Inspector says sorry, we did not know you are married and she is your wife, come we will drop you.

Parmeet and Bani come home. Bani thanks him for helping so much. Parmeet says if you feel I did good work, don’t thank me, I did this as I feel you are mine, I mean you all. Soham sees them together and says Bani. Parmeet and Bani are shocked to see him. Soham asks Bani where did she go. He says Kookie also did not tell me anything. He says sorry Parmeet, how are you. Parmeet says I m fine, how is your health. Soham says fine, how are you here this time.

Bani says I went to Bhullar haveli as Rajji was not fine, I went to meet her. Parmeet says I told them I will drop her as it was night. Soham says its good else I would have worried where did my wife go. He asks how is Rajji now. Parmeet says she fainted by tireness, she will get well soon. Soham tells Bani to tell him and go anywhere. Bani says yes. Soham says I worry about you more than myself. Parmeet says I will leave. Soham says its going to be morning, now, have breakfast. Parmeet says no. Rajji is unwell and she needs care, I have to go. He leaves.

Bani thinks she was wrong to think I won’t forget what Parmeet did, but he changed and changed my thinking too. Raymon comes to the boutique and hears about Rajji. She talks to them and says its good Parmeet brought her here, my bahu will be with me, I will meet her. Raymon talks to Balbir and is happy that they got her property back, but poor Rajji came here. Balbir says she is here? Raymon laughs. Balbir says you did not believe me. She says I did not believe my fate.

She says you are my cutie pie. He says you got everything, even you have to take revenge from Rajji. She says yes, I can’t forget she made me wash clothes and cook food, even lift cow dung. I will make her life hell. Rajji sees Soham’s pic. Raymon come to her.

Raymon says I prayed to Lord to send you back to me and you came. Rajji greets her. Raymon taunts her and says this is Bhullar house and I m the owner here, be modern and do what I say, else I will call Soham and tell him the truth which you are hiding. Rajji is shocked. Raymon thinks she will turn Rajji’s smile into tears. Parmeet gets Bani’s call and is happy. She talks to him. She asks how is Rajji. He says she is fine, how are you. She says I m fine, I called to thank you. He says if you tell again, I will end the call.

I don’t feel good you thank me many times. Don’t do it, what I did with you, this is nothing. I m trying to become a better person and I m doing what you used to do for me. Bani smiles. He says I m happy that I m of some use to you. She says fine, no thanks but I m happy you are changing. Soham comes and says Bani. She is shocked. He asks whom are you talking to. Parmeet says Bani…… hello…………

Bani comes to her room and is shocked to see it beautifully decorated. Soham calls it their suhaagrat saying we will make a new start of our lives from now on. Bani is shocked. Rajji feels restless at Bhullar haveli..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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