Doli Armaanon Ki 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

sam is stil bath room and no one opens the door…u hears the noise and goes up to c whats the prob…u asks t is the noise coming frm sam room……t says l, get tea for me.thn we wil see…

t winks at shaurya……u says it sam voice……mom says why is sam shting this way…u opns the door and sam comes rng out..he asks who locked the door…..

he points twdrs u did she lock….she says why will i lock u…little one says i lockdd the door… make fun of sam…sam says to u did u tesch the small one…u says why do u ask me this…t says u wld have done to give punishmnt to sam……

mom says how can u do this and tech that kiddo all this…..kanchan says ro sam u taught sharuya so he will learn frm scolds kanchan…..sam says u to get out…sam says to all pl get out let me get ready to go…

t laugs at u and gies off…

at urmi tells dadi gaurav is nt intt in marriage..why compel him…dadi says kets get him married to some says no i cant agree..dadi says let us sit…..mon says to dadi make sue u dont get a wrng girl..

t meets u at hall..says i enjoyed sam being struck…

break…mom istigates sam dad against t…(jobless mom..)…

t makes u und…the reality….loved t in this scene…he gives a rose to u at the end and elaves…mom comes and talks to sam dad…dad talks abt says dont talk abt her do bigg…dad says wht enemity u have with her…mom says uts u who is maminf sure shau goes against sam…dad says its sam who is gtng bck…

mom says sam has influelnce of bade bhaiyya…t says tell me whats the prob…mom says to t pl make u und thngs…

t plays smarty.y snd takes mom into his confidence..

break..(s am is shtng at people at his office..)…

mom is happy and trst t words…he says trst me..all will be fine…at sam office..sam still thnks abt what hap at his home…sam is confused…(hehehehehehe)…

he says to all pl leave i wil, tlk later…

precap..t makes thngs worse for sam at home…

Update Credit to: DeliciousAS

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  1. I hate such shortcuts. It is impossible to understand what you have written.
    Why have you even taken the pain to type these words..
    Useless Update!!

  2. Useless Update!!
    So may shorcuts!! Damn!

  3. You shouldn’t have even taken the pain to put the update here..
    It is as good as nuthin!!
    Anyone can hardly understand what you have written!

  4. Stupid update.Hate d way u do ur update.Cn’t you see how they send the updates of the remaining series.e.g Jodha Akbar,pavitra rishta etc.Please improved yours.Thnk u

  5. OMG..!!!! Have u been 2school u can’t even write properly and so many spl mistakes……””””GosH”””” don’t even bother 2update nxt time…useless!!!

  6. What a messssssss u wrote, goshhhhhhh

  7. So true rubbish update

  8. Why so many short cuts.
    It becomes difficult to understand.

  9. U guys r right its not a football play to update like this

    but thank him at least u know a lil bit that happend yestrday
    or else u would be in suspense till now

  10. I understand Nothing!!!!! Thanks to DeliciousAS !!!!

  11. this truely is a piece of trash so is Sammy and his mum how do they treat a beautiful lady like that anyway all .(men in tht serial are toothless may I lask you Indians why do your daughter inlaws have to suffer

  12. Absolute nonsense. Cannot understand a word. Please don’t waste your time and the time of others.

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