Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samarth asks Sanvri and Bhawna for an apology to take her to night club. Sanvri says they wouldn’t have got so worried had they told them but it is not a big problem; did avni enjoy with him. Avni is irritated in the room why Raj scolded her for going to night club, she thinks she should ask him for the reason of his disliking. Bhawna comes to her room and asks did she like to go to night club. She says she is happy but Raj isn’t, that’s why she is calling him. Bhawna says there is no need and raj should understand there are more important things in life than friendship. Avni goes to give green tea to Samarth. Raj is thinking Avni still didn’t call, did he over react. He is confused to call her, and is worried what she must be thinking. He gets a call, and says Avni! It was Amit, he asks if Avni is alright. He says he is going to know that.
Raj is outside Avni’s home, Arpita comes running and tells him everyone is asleep. He asks her to meet Avni. Arpita says are you in your senses, there will be big problem if someone gets to know. Raj says he is feeling very guilty because he hurt her a lot today. Arpita tells him that she is angry on herself for not telling you, and she didn’t like going to night club and missed you. Raj listens to Arpita keenly, relaxed now. Arpita says that she need to realize it now that she loves you the way he loves her. Raj says he cant wait more to listen that she loves him. He says he will propose her himself. Arpita is happy to hear this. Raj is determined to confess his love in front of her tomorrow. Arpita wishes him luck. He asks her to bring to coffee shop tomorrow.
In the morning, Suket has a cough; Bhawna brings him qehwa saying he has been coughing whole night and asks him to take leave from office today. She insists when he says it is important for him to go today. Avni listens to them and brings ‘Besan syrup’ – which will help him get rid of his cough. Bhawna gives it to him from her own hand. Samarth was telling a guy and a girl that he wants such chemistry between them. He introduces his characters and tells them he wanted them to meet and know what actual love is. He looks at Avni, and sits down and says it is not love to say I love You day and night and give expensive gifts but to take care of little things and enjoying each other’s company living under one roof. He asks Avni if he is right, she smiles. He invites them to shooting, Suket says his aunty wants him to rest today but he can take the ladies of the house.
Sanvi comes running and tells Pratab they are going to watch shooting. He was talking on phone, and listens to her excitement when he gets free. She asks him to get ready but he says he has a lot of work to do. He tells her he has to finalize the designs of jewelllery for a wedding in Mumbai. She asks if she can help, but he says she should go for shooting. Arpita comes there bringing juice for him and asks is it that Mrs. Gupta who has car’s showroom. She tells them her father did deal with her husband. She asks if she can help him but Sanvri tells her not to disturb her and go. Pratab says let me listen to her. Arpita says she has met her often, her taste is different in jewellery and likes fusion of Italian and Indian jewwllery and designs a sample for him. He appreciates her designing. Pratab tells her to stay as he sends her this photograph. He mails her from her cell phone. Sanvri thinks shouldn’t the order get cancelled because of her. He gets her call, and listens to her. He announces she liked the design a lot and thanks Arpita. Sanvri thinks she is trying to impress Pratab.
Arpita comes to Avni and asks her to go to market with her after which they will have coffee. Avni tells her Samarth is taking them to shooting and she must also get ready. Arpita thinks how she will take her to Raj now. Arpita says they should call Raj too, he will also get seeing the shooting. Bhawna comes and stops Avni saying she should not disturb Raj like this, he has other responsibilities in office and should not be disturbed. Arpita asks where the shooting is taking place, Avni says it is out of town. Arpita goes to change thinking Raj’s plan has got flopped.
Raj tells Suket he has done all the work. He says Raj must have awake whole night for it, he says he is not impressed as he should also take rest. Raj says he wanted a half day leave. Suket agrees and says Good job and good luck.
Raj was telling Arpita on phone that Suket himself said best of luck. Arpita tells him she cant bring her to meet him. He get worried if Avni is alright. She says they are going to see Samarth’s serial. He says he can’t let Samarth and Avni get closer. Arpita says she will tell her the address after getting there.
They get to the location, the shooting starts with prayers. He staff appreciates him for this in front of Bauji. They see Samarth helping his workers and taking care of them. Bhawna tells Avni to see how much he respects and is loved by his team. Samarth asks Bauji to sit in the garden; he gets a call and goes to listen. Arpita was texting Raj the address when she listens to Samarth telling his father he is going to propose Avni today.
Bhawna brings a newspaper with Samarth’s interview. Sanvri and Bhawna tells her he told press he has found a girl to get married to, her name starts with A and is very innocent. Avni gets shy and runs away. Arpita informs Raj Samarth’s intentions. They both are determined they will propose Avni today. Arpita tells Raj all conditions are against him today; but he is determined he will propose Avni today anyway.

PRECAP: Samarth asks Avni he wants to talk to her. Raj comes to location. Samarth brings her to a beautiful interior. Raj comes there too and sees them together.

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  1. i hate sam.pls end dis sam character as sn as posible.nd let raj nd avni get frwd in dr relatinshp.

  2. In my opinion what raj is doing is really wrong.. i know raj loves her alot.. bt i dont think avni really loves raj.. isnt it like raj is forcing avni to love him…????

  3. i agree wit u

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