Paanch 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The epi egins with Rosh coming with Gauti to the meeting point where Shivani- Nikhil is waiting for them, Nikhil doesn’t approve Gauti’s presence and is shocked to see Rosh discussing the plan in front of him, His suspicion deepens when Gauti tries a number , Nikhil snatches his phone and they get into a physical brawl.

Rosh stops them and asks Nikhil to trust Gauti once as she loves him, as much as he’s Gauri’s bro ,he’s someone special in her life, Gauti-Nikhil seal a deal that Gauti wud have to prove his loyalty if this plan fails then automatically, Gauti wud be held responsible for leaking the news.

The 5 are waiting for Gauti’s call which never comes, the gang start doubting Gauti but Gauri defends him, Zara gets worried that what if she being Rosh’s 1st target the last time might be the target again, Gauri shuts her up and sas its Rosh who should be afraid of them and not the other way around,she says as far as she knows Rosh,she’d target the person where she left the last tym, ie, Yudi.

On the other hand Rosh tells Gauti the plan explaining him how she followed Yudi the whole day and came to know abt the package coming for him, then how shivani stole it before t could reach Yudi ,how they tampered with the output voltage so that the moment Yudi plugs in his music system and gets a shock enough to be severely affected y it but not get killed, Gauti would be the one to give it to udi so that no one suspects anything phony ,Gauti’s impressed and leaves.

Gauti reaches the 5 and dramatically tells them her plan, Yudi is baffled and all of them come to an agreement that Yudi wont take the package,but Gauti says he’ll have to coz Nikhil doesn’t trust him and this is a loyalty test for him!! Gauri agrees and says Yudi will take the package ,and they’d have a surprise for Rosh!! Gauti takes their leave saying he doesn’t want to be suspected by Rosh, Rosh meets him in the corridor,thanks and hugs him for being there for her,in the process,she takes out a voice recorder cum pendrive from his jean’s back pocket!!
Flashback : Nikhil had texted her how he’d placed a voice recorder cum pendrive in Gauti’s back pocket while they had a physical brawl,she comes back to her room, and inserts the pendrive and listens to the voice recording, she’s heart broken and leaves, Shivani gets worried and calls Nikhil.

Rosh is sitting in an abadoned staircase remembering TaShi moments and crying ,Nikhil calls her and asks if she’s okay!!! she cries she isnt and starts blaming herself for being stupid!!
Nikhil consoles her by saying atleast they came to know the truth in time!! Rosh makes her mind and says Gauti’s a closed chapter from her life, Nikhil asks her to change the plan but Rosh says let the plan go as it is ,she’d take the gang by surprise!!

Shivani takes Rosh to the canteen as she hasnt had anything ,Gauri and Nihaal show up there and while Nihaal starts bullying Shivani, Gauri starts mocking Rosh, of how she found hidden cameras etc. in her room, she tells her how coward her sister was and starts telling her abt the things they did to her, how she’d exploded a rassi bomb on her ear so that Neha couldn’t hear anything for days !!! how they wud fluctuate her room ‘s lights and not let her sleep peacfully and so on!!! Rosh gets mad and the 2 end up in a cat fight!!

precap : the 5 claim that Rosh tampered with Yudi’s music system, Rosh denies and Dean asks her to plugin the music system in front of everyone, she’s abt to when Dean warns her she doesn’t have to, it could hurt her!! still she goes on to plug in the music-system, while the 5 + Gauti look on!!!

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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