Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soham asking Rajji to go back to Parmeet and her in laws’ house. Rajji is shocked. He says I know you are staying here to help Bani, but you can’t ruin your marriage, go back and talk to Parmeet, end your fight, if you both stay together, everything will be fine, go and get ready, pack your bag, I will bring taxi. He says if you say, I can drop you there, tell me shall I come with you. Rajji says no, I will go myself. Rajji cries thinking about the love between her and Soham. Dil ke afsaane……………plays……………

Soham says come fast Rajji, taxi came. Rajji thinks I love you a lot Soham and I can do anything for you. She packs her bag. Aansunon me hai ye khamoshiyan……………plays…………….Rajji sees his pic and cries touching it. She steps out of the house and thinks of her Grah Pravesh when she got married to him. Soham keeps her bag inside the car and asks her to sit. She keeps her hand on her stomach and thinks of Soham. He looks at her and she smiles. She leaves waving him bye.

Kuljeet’s wife and daughter are tensed as their boutique is not working. Reman comes to the boutique and likes the designs. Reman tells them that Soham named the property on their name, else they can ask Rajji. They are shocked. Reman says I have share in this boutique too. As its in Bhullar property, so I have to become the partner, I think this boutique won’t work, see no one came here, its lunch time.

Bani and Kookie come home. Bani says its good we left Rajji here to spend some time with Soham. Bani calls out Rajji. Soham comes and sayas Rajji is not at home, I have sent her to her in laws. Bani and Kookie are shocked. They ask why did they go her. Soham says don’t worry, she did run away, I explained her to solve her issues with Parmeet and go back to him. Bani gets tensed. Reman says I think no one will come now. Few buyers come and they get happy.

Bani says you should have sent her, but given her time. Soham says I worry about her, I did this for her good. He says Parmeet came here to apologize to her, don’t you think she should go back, I heard him and I felt he regrets. He said his wife should forgive him and come back. He says Rajji should forgive him, I don’t know why are you behaving like this. He gets head ache. Bani gets worried and says come inside, I will give you medicines. Bani worries for Rajji thinking where did she go.

Bani calls Parmeet and asks about Rajji. He says why will she come here. Bani says Soham heard you talking to Rajji about me and he insisted her to go back to you, don’t know where she went. He says what did I do, I did not know this problem will be created, I came to mete you, I m really sorry Bani, I will find Rajji, don’t worry, she will come here. Bani says her phone is switched off. He says I will make her talk to you, if she does not come, I will find her. Bani says fine and ends the call.

Kookie says it means Rajji did not go there, what was the need of Soham to send her. Soham comes and says what did I do, I did her good. He says they are newly married and should be together, if she stays here, her marriage can be ruined. She is my sister in law, I worry for her, what wrong did I do Kookie. Kookie says yes you did wrong, you have made a pregnant lady go from this house. Soham is shocked and says pregnant? She is newly married, are you mad. Kookie says she got married six months before. She shows him the calendar and says its May. Soham thinks getting some flashes and thinks of Kookie’s words. He thinks of his accident looking at Bani.

Soham asks Bani about the accident, you lied, this is wrong, tell me the truth. He holds his head and falls. Bani and Kookie hold him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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