Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj tells Avni that he is about to leave, Avni promises him that the date will be great. Bhawna and Arpita get designer sarees for her then and involve her with trying them. Raj comes downstairs, while Avni looks at him from her window. They both sing an old song. Avni comes downstairs; Arpita takes her to select the jewelry. She heads to bring the tea for guests. Akshit and Suket then get her to select the wedding the cards, but finally Raj takes her to the room to get ready. She comes dressed up downstairs, when Abhaas comes to Raj and says he has to go to decorator with him.

Avni tells Raj on phone that she is so tired. Raj says that he is also tired. They both discuss about the preparations but are so tired that soon fell asleep with phone on. Bhawna and Anjali come to see Avni and Raj respectively, caresses their children. Bhawna says Hello, Anjali replies and says it seems they still didn’t take time to talk. She says they must give them time to meet tomorrow.

Raj asks where is everyone going? They all say that they have preparations of the wedding to look after. Anjali tells him his designer is coming home to take her measurements. Bhawna takes Avni to Raj’s home and tells Avni to give this bag to the designer. Anjali meets Bhawna out and says we must go shopping together, Bhawna says after mandir.

Avni comes inside and asks about the designer. Raj says neither is jiji here, nor the designer. He calls her inside for breakfast. The table was all set, a note said to Raj that his mom and Bhawna planned this time for you both as you people were not getting time to talk to each other.

Avni says she is happy that they are getting married. Raj says he will try to fulfill every wish of hers.

Arpita comes to an interview. She shows them her CV and her designs. The interviewer appreciates her designs but asks that she is from Khandelwal family, why she wants to work here? She says she wants to work on her own. They get a call, and tells her that their boss selected another candidate. She asks them the file, and after checking the designs says that his decisions are wrong as these designs are outdated. The owner comes there himself, Arpita is about to leave but the boss stops her and says that when she has the courage to say the truth, he is honest to accept his mistake. He welcomes her on board, she shakes her hands with him introducing herself as Arpita Khandelwal and he as Rohit.

Avni and Raj go to see what changes are to be made in their room. Raj visualize Avni is front of the mirror after marriage. Someone rings the bell, Raj reminds her that his mom said they must not heed about anyone ringing the bell. Avni tells him that at night she has night mares, what will he do. He says he will hug her to make her feel safe. The bell rings again, Avni asks her to look who is on the door. Raj opens the door, and welcomes some old ladies. They complain about him being late, Avni comes there. Raj introduces her as his bride-to-be. Avni invites them inside, but the ladies ask what she is doing alone at home with him.

Anjali comes there and defends her children from the old ladies. She shouts at them that they can leave the house. Anjali asks why she didn’t say anything to them? Avni says that they were my elders. Anjali says that this doesn’t mean anyone can say anything to her. Bhawna comes and hugs Anjali. She says to Avni that she isn’t worried about her anymore. Avni thanks them to fill her life with such happiness.

PRECAP: Raj promises Avni the best he can give. Shastri ji finds their birth-charts mismatched.

Update Credit to: Sona

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