Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
vishesh and aashi looks at each other. some people gathers there, one guy comes and says to vishesh that he was in jail, guy says you were in jail as you eve teased the girl, they beats visheh, aashi is shocked, aashi stops them and ask why are you beating him, please think before start fighting, I know you tried to help me but 1st ask me, mistake is not always of a guy, it can be mistake of a girl too, vishesh looks at her, aashi says I bumped into him and he fell with me, I am thankful to you as you tried to help me but you should say sorry to him, guy says we all know what he did earlier, visheh says if you want to beat me more then beat me, people leave from there, aashi looks at vishesh and recalls how in boarding school, he saved aashi from goons, vishesh leaves, sahil comes to aashi and ask what happened, aashi says vishesh. aashi tells sahil that when she was in boarding school, vishesh was her senior, i had crush on him, sahil says today you met him and bumped into him, aashi says I bumped into him as light was off. sahil says that visheh who was in jail? sahil says his track record is not good, he eve tease the girls, be away from him. aashi says I don’t accept this, maybe there was no fault of him, I was with him in school, he is very good guy, maybe he never looked at girl in that way but was trapped, sahil says you find everything good in this world but everything is not like this, if vishesh was good then his parents wouldn’t have thrown him out, because of him, his sister’s relation from her husband broke, he brought shame to his family, aashi ask why are you taking me to your home, sahil says you will save me from my father.

Scene 2
aashi and sahil come to sahil house, sahil’s father runs behind sahil to beat hi, father says we have saree shop and you did ad for our competitors shop, sahil says actors are versatile, father gets serious and says you have made joke of your life, sahil says you cant see my talent, aashi says to sahil that did you raised by yourself? your father raised you up, he gave you education and gave you money for dresses which you wear to give audition for ads so be respectful.
son of uncle and anuty (Vishnu and prabha) (whom aashi saved yesterday) comes to them and says I told you one thing and you didn’t do it, prabha ask why are you shouting, son says I asked father to go and give bill but he didn’t pay the bill, now I have to give fine for late bill, Vishnu says line was big for bill submission so I couldn’t pay it, son says you have retired that doesn’t mean you will keep sitting infront of tv whole day, he leaves.
aashi comes to have chole bhature, she meets street kids and ask shop keeper to give them too, aashi finds tissue on ground in which girl’s name is written, aashi says when will a guy write my name on tissue, she prays to god to send a guy for her too, coincidently, vishesh is sitting on the next table to aashi, waiter ask vishesh to give bill, vishesh doesn’t find his wallet, waiter scolds him and ask him to give 80rs now, vishesh says I will pay you tomorrow, have faith, waiter says its my business so give my money, aashi sees this and recalls how in school, vishesh helped one peon by giving hi 1200rs to pay to shopkeeper, flashback shows vishesh saying to his friend that I had money so I paid, also I helped someone today, tomorrow someone will help me, fb ends, aashi thinks that I will help vishesh, she points to waiter to let vishesh go and she will pay for him, waiter says to vishesh that go now and pay tomorrow, vishesh says thanks.

Scene 3
aashi comesback home, chabru aunty scolds her for coming late, aashi imitates her, aashi says you daily say these dialogues, I will give new dialogues, say that from tomorrow.
aashi comes back home, neelu is crying, aashi ask are you missing your husband? neelu says no, I will miss you a lot from tomorrow, I am going back tomorrow, aashi hugs her and cries, kannu and bantu comes there, aashi says why everything is temporary in my life, granpa passed away, you all are temporarily with me, I have parents but only on birth certificate, why this all happens with me? only breaths are permanent in my life, she hugs neelu and cries, kannu, bantu, aashi and neelu cries, all share a hug.

Scene 4
at night, aashi records video diary, she talks with herself, she says remember vishesh, I have a crush on him but its nothing like that now, world is treating him like monster but I don’t believe this, the guy who used to help others cant do anything wrong that too with a girl, sahil was saying that his parents are very good people, I don’t know them but I never listened against them in whole Jabalpur, I cant believe that vishesh can do anything wrong, no way, never, she stops the video and thinks where he must be now?
vishesh on other hand is spending night at street bench, aashi is thinking about him while vishesh is sadly sitting on bench.

PRECAP- aashi is on road and is in tension, vishesh is coming from behind.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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