Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK doing exercise in his cell. Zakir and the jailor keep an eye on him. Zakir sees RK on CCTV camera videos. He is seen exercising and yoga. The jailer says he asked for Ramayan. Zakir asks why. Jailer says they are going his wishes fulfilled as he is going to die, he called for a pandit too in morning. Zakir says as far as I know him, he can’t be afraid of death, why did he turn into religious one. Sandhya comes there and says Zakir, being religious is to regret and it should have heart change, RK can never realize his mistakes, so he won’t ever regret, he has some plan in his mind and we have to find out. Bhabho comes to Pari and calls Misri also. She sits with them and feeds them. Meenakshi is glad seeing this. Babasa blows balloons for Sooraj and Sandhya’s surprise party. Emily says its their day tomorrow and they should plan their day out. Bhabho says yes, but they will do what they wish. Babasa reminds her their wedding anniversary. He says our children did same decorations for us, you were so shy. She asys I remember everything. They smile.

They recall their times. Babasa says make ginger tea for me, this one got cold. Bhabho gets angry. Meenakshi says she will make it. Bhabho says is my ears ringing, will you make tea. Meenakshi says she wants to make tea for Babasa and also Vikram, She sees Sooraj came home and runs to tell Bhabho. She says Sooraj came. Everyone is shocked and says what to do now. Mohit says hide all this or go and stop him there. Emily says what will I tell him. Babasa says he will stop him. He asks Sooraj to go and get his betel leaves box. Soorja says its here only. Babasa says yes.

RK hears the Ramayan from the pandit. Sandhya comes to him. The pandit tells how Ravan cheated Sita and kidnapped her. RK sees Sandhya and talks to the pandit ji and says about Ravan cheating Lord Ram, what was seen was actually not there, and what was there was not seen by anyone. He asks Sandhya did anything like this happened with her. She thinks about Dhaba disappearing. She says panditji you can go. He leaves. Sandhya is asked to sign in register. RK sees her hand hurt and smiles. She is unable to sign. Her gun falls. RK looks at it. She takes it back and gives her gun. She signs.

RK talks to Sandhya and sees her hands. He asks whats this, I heard law’s hands are long and strong, but you are unable to sign and lift a pen. He asks her to do some puja to save Sooraj’s life. He says anything can happen anytime. She asks did he do all this. He says he is helpless, his thoughts are also afraid. She asks about Dhaba. He acts innocent. She says RK, I m not a fool, not even you, we both know that Dhaba was fake made for special reason linked to you. He says he is locked in jail since many years and she got him here, how can he do this. He taunts her.

He says tell Sooraj and show yourself to a doctor, take rest at home, don’t worry I won’t go anywhere till you are back. Mohit and Emily asks Bhabho to go and stop Sooraj. Bhabho also trues to stop him but fails. Everyone come to make Sooraj busy and leave. Bhabho sends him to the shop and asks him to focus on the work. He leaves. Everyone smile. Bhabho says its easy to send off Sooraj, but not the police officer Sandhya. Meenakshi laughs.

She says you are afraid of Sandhya. They resume their work. RK says he will dream and fulfill it. Sandhya talks to RK and says she will take him to hang, and till then she will not sleep peacefully. He says you will be sleeping and he will go from under her security. She says you can try, you can’t go from this room, you can die, but can’t run. He says if he had to die, he would have died till now, he would have not come to her. He says no one can bind him, he will disappear. He challenges Sandhya to stop him. He says he is telling her as she would have feel he cheated her. She says she will not let him go and accepts his challenge. She answers him well and says she will hang him for sure.

Sandhya and Zakir talk about more security. Zakir says about mobile application which can get live feed from CCTV cameras from jail.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. so awesome (rolling eyes). A terrorist doing yoga and reading Ramayan. This is how India has to do to oblige to a certain part of the society that invaded India and killed about 100 million Hindus/Buddhists (between 9th and 16th centuries) and converted several millions to a particular religion by force, grabbed our lands, made them into separate countries, stole unimaginable amounts of physical and materialistic wealth from India, and still we along with the whole world face their threat- serious threat. But still we have to make the “terrorist” a yoga loving, Ramayan reading guy. Just imagine for one second if the roles are reversed and if Hindus caused that kind of pain and destruction to them, even a fraction of it. They will be so much destruction, so much violence, so much “victim crying” about it in return.

    In Saudi Arabia, you cannot even practice any other religion other than theirs (unless in privacy of your home). Forget about a little temple or anything like that. You will be beheaded in the streets. Yet, 1000s of temples are destroyed and their religious places are constructed on top of them. Archeologists still find destroyed Buddhist temples in Afghanistan. But we still have to show this “terrorist” as a yoga loving, Ramayan reading person. Such hypocrisy!!!!! Such double standards!!!! Such Irrationalism!!!!! And most native Indian are so lazy and so impassioned that they don’t learn anything about the real history, do not have any knowledge in this matter, just believe the stupid mainstream media news and instead think it is all cool to be cool and ignorant.

    1. silly plot- any way this programme has had its moment and end it all other characters have no input except Sandhya – now why is that may be nepotism comes to mind ‘ – how come this serial has not taken a leap like all others

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