Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: JaiChand’s Catering venue
Raj asks jaichand to calm down, and not think about abhaas, as he is immature. Just then, the host of the event, comes and informs them that people are falling unconscious since the time they ate the catered food. They insult him and his catering business. Jaichand is mortified. He is shocked when the host threatens to accuse them of murder if something goes wrong. He leaves. Raj, virat and Jaichand go and check the containers of food, and find a suspicious smell. they wonder how it happened. virat points out that there’s just person, abhaas who could have done it. Madhuri’s husband blames Abhaas. Raj and virat are convinced too. Jaichand rushes out, and enter into a scuffle with Abhaas, while raj and avni desperately try and pull them apart. Just then, the police comes and asks for Abhaas Khandelwal. Avni and abhaas are shocked. Jaichand accuses them of murder. raj stands for abhaas that he cant do this. but jachand doesnt agree. Avni tries to argue, and then asks raj whats he and his family trying to do. virat intervenes saying that this matter is now in the police’s hands, and let them do whats needed. The police comes and arrests Abhaas. Avni tries hard to stop his arrest, and even pleads but in vain. she eyes Raj with venom, while raj is tensed too. Madhuri’s husband thinks that everything is lost and ruined now. He leaves. virat too takes raj away. avbni thinks that raj left her in such a condition. She calls up suket and tells him what happened.

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Scene 2:
Location: Avni’s residence
Bhawna is very tensed as to whats happening, and prays to the lord that abhaas shouldnt be affected. she finds suket, avni and akshat coming in and rushes in asking about abhaas, as they stand with their heads hung low, saying that he cant get bail right now. She is distraught. akshat too starts venting out his frustration at Raj’s family. Suket assures bhawna, that he knows abhaas, that he maybe immature but not a criminal and cant seek revenge like this. He promises her that tomorrow abhaas would be with them. They both leave. avni is apalled. Akshat is enraged. Avni gets milk for him, asks him to take something, as he hasnt eaten anything. she pleads, for the sake of bhawna. he keeps pledging revenge on Jaichand, and that now the situation is beyond tolerable limits, and that their family’s reputation is at stake, first with Arpita and now Abhaas, and that he plans to get Jaichand’s catering license cancelled, and also implicate him that they tried to falsely malign abhaas. Avni is super tensed.

The next morning, bhawna waits impatiently, in the temple, for abhaas to return. Avni comes and tries to give her meds, but bhawna resolved that till abhaas doesnt come back, she wont eat or drink anything. avni tries to make her understand that suket would get him and that she should have meds on time. She asks her to think positively, and that sometimes situations are bad, and hence they should stop blaming themselves. Just then, akshat comes back with abhaas. Bhawna and avni are happy. bhawna asks abhaas if he is okay and he assures her that he is alright and asks her to take care of herself. he gives her the meds, and she takes them. Suket starts getting angry that abhaas had to spend the night in jail, when he was innocent all along, and that he would expose jaichand’s trap, and the world should know about him and his family. akshat too agrees, and plans to get their license cancelled, as the head of the food and beverage committee is Suket himself.

Scene 3:
Location: Raj’s residence
Anjali too is shocked to know this. Madhuri’s husband starts thinking that this is all a planned conspiracy. vikram says that they want to end his business, as they assume that anjali ended arpita’s. Virat tells jaichand not to go, as there’s no use to go there and be insulted. raj is tensed to hear all this. raj asks him to go, even if there’s the slightests hope, as not going would just prove him more guilty. Jaichand agrees.

Scene 4:
Location: Food and beverage control office.
Suket and his family, and raj and his family both arrive simultaneously. Abhaas tries to get to jaichand, but avni calms him down. Raj and avni eye each other tensedly. Suket tells abhaas to maintain decorum and discipline here. they both enter, while raj and avni are tensed to look at each other. She asks abhaas to go inside and call the lawyer while she parks the car, in the pretext to be able to get some time with Raj, to be able to talk this out.

As they both park their cars, avni storms ahead, while raj calls her from behind, and tries to taunt her, that this whats their plan was all along. She shuts him up, saying that she is shocked he could think like suket. Raj points out how this could be a coincidence. They as usual enter into a scuffle, with each siding their families. raj asks why is she taunting so wrong, as he is just trying to solve the problem. She says that he isnt getting much success at that, and asks him to let be. She w=storms ahead, but her hand gets a scratch. Raj tries to caringly take a look at it, but she jerks his hand away and walks in. Raj thinks that one deed from the past and it has spoiled so many lives, and is still continuing to do so. Meanwhile, abhaas tells the lawyer that he has nothing to be afraid of, as he did nothing wrong. After cancelling the call, Abhaas remembers that he forgot to tell the lawyer about the hearing, and tries to dial again. He is shocked to find raj’s numerous calls in avni’s dialled list, and how they are on talking terms everyday, many times. He assumes thats why she wanted to park the car and is determined to find out. He is shocked to find avni and raj coming in, one aftre the other. Abhaas asks her to go inisde, and once they both leave, he is determiend to find out, but stealthily, and secretively, as both the families are tensed as it is, and dont need to be told of this recent development.

As they enter, avni thinks that she would have to solve all this, as this is becoming uglier by the day. She asks him if he is okay. he says that he is in a moral dilemma, as one side is his family’s revenge, and the other side is someone’s career and life. She tries to make him udnerstand that they are just creating more disparities, and that an eye for an eye are not what they have grown up with. she says that they should be the bigger people, and if they make the first move, they would follow too. She tells suket that he is a respectable person, and his identity is his truthfulness, and that he should rise above normal enemity and grievances, despite the recent personal problems. Akshat comes in to find her talking to suket. she asks him to think once about his humanity over and above his selfish motives, and then everything shall be right. suket is overwhelmed to receive such advice from his daughter. Akshat is confused that avni wants good for raj and his family, and is hinting at a compromise. akshat comes in saying that the committee awaits. he is about to go in, but asks abhaas of his opinion. She stands tensed. He says that he is okay with whatever suket decides. suket goes in. abhaas and avni eye each other tensedly. the screen freezes on avni’s face.

Precap: Virat comes to Suket’s house, and presents him a box of sweets as agesture of good will, and as suket takes a sweet, he finds a photo of vikram and bhawna from the past, in the box of sweets. He is enraged, and grabs virat by the collar, asking him how dare he pull this dirty prank on them. virat discloses Bhawna’s past in front of them, and as suket asks bhawna if she actually is sangeeta, she is speechless. Later, as avni comforts bhawna, while she is distraught, Avni wonders how could raj do this and if this was his ditch attempt, at trying to salvage the situation, by bringing up the past of Umagaon like this, so crudely.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. princess akeela

    this show doesnt make any sense anymore.. why take so long to expose virat stwww i stop watch this damm show

  2. How much virat will fly and win all the times.. he is the main cheater.. and wining the games always that too intellegently without leaving any clue.. What the hell..>?! Every intellegent will do a mistake to get to him.. Raj & Avni both are fools.. they are not finding back end hints.. just trying to doubt on each other.. their married happiness.. Hell.. on the roads now..

  3. This is a drama, stuff needs to happen otherwise its not a drama. As far as Virat’s evilness goes it will come to an end soon. Everyone should be happy that this show’s theme changed from Complete Romantic to Romantic/Suspense/Thriller.. I like that positive side.

  4. This is a drama, stuff needs to happen otherwise its not a drama. As far as Virat’s evilness goes it will come to an end soon. Everyone should be happy that this show’s theme changed from Complete Romantic to Romantic/Suspense/Thriller.. I like that positive side.

  5. Hey guys, remember Avani was to get married to another guy… is Virat the same person who acting the role as that person?

  6. I am annoyed with bhawvna it is about time she brings her past to an end instead of destroying so many lives including he beloved daughter avani. this secret situation is not good for her health and what is the worse scenario could happen what her husband divorcing her or getting angry with her come on they love each other toooooooo much for this to happen so bhawvna or sangeeta whatever is your real name spill the beans the truth and let virat pay for all his wrong doings Anjali so called brother virat needs to be stopped right away and if the truth comes out both families would unite again minus virat who would be sent to prison.

  7. Oh plz make d show romantic … nd twisty like sapne suhane ladapanke …this show is romantic + twistful no evil lik virat there plz unvail this virat in front of all

  8. The show is doing very Good now nd i like the way it turns so spices, avni is stands by her family no matter what

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