Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sohan does the pooja with his family. They are about to drown it in water when Vishesh and his friends come there. Vishesh runs to them but they have drowned the idol as well. Moahn says you were saying they had all the jewelry in the idol why are they letting it sink then? Vishesh says its made of plaster if paris that means it will dissolve in the water. sahil says that means they weren’t in the idols. Vishesh says how can I be wrong. sohan was with it all the time. Jahrbo says you are right they are not innocent as they seem, Vishesh says they were in this idol. sahil says sohan isn’t stupid to put the jewelry in the lake. Shan says to his family lets go. He sees them and says you are all here. He says join the pooja. mohan says I don’t have to do anything with you. Sohan says as you wish. Inspectorr says come with us. Inspector asks mohan to come with them as well. he says vishesh we don’t have time at all. Vishesh says I wont let anything happen to you. Visehs says aashi my heart says jewels are in that idol. aashi says lets go. On their way back they find a rope. Sahil says it must be a new way to catch fishes. VIshesh starts pulling the rope. Aashi says its weighs so much. The idol comes out of the water iside which they have a pack of jewelry. Sahil says oh my God. Ashi says sohan is so clever.

Ballu’s man says we have to kill this girl today. ballu won’t leave us. I have to make ballu happy today.

Sohan and his wife come there. He says police never doubted me. They think I am very innocent. Finally I got something. she says lets go and find the rope. they are looking for the rope. when they pull it The idol comes out. There is nothing inside the pack except for stones. Vishesh says here we have the jewels. Cops are there as well. Vishesh says your game is over. Vishesh says don’t worry we have got all your wealth. aashi says your smartness is the only thing that has drowned. Mohan says I am bad but I am not a dual face man like you. If you had asked me I would have given it to you long ago,. and bahbhi you, I never thought you will lower down to this level. vishesh says truth is always revealed in. Aashi says this happens to the people who play with God. Mohan sys arrest them inspector. Mohan thanks vishesh and says you have saved me from this fake life. Vishesh says truth had to win. The case we re-open after Diwali. he thanks jhabro as well. mohan says I will throw a party after case. You all have to come there. vishesh says yes aashi who won the bet? Aashi says I can’t hear you. sahil says neither can’t I. Vishesh says you said if I lose you would do everything. aashi gets a call and says sahil lets go we have to go home.

Scene 2
Prabha and Vishnu does all the arrangement for pooja, Vishnu says you have given us the reason to celebrate Diwali. Jhabro says we are all ready. vishesh and sahil come in as well. The pooja starts, ballu;s men are waiting for it to get over. Sahil says now its time for fireworks. Aashi says there is something left. she says our VIP guests are left. jhabro says who are they? sahil says what? aashi tells him that ashish texted me he is sending tukur.

Sunil calls ashish and says have you done what I said? Ashish says yes I have sent tukur there. sunil says that will work for sure. tukur comes home. Vishnu and prabha are really happy to see him. Vishnu and prabha hug him in tears. aashi says he is our VIP guest. Vishnu says how you did this? she says that’s not important. They all go out to celebrate Diwali. balu’s man goes outside.They are all taking photos. aashi says now tukur will initiate the Diwali. They take fire crackers and lighten them. ballu’s man is making the video to make him happy. They fire a cracker. It is about to blow.

Precap-ashi says ballu’s man was wearig this locket. did he come to seek revenge? Maybe there is something wrong with those firecrackers. they see tukur firing one.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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