Veera 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera crying seeing the ring in her hand, as the ring was gifted by Baldev. Baldev is in the way. Rajveer comes to her and sees her crying. He asks how is she, and she can’t lie to friends. I know what you are going through, the man you loved, did this with your brother. Baldev comes and hears them. She says I could not dream Baldev will do this, I can’t believe it, Baldev can do this, my heart is hurt, I m angry for myself, I was wrong in knowing Baldev. Rajveer holds her and Baldev gets angry. He leaves. Veera wipes her tears. She says I don’t know, my heart is not believing this, I feel I m wrong now in knowing him, am I really wrong, is it that investigation was wrong, Baldev said someone is trapping him and Ranvi, I was angry and I did not listen to him.

Rajveer says you are believing the culprit, he will defend himself. She says I feel its fishy, he can’t do this with his sister’s husband, he reached jail to help Ranvi, I don’t think he can do this. Rajveer says maybe he did this not to make anyone doubt. She says no, you don’t know him, I feel I should talk to him. He says don’t do this mistake, you trust his drama, I read criminal’s psychology, as people defend themselves by lying, I know you love him but see the proofs, think about Ranvi, if you meet Baldev, what will Ranvi think, that you don’t respect him, let the law do its work, come, I will drop you home, you are in tension, and should not be alone, be with family, you will feel good.

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Amrit applies Bansuri the facepack. Bansuri says Gunjan did not give me such creams. Amrit says Gunjan belongs to her inlaws more now, she scolded Baldev. Bansuri says don’t know what Baldev sees in Veera. Amrit talks about Simran. Bansuri says Veera is nothing infront of Simran, its good Baldev and Veera broke up. She says Ranvi has spoiled Veera, and Ratan too have done the same, she is sarpanch and rules everywhere. Simran comes there and gives city dishes, Chinese momo. Amrit and Simran smile. Bansuri likes the food. Amrit says Simran is expert in cooking. They fool Bansuri. Bansuri says take part in food competition and show it to Veera. Simran says no, make Ratan fail, we will be glad, I will teach you.

Veera comes to her room. She thinks about Baldev and cries. She says you can’t do this Baldev. Ranvi comes to her and says Chai ji said Rajveer came to drop you. Veera says yes. He says did you not call him inside. She says I forgot. He says fine, call him next time. He says till this case is going on, I can’t go out of pind, you and Gunjan go for shopping or movie. She says no, we will go later together. He says call your Delhi friends. She says Veer ji, I m fine. He says you are not fine, you can’t hide this, stop this acting, when I go to sleep, I can’t sleep.

She says she is thinking Baldev can’t do this, her heart is not believing this, you think, we know Baldev since childhood, Baldev can do anything, but is not double faced, he is like we see him. He can’t cheat anyone. Ranvi says I know you are saying right, but its not easy. She says we all know Baldev can’t do this. She says if a big lawyer find out, we can know the truth. He says no, nothing will happen, love is blind, what you are saying is because you love him. Baldev comes home angrily. Bansuri asks him to have Chinese momo. He says I m not hungry. She insists. He says I said I m not hungry. She says I know, I m happy that you broke up with Baldev. He says I k now you are happy, what do you want, I proved to be innocent or my relation with Veera to break up. She says your Papa ji went to Delhi lawyer to prove you innocent. He says he went so far as he does not trust me.

Baldev says Ranvi and Veera say I m guilty, even dad thinks so, maybe you also think so, its fine, when the proof comes, you all will know. She says no. He says its like this only, everyone believe I m a goon. Ranvi tells Veera that Baldev is a goon, who can do anything. He says this phase comes in every criminal’s life that he does the first crime. She cries. He says forget it, we know his truth, so accept it. She asks is there really no need to find. He says leave this matter, if someone cheats you once, its his mistake, if you get cheated again by that person, then its your mistake.

Its night, Amrit and Simran have wine and talk about fooling Bansuri. She says I m making you good bahu, Baldev’s heart broke, be careful to deal with him. Simran says don’t worry, I will see him. Chai ji comes to Ratan. She asks her to go for shopping for cooking competition. Ratan says she is not in mood to go. She says Ranvi’s matter is solved. Ratan says but Veera is broken. Chai ji says she will be fine, don’t worry. Ratan says will Veera forget her pain. Chai ji says time heals all wounds, and Veera will be fine taking part in competition. Ratan says I should have said no to Baldev and things would have not come till here. Chai ji says don’t blame yourself, Veera will be annoyed knowing this, Veera is strong than you, she will be fine. Ratan says fine, I will ask Ranvi to get the items.

Baldev is at Dhaba and the tea seller says he believes him, he can’t do this. Baldev says tea seller believes me, and family does not. Teja and his friends come there and backbite about Baldev. They talk about Veera, and Baldev took revenge as Ranvi refused for their marriage.

Veera comes to Baldev’s house and calls out Bansuri. Baldev hears her and says Veera……….. He is wounded and gets up to walk out to see her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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