Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 27th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with everyone dancing and down in the hall and then savri and arpitas mom going in the room as savri has to take her sarees, mom asks her that she will pack the sarees now and give it to her, savri tells her no and tells her that she will do it by herself and she does not need to take tension as she has to goodbye the guests and savri tells that she will pack it, mom says ok and smiles and goes. There up savri goes there at the bed and finds for arpitas saree and then she takes a paper and writes a letter on it and cuts it in a heart shape and then puts the letter in the bag of arpitas saree, she then smiles cunningly and says that now she will see that how arpita will marry akshat?

There avni who is talking with someone is told by bhavna that they should

go, avni says that she will wash hands and come. There avni goes at the basin, and raj looks at her and smiles, then he calls one waiter and tells him to tell avni that that basin is not working where as this basin is working and she should go there to wash her hands. Then avni says ok and she goes there, there at the other basin raj is practicing of meeting avni, he is practicing like, ‘hi I am raj and what is your name’, then the waiter comes and tells him that his name id dilip, raj tells him that what’s his problem he tells him that mam has called, raj tells that again and he will not be able to meet her again, then raj tells that waiter that he has to make her busy there for a more time until he comes or else his job is gone, raj goes in at arpitas mom who called him?

There in the hall raj goes at arpitas mom, she tells him that their preparations and food arrangements have been excellent and everyone are very happy and want their cards, raj says thank you and tells he will give cards, then he goes on distributing and then that fat lady comes, he then gives her and smiles and tells that he hopes she liked their food, then he goes ahead but she pulls him back and then tears the card and she throws it on his face and then raj tells that if she has any complaints then she can come and tell him at the counter, then he goes when she pulls him again and tells him that she does not want to listen to anything as they all are totally corrupt people, he tells her that if she has complaints then she can come at his jiju’s office and give the complaint, she gets angry and tells that why will she come at his jijus office and why will she come at his foolish catering business, then raj pleads her not to make this good program bad and create a bad fight, she tells him that what is he teaching her, he again requests her and tells her that please don’t do this at such a good function, then she tells him that she knows how corrupt they are and they are hooligans and were fighting at the hotel, she then tells him that his jiju is a thug and is corrupt, then raj who was ignoring turns and shouts at her and tells her to keep quiet and he cant bare the insult of his family, then he tells her that her only husband came with some hoodlums and was drunk and was hitting his jiju so why would he keep quiet, he tells her that he only was a corrupt and he only had not paid them for 10 months and had asked them to bribe him, then the fat lady whose name is mrs sarita is ashamed of this and raj tells her that before telling anyone others she should check her own record of mistakes. There avni sees him who was before stopped by dilip that waiter and was asked about the ratings for the food and desert that is out of 10 marks, there avni sees him and says to herself that wherever this boy goes he always makes a fight, there raj goes away, there avni goes at bhavna and arpita and savri who are standing together, she tells her that does anyone talk like this to their elders, arpitas mom comes and tells bhavna that she is sorry for all this, bhavna tells its ok and then tells that now even they have to go, so there avni and all depart to go, there raj says to himself that it would be nice if avni must not have seen him or else how will she fell, then raj prays to god that at least once let him meet her, then avni and bhavna all come from there and then avni passes there and raj looks at her and smiles there avni looks at him angrily and she goes.

At home raj is there and jiju tells that why did he even go and talk to that women, raj tells that she only came and started this, then jiju tells that did he meet that girl raj says yes but did not talk with her, then jiju tells that he should have kept quiet whatever she says, raj tells that she went on his family so he fought, then jiju hugs and sis calls them for dinner, it is chole batoore, sis tells that she will not eat as its her vrat for a baby which she did not get since 7yrs, jiju and raj get sad and jiju gets up and tells nothing will happen from this, raj gets up and tells that she behaves with him like a mother and he is only a child to her and they 3 hug each other.

Next day morning , there at avnis home pandit ji has come and avni is giving everything and sweets to eat and tells him that she will also bring rabdi but he has to remove a closer date of marriage, dadaji comes and tells that his granddaughter is a typical marwadi and knows how to get others in her tricks, they laugh and then bhavna comes and is talking with pandit ji of the dates, there a cal comes and avni takes it is buah and is asking avni what bhavna is doing, avni tells she is taking the dates for marriage, then buah gets scared and tells that she has to stop this and tells avni to tell bhavna to remove her sarees as she forgot it and then keeps the phone, avni goes to bhavna and tells about the sarees of buah and bhavna tells avni to remove it and keep it and pack so that they can be packed, avni goes in room and then removes buah’s sarees, then she sees arpitas sarees and removes it and then finds a letter in it and it is a heart shape love letter, she is looking when bhavna comes and avni throws it down, bhavna asks that what was that in her hand, then avni picks it up and shows her and she tells it was not her and it was in arpita bhabhis bag, bhavna tells arpita to go and then she reads the love letter and is in thinking. There at arpitas home, raj goes with the payment and he gives to arpita, she looks at it and tells that what is this bill, mom comes from behind and asks that have they put more, arpita tells no and tells that they instead have put less bill, mom asks why raj tells that because of him they had to suffer that fight so he cut 15%, mom tells no and tells that it was not his mistake and mrs. Sarita only started and it is her habit to fight wherever she goes, then mom goes to take the money, then raj tells arpita that was her halwa nice, arpita says yes and says that was he that person and she tells that she did not see him, then he tells her that she is glowing today and tells that her marriage will be successful, she tells she is glowing only for her husband, raj asks that is it love marriage, she tells no and tells its arrange marriage, raj tells then she must have got in love after marriage then he congratulates her and tells that he is happy for her marriage and will pray to god for her relation. Then she says thank you and he tells that she must have forgotten something and tells that as now they are friends no thank you and he smiles and they smile. Then he takes money.

Precap: there at bhavnas home, mom is shouting arpita and she is crying and mom is shouting and asking to whom and why she wrote this love letter, avni comes and tells mom that she has not done this as she believes her and avni tells that she will only be their house’s daughter in law, then suketh gets angry and shouts at avni.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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