Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman talking to Mrs. Bhalla. He says I m worried for Ruhi already. She says we are looking for a mum for Ruhi. She explains Raman that she agrees she did a mistake when she chose Dimple, but this time his dad has chosen the girl. She says you know whatever you dad do, he does the best. Raman says but I can’t marry. She says not for Ruhi too? Ruhi talks to her friends. Everyone thinks Ashok is her dad. Ruhi calls the maid and asks her to bring the phone. Ruhi calls Raman. She asks him to talk to her friends. She says my friends think Ashok is my Papa, but i told them he is not my Papa, but you are.

Raman cries with happiness and talks to her friends. Ruhi says I won’t waste your time, bye. Raman breaks down and says I m not busy dear. Mr.

Bhalla comes to Raman and pacifies him. He says today you cried for Ruhi, I know I did not talk to you since six years, you know the reason for it.

He says you changed, I lost my son, you wanted to become successful to show to Shagun, but you your happiness and peace, you lost your child, I won’t let you do more mistake, I m your dad, I have found a mum for Ruhi, meet her at 7pm, maybe the Lord has kept a window open for you. Raman agrees. Everyone are happy. Appa talks to Ishita and asks her to not give up hope. He says I want you to be happy, please agree, I have taken this decision after lots of thinking, trust me, meet him once. Ishita agrees and says this is not my yes. Amma is happy and says this time it will be fixed. Ishita says I will go to my clinic now. Mihika says sharp 7pm, Paradise club.

Raman talks to the lawyer and says what if we prove that Ishita is not good for Ruhi, how can the judge give the right of my daughter’s decision to a stranger girl. Bala’s mum comes to meet the judge and backbites about Ishita. She says Ishita can’t become a mum, since she got Ruhi, she is after her. Raman and her family tried to stop Ishita but she does not, as Ishita and her mum are desperate. They are using Ruhi to reach Raman Kumar. She says why will Ruhi go against her parents, why is the court giving importance to Ishita. The judge scolds her and says you broke off the relation with her as she can’t become a mum, I know how to see the truth. Ishita and Ruhi love each other.

I have read in Ruhi’s eyes how much she loves Ishita. She asks her to leave. Shagun is busy in the party. She talks to her friend and thinks of going to Paradise club. Shagun tells Ruhi that she is going for some work. She calls Paradise Spa and takes the appointment. Ishita gets a call from the judge and she asks her to meet her soon. Ishita agrees. They have a talk. The judge tells about Bala’s mum. She says someone is using your past, someone wants to move you off this case, you know it better. Ishita says I actually know who is he. Bala’s mum meets Raman and his lawyer. The lawyer says the judge will be more annoyed now.

She requests Raman to keep her off all this. Raman says I won’t let Ruhi go with Shagun at any cost. Ishita thinks about the judge’s words. Ishita comes to meet Raman in his office. ishita scolds Raman for contacting Bala’s mum and using her. Raman says this is my office, talk slowly. Ishita says how dare you do this. Raman argues with her. Ishita says I m confused whom should I choose, you or Shagun. She says I don’t know where will Ruhi stay happy, are you an ideal father, you are a manipulative father who wants to buy people and control people.

She taunts him and says the man who uses people’s weakness, he does not deserve Ruhi. She says I hate you. She says non stop. Raman asks her to think about herself. Ishita says the girls who want to marry you is only for your money. Raman taunts her as Subbu left her and Prateek too. Raman scolds her and says I know your truth, the truth is you will always get rejected. Appa calls Ishita and asks her to reach Paradise. Ishita says don’t worry, I will reach there. He says Amma will come there with your clothes. Ishita says I won’t leave you if you do this again. He says leave. Ishita leaves.

Amma talks to Vandu. Ishita thinks about Raman’s words. Ishita talks to Appa and says I m ready for my marriage, inform that family, I know whom to send my marriage invitation first. Appa asks why are you so angry. Ishita says today I feel I should get married. She says I have to shut someone’s mouth.

Ishita meets Ruhi and have a talk.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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