Uttaran 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 27th January 2014 Written Update

Epi begins with Ambika trying to take the bottle from Sankrant but it falls and breaks in the process. He loudly shouts at her to be in her limits. Next second he laughs it off. He holds Ambika’s hand a little forcefully as he wants to dance with her. Everyone is watching it shocked as he tries to dance with her forcefully. she tries to move away from him while he holds onto the pallu of her saree which comes off a little. Everyone is shocked to see this. A chant is playing in the background. Akash takes off his hand while Meethi holds Ambika’s pallu. Akash slaps Sankrant. Maiyya closes her eyes in pain while Ambika has a slight smile on her face. Meethi covers Ambika who has changed her expressions by now to tears. Akash warns Sankrant to stop it. Ambika tells him not to slap Sankrant. However way he is, he is my husband. Nani is amused. Both the brothers fought amongst each other. Looks like now the war between the brothers has started. The board of directors, Thakur family is dismayed to have seen all this. Everyone starts leaving and Ambika smirks to see the state of both the brothers.

Mukku cannot sleep as Vishnu’s words keep echoing in her head. Vishnu picks up his pillow and is about to go but fills a glass of water to keep it by Mukta’s side. she has turned her face the other side but holds onto his hand as he keeps the glass for her. Can we not forget what has happened? He replies he is not able to…even though he has been trying to. He takes her hand off his goes from there while she cries.

Akash is sad in his room as he recalls the fiasco that happened in the party because of which he had to slap his brother. He looks at his hand, makes a fist and starts hitting it at the wall / window. Meethi had just come there and runs off to stop him from doing this. Maiyya too has come upon hearing the noises. Meethi asks him not to hurt himself. He says I slapped my younger brother with the same hand. He is in tears. I was wrong. She denies. Someone had to stop him. Sankrant dint do it intentionally. You know he is such a nice person but his addiction for alcohol made him do so. It isn’t so that he doesn’t want to come out of it. He is trying his best by taking his medicine on time. We too have noticed the change in him. He only needs some time. We will have to make him understand with love, not anger. Akash dint like the way Sankrant behaved with Ambika because of which I had to (slap him in front of everyone). She tells him to forget everything that happened for his brother’s sake. Go seek forgiveness from your brother. Everything will be fine trust me. She gestures him to go and he obliges. Maiyya stops Meethi from going out. Don’t you think ever as to what’s happening in my both son’s lives all of a sudden? The brothers have fought for the first time. Who’s playing this game? Meethi doesn’t know who is doing all this. But I can tell you one thing that I wont let anyone create any kind of rift between both the brothers till I am in this home. A chant plays in the background followed by the voice of conch shell. She stops to tell him something else too. Anni always says you will row the same seeds which you have sown. Meethi leaves from there. Maiyya calls it a slap on her face and I haven’t done anything. What’s happening!

Sankrant is standing by the window of his room sadly recalling how his brother slapped him. ambika watches him with glee. You must be hurt. But what to do I cannot see anything beyond my revenge. She asks him about the slap. Just then Akash comes there. Ambika asks Sankrant to seek apology from Akash but Akash surprises both of them by saying that it is he who should be apologizing. Meethi joins them. sankrant cannot stop his tears. Akash seeks forgiveness from Sankrant by folding his hands but Sankrant asks him not to. I should be apologising. I embarrassed you in front of everyone. I am not worth being called your brother. Akash declines him being at fault. I forgot that my brother is trying to fight his weakness. I should have supported you, tried to understand you instead I hurt you in front of everyone. The brothers share an emotional hug. Meethi is happy while Ambika is not. Akash promises Sankrant he will get him out of this addiction. Meethi too offers to help him. We all will support you. She asks him about his medicines and he immediately shows it to her. I take it daily and Ambika too reminds me. ambika agrees. Meethi looks at the bottle and gets thinking as to why isn’t the medicine showing its effect if Sankrant is continuously taking it. Ambika thinks, it isn’t reacting as this is vitamin capsules and not the ones which you all are thinking it to be.

Mukku is reading some files but is lost. Yuvi was passing by but stops to look at her. he smiles seeing her and comes inside her cabin. He asks her if she is all right. She nods grimly. He asks her about his appointments. He is about to go but then asks her about the party. Did you wear that dress? What was your husband’s reaction? Meethi answers that Mukta was looking fab in the party. A chant is playing in the background. Mukku is happily surprised to see her there while Yuvi is shocked to see her there. He remembers his first encounter with Meethi in the college and the way she had reacted. Next he remembers how Iccha had hurt him with a knife in order to save Mukta and he was sent to jail based on her testimony. He cannot forgive Iccha’s face.

Mukku introduces Meethi to Yuvi and vice versa. Yuvi cannot look at her face as he is feeling a whole lot of emotions. She offers her hand for handshake while he is lost in thoughts. Meethi and Mukku watch it in surprise / confused. He closes his eyes in pain / anger. Meethi backs off. She says ma used to say that the people who don’t look into your eye while talking are definitely hiding something. Yuvi stares at her and she notices the distant look in his eyes. He agrees. Maybe ma was right. He then corrects himself saying, your ma. That is the reason why your friend isn’t looking in my eyes while talking. Meethi is confused while Mukku shakes her head. Yuvi excuses himself and walks out. Mukku invites her to sit. Meethi finds him strange. Don’t know I feel like something is wrong. The way he walked out. What was his name? Mukku tells her – Yuvaan. Meethi repeats the name and then looks at the door. epi ends on her thinking face.

Precap: Meethi was coming to talk to Maiyya but stops as she hears her talking to Gomti. She dint leave any chance. She is my enemy. If it would have been Aatishgarh then I would have gotten her picked up at night and cut her into pieces leaving her in the jungle to be eaten by the wild animals. If nothing else will happen then will do that only. I will kill my DIL. I will end her. meethi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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