Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Umatgaon
Raj and avni are apalled to know of Bhawna’s torture, and that the whole village and her own family too turned its eyes against her, and that had she known, Bhawna wouldnt have ever let avni come here and begs her to go away. Avni thinks that Bhawna has suffered a lot, and that she would bring her justice and wont let her live as an orphan. Parvati asks her to forget. Avni asks whats so wrong that bhawna did. parvati also tells avni that she doubts someone was behind all this. She is about to spill the truth, when stones come and hit her in the head. parvati winces in pain while avni rushes out to see what happened. Avni comes out and asks why are they pelting stones at her. Sumer comes and tries to stop them. All the villagers tell sumet singh, that avni is sangeeta’s daughter, having come here to seek revenge. Sumer is shocked, as he turns around to face avni, with rage in his eyes. virat eyes this evilly from a distance. Sumer has flashes of sangeeta and vents out his anger at avni, while she innocently tries to convince him. Sumer evnts out out his entire furstration and anger at the mother and daughter. they start pelting stones, while avni asks them to stop. Raj too is apalled and tensed, and then he is also advised that he should leave the village as thats best for him. raj thinks that avni was also enquiring about her mother and that she maybe in danger too.

Meanwhile, avni says that they and their thinking is wrong. But the villagers say that instead of Sangeeta, avni would die today. Sumer comes in between them and says that she is a guest and they wont dishonour her. But the villagers instead beat him up, and then turn to avni. As avni goes onto try and save him, they get on her too. she tries to make them realise that they are labourers and not killers and asks them to stop it. But one of them goes onto instigate the villagers all the more. He walks ahead with a sword in her hand. They are determined to kill her. They try to kill her with a sword. Raj comes to save Avni in the eleventh hour. He faces them all and then takes avni’s hands and goes onto run away, with the villagers in tow.

After they have evaded the villagers for long, avni jerks off her hands from his clasp, and says that she can fend for herself, and doesnt need his help, while he tries to convince her that they should be together right now. Avni refuses. Seeing the villagers approaching, raj takes her hand and they run yet again. they get in his jeep and he tries to ride, but the petrol is over and they get to running again. Thery enter the lodge and hide, while the villagers storm in, trying to search for them. Avni tries to speak, but he shushes her with his finger, while she is shocked, as to why is he doing this for her. He clutches her tightly against him. After they leave, she still clutches to him, in scare, while he eyes her emotionally, as they relive their past moments. The lodge’s owner comes in and says that they are safe. Raj says that they shall have to leave, and do somehow. raj goes to fight the villagers, while she can duck out in the meanwhile. He asks him to take care of her, while she adds that she too shall go with raj. They both tell each other that its danger for both of them. raj tells her that its a big problem, and that he would handle it along with keeping him safe. She grabs hold of his hand and finds it wounded severely. she immediately tears her dupatta and does an immediate dressing. He eyes her overwhelmingly, and then asks the villager to take care of avni. raj leaves, while avni is tensed. she also begins to, but he stops her, saying that Raj is risking his life for her. She vents out her frustration as to why is he doing all this, and why cant he throw her out of his life, just like she did. The villager says that he cant let his love die, and tells her how much raj loves her. She refuses to trust this, as had this been, why would he have broken off the marriage. He asks her to trust her heart. she asks why did he do this then. The villager says that bhawna told her to do this. She wonders why did Bhawna do this and is shocked. the villager says that raj came here to find the solution to this only, but it ruined him completely.

Meanwhile, Raj overhears and finds villagers everywhere, determined to kill avni. Raj overhears Virat instigating the villagers to have strict security and not let them both run away. As the villagers comply, raj, from a distance wonders who is the person directing the illagers, as he sees Virat, from his back. He doesnt bother to find out, and rushes away. virat turns around, and thinks that he lost a good chance, due to Raj, by trying to get rid of avni. the villagers throng virat saying that they saw avni near the lodge. They rush towards there.

Avni is frustrated and apalled. He asks her to atleast think of whsat pain he must have gone through, as avni is told everything, as to why raj refused to marry her, and how intolarable it was for him to turn it down. He says that raj broke her heart, but his was broken long back. She is distraught and collapses on the ground, that her own mother wished so. He then also adds that he came to find the truth about umatgaon, and Bhawna, and that he got to know. she blames herself for not having the faith in her love and raj, and that she should have understood something was amiss. She is very sad, thinking that she hated him so much and today too he is risking his life for her, while she rushes out saying that she would have to save him, and that she wont let anything happen to him. the villager is shocked. She run and just after she leaves, the villagers throng the area with virat.

Virat enters the lodge with the villagers, and then asks the lodge owner where is she, and he doesnt comply. the villagers come and say that they search the entire house but didnt find her anywhere. Virat is frustrated. Virat is tensed to have lost avni again twice this time around.

While raj is trying to arrange for a vehicle for them, avni finds him and hugs him tight, shocking raj complete. the screen freezes on their overwhelmed faces.

Precap: Raj and avni get married in a temple, with all the rituals, with the god as their witness, while a furious virat progresses towards them, along with the villagers.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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