Sinhasan Battisi 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja rudrapratap is seen declaring to his villagers tat he and his wife are going to say goodbye forever and they will take jalsamadhi (drown in water)tonight while samrat and chitralekha are seen in different get up in between the villagers and they have heard all said by raja rudrapratap
Maharani chitralekha is going somewhere and samrat is seen stoping her wher she tells samrat that she cant see the pain of raja rudrapratap and his maharani and sos she has decided to give her unborn child to raja rudrapratap samrat is happy to listen this from her and appreciates tat
Into old fort raja bhoj is seen thinking and padmavati asks raja bhoj tat wat is he thinking he then tells tat maharani chitralekha is a great women as she is donating her child to raja rudrapratap and this is a big decision for any women
Then samrat and chitralekha are seen praying harder to donate child while raja rudrapratap and maharani rageshwari is seen going towards river to take jalsamsdhi and before they drown maharani rageeshwari feels something inside her and stops while raja asks her y did she stopped then maharani rageshwari tells tat she feels tat she is pregnant while raja then asks her to go back and check with it and rushi muni tells them tat maharani rageshwari is pregnant everyone gets happy and when raja rudrapratap thnx god for his this bless god brahma appears and tells tat this is not the blessing of god but samrat has donated his child to them
Samrat and chitralekha are then seen and there appears god indra and kaal and they appreciates him kaal then tells tat he will now give away his life to him as the cycle has not broken of nature and they leave maharani chitralekha then asks raja vikramaditya tat y didn’t he tell her about hislife being held and he may die if this task wouldn’t have be completed he then tells tat if he would have told her then she would have been ready to give away her child for his life and he didn’t wanted this to happen so
Into old fort padmavtai then tells tat this is how samrat was known for his paropkar and then she goes near the singhasan and then there is light coming out from her half body while raja bhoj is seen confused and asks wat is this and then appears mahamaya and she tells tat padmavati will be in this way half lighted until he proves his paropkar and asks raja bhoj tat wat are the three main things to be a paropkari he then tells first is hitkarya second is nisvarth bhavna and third is decision taking ability then he is seen appearing on to an actual land
He then hears noise of ladies cries and starts searching and when reaches near the river bank he calls out to the ladies to come out and he will help them solve their problem and comes out three ladies out of water who are fishes and then they say that they don’t want help from selfish human beings while raja bhoj convinces them tat all human being are not the same and give him an opportunity to help where they tell him tat a samant and tantric have taken away their maharani matsygandha
Samant and tantric are then seen doing pooja and matsygandha is seen sitting i their but in worry where tantric tells samant tat after this pooja the shel will turn into gold and when samant will use tat shell to create sound the area until where the sound waves reach everything tat is metal will turn gold but for this to work he requires genuine tears of matsygandha
Raja bhoj asks the mermaids tat how did he kidnapped matsygandh then the mermaids tell tat one fine day raja smant was crying hard along the riverside and was trying to sucide then matsygandha stops him from doing this and asks him tat why was he commiting sucide then samant tells tat he has to feed the mermaids to remove sin from his life and then he takes matsygandha away from river and thisis how he was succeful in kidnapping matsygandha

Samant is then seen converting all the people in to gold whle raja bhoj reaches the village and asks a maharani who tells him tat samant is doing all this and when raj abhoj asks her about matsygandh she then says tat she doesnot know anything about her

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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