Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayush telling Amma that Avantika is his mum, as the ring is fit. He hugs her. Adi says aunty explain him, Avantika is not her mum. Sheela says I think its Ayush and his Amma’s plan. Rubel calms down Sheela and asks Mrs. Verma to take Ayush. Payal says they have to leave Diwaan Mansion now. Sheela scolds Mrs. Verma. Avantika cries. Mrs. Verma takes Ayush and asks him to come. She says I came here to give a son to a mum, but going with an orphan now, from a coward’s home. Ayush says he won’t go. Avantika cries and shouts stop……….

Everyone look at her. Avantika says stop, he is my son. Harish and everyone are shocked. He falls in his feet and cries. She says he is my son. She runs to Ayush and says Ayush is my son. Ayush says Maa and hugs her. Adi says mom, what are you saying, don’t feel pressurized, no need to lie. Avantika says its true. Harish says whats this Avantika. Avantika says let me complete please. Sheela says how can this be, no one knew this. Avantika says dad knew it. Adi says mum, what the hell are you saying……. He asks Pankhudi to say something, if Lord tell me this, I can’t believe this, as mum can’t break dad’s trust. He tells Harish that mom is lying. Avantika says I m not lying, let me speak once.

Pankhudi says let mom speak please. Avantika says I m sorry to let you down Harish. She says she met Amit Sharma before meeting Harish, we loved each other and wanted to marry, he died in an accident, I was taken to hospital and dad came to know I was pregnant. She says it was not easy for dad, he did not have any option and Anuj might remember that dad enrolled me in course in Delhi, to made me deliver my son, I delivered the baby and dad said my son was dead and have to start my life, I came to Mumbai and met Harish.

Sheela says but why did dad lie to you. Mrs. Verma says Purshottam ji knew Avantika would have leave the son and her life would have ruined, so he gave the baby boy to me, I went far from Mumbai and he made a trust on Ayush’s name and sent me money every month. Rubel says we gave money to Ayush foundation. Sheela says how did we not know this at home. Mrs. Verma says you want proof, I will give it. She shows the papers which has Ayush’s birth certificate and foundation money details. Adi drops the papers being shocked.

Payal says whats the ring matter. Mrs. Verma says the ring was bought for Avantika by Ayush’s dad, but could not give her, he died and Purshottam gave the ring to Ayush as a souvenir. Pankhudi asks why did you come after many years. Mrs. Verma says he is not normal like others, he needs someone always, I came to know I have cancer and I came to give Ayush to Avantika, I don’t have much time now. Ayush says Amma, cancer, we will go to doctor and I will pray for you. Mrs. Verma says I will be fine. She says I broke my promise thinking Ayush will be alone in life after I die.

She asks Avantika to forgive her, as she took the wrong way but her intention was good. She says I want you to give Ayush his family. She says I know you need to talk to your family, I will take Ayush to his room. Adi and Harish cry. Mrs. Verma asks Ayush to come with her, and she has hope that this family will accept him. Ayush says no, my mum will leave me alone. Mrs. Verma says no, she won’t leave you now, come with me. She takes him to outhouse. Avantika says Harish…………. Harish says no Avantika, I don’t want any explanation.

He says I cursed myself for 30 years thinking what mistake I did that my Avantika left me and came her home, I wanted to change myself and keep you happy, now look at you, the idol of honesty, the woman who hates lie, has hidden this from us. He says you should have told me before, it was my right to know, if Ayush did not tell me, I would have died without knowing your truth. She says no, don’t say this. He says he is dead now knowing all this. Avantika says I m sorry. He says our relation looks fake to me.

Pankhudi says please understand, mum did not know the baby was alive. Harish says she knew she had a child, she had an affair and she got pregnant, why did she not tell this to me. He says I told you our past will not affect our future, I did not know your past will come like this, alive. Avantika says its not like that, I forgot this with time. He says I would have accepted it earlier, but not now. Avantika cries. Pankhudi says dad, mom needs you. Harish says shut up Pankhudi, you won’t tell anything today. He say when your mom needs me, I was always behind her, what gift she gave me on our anniversary, thanks Avantika for making a fool out of me. Harish leaves.

Avantika asks Adi to talk to Harish. Adi says what should I tell him, that mum has hidden such a big thing from him. Pankhudi says we can’t decide whats right or wrong, she is going through pain. Adi says mum did wrong with dad. Avantika says no Adi, please…………… don’t go leaving me. Adi says I respected you more than dad, and this time my dad needs me. Adi leaves. Avantika cries breaking down. Pankhudi holds her and cries.

Adi and Pankhudi have an argument. Pankhudi says I came to know it yesterday and I did not tell it to you. Adi is shocked and gets angry as she did not share this with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. its really boring…

  2. I had very high respect for Avantika’s role. I really didn’t like the way they are showing her now.
    First time I felt this show end in last 7 years.

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