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Precap: ashok and Kaurvaki traveled far from home, now they must find a way back home. Bi du finally said his last wish before dying, now let’s continue

Ashok and charuvaki/Kaurvaki didn’t move. That wasn’t until Charuvaki decides to check out the clothes he bought her. She move to grab the bag, but she ends up hitting ashok chest. She glare at him, and ashok shrug his shoulder. She tried again, but the same thing happen. ” what are you doing?”

” your forgetting the chain is short. You can’t move further without me.”

Charuvaki, stubbornly tried again. Ashok crack a smile, he grab the chain and pull on it a little hard. Causing her to fall on him. They both fell on the floor. Charuvaki turn facing him, while she sat on his lap. ” your always clumsy, but thats one of the things I love about you.” He says

Charuvaki blush, before getting up. ” you must love this Kaurvaki A lot”

” yes, she is my other half.”

Charuvaki smile, she said she wish someone would love her and value her like he does for his wife. Ashok came behind her,and touch her shoulder . ” you already have, and that’s me” he says before leaning for a kiss. She move away making him frown.

” look, chand sir, don’t Co fuse me with your wife. And please stop doing romantic things with me, it’s not fair. ”

Ashok eyes became stern ” you are my beloved, and wife…Kaurvaki. why can’t you see that”

Charuvaki step back. She shiver seeing ashok anger, ashok walk near her, but she move back. Seeing her scared face frustrate him. He wanted to hit something, and that happen to be the wall behind her. Charuvaki eyes widen. All she wanted to do was get away from him. Luckily the bathroom door was next to her. She reached for the handle and walk in. Closing it on his face.

When she was gone, ashok calm down. He was angry with himself and her for forgetting him. He wonder and hope she is pretending because she was upset at him for not telling her about Devi. He would rather see her upset over that then forgetting him.


Devi and vit. Were doing laundry when they heard some people mumbling. Surprise, Devi asked them if it was true, they nod. Vit. Says ” we have to go back, theirs no way his dead”

When they arrive they saw everyone at the funeral. Devi starts to cry, while vit tries to go in. He was stopped by a guard. Charu told the guards his not welcome here, and for him to go back. Vit was upset, suddenly Vit heard Devi scream. He turn to see her on the floor. ” Vit…. please help me. baby…. it’s coming”

Vit panicked. He ask an old women for help, and she took Devi to her house. Their she gave birth to a girl. She was so happy. Vit said we should wait for bhai before naming her.Devi agrees.


Everyone was moaning over the loss of bindu. Acharya says they should wait for ashok, charu says ashok has been gone for four days, he could be dead. She says ” as bindu first wife, we will continue the preparation”

And so they burn bindu body and said their farewell. The citizen we’re now questioning who will rule them. Some of the council who missed the meeting says ashok is gone, ” how can he be king if he missed his own father cremation”

” it’s an insult”

” calm down, ashok would have come. Bindu sent him on a quest.”

” how long will the thrown be empty, I’m sure bindu appointed someone.” Charu said looking at ashok supporters

Acharya said ” if he did, you would be the first to know”

Charu didn’t believe it ” are you sure Acharya? You sure your not hiding things, after all you we’re there by his side”

“Enough mother, let’s go back for now” sushim says recalling Bindu words.

Once they left Acharya head to Helen.

With ashok,

Ashok felt bad for scaring her. He wish she would open up so he can see her. Its been two hours already. ” open up Kaurvaki”

When he got no respond, he tried again. But she still refused. Sighing ashok thought of an idea. He look around until he spotted a mouse running. Quickly he grabs it and puts it under the bathroom door. Ashok told the mouse to help him out. He shoo the mouse and it went under. Few second later ashok heard noises and the door clicking.

Charuvaki came out running, while screaming. Ashok pull on the shackle causing her to bump and fall on him once again. They both stare at one another while ashok wrap his hand around her waist. ” I’m sorry” he says

Charuvaki eyes widen ” is this a trick? Are you gonna kill me after this” she says

Ashok chuckles ” I would never hurt or put you in harms way. Its just I’ve been away from you for to long. And knowing that your near, but can’t remember me, upsets me. It makes me want to lock you up and keep you near until you remember ”

Charuvaki soften ” I understand, but you have to understand as well that am not your Kaurvaki. I’m Charuva-” she never finish when she got up to use the bathroom.

This confuse ashok. He ask if she was fine, she says she’s feeling weird. Ashok told her to rest, he will sleep on the wall.

Kaurvaki while sleeping kept having dreams, it was blurry once again. She saw a lion walking away from a young men, who was dead. She kept mumbling something in her sleep. Ashok stir and walk to her bed. He tries waking her, but she wouldn’t budge. Decided he sat next to her bed, and hold her hand. The whole night, before the sunrise.

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  1. How cute…..
    Didn’t ashok take kaurwaki to meet his father jagganath??

    I am just waiting for the time when devi will meet kvk..n what will ashok say….

    I just want ashok to show kvk to some doctor for her weird behavior….
    N then realise she is not acting but truly she had forgot him….
    N then what will be ashok behavior n how hard he will try to make kvk remember every thing…

    It will be fun and so romantic if kvk due to her medicines given by the doctor does weird things ….like thinking of some one trying to kill her or try to commit suicide n ashok breaks the door n holds her tightly n says to calm down calm down he is here near her…

    1. Angelk1

      Lol that would be funny, i could use that. But i think i have a better one. Also remember ashok went back to bring her with him, but stop when he heard jagannath son and his men there. He decided to just leave. Dont worry devi an kaurvaki will meet very soon.

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