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Hey guys,
I know I haven’t posted the rest of my story, Love at Once or a very long time, but I was super busy in preparations for my exam and my cousins wedding. I decided to write an OS for Twinj, but it is sad so if you have a box of tissues keep it with you….:) Here you go and I hope you like it. Make sure to comment and give feedback and love you all!

“RUN!” That was the last precious word I heard from my impeccable hubby, Kunj before everything turned into a yellow orange blur. I could see the agony and immense pain filled in Kunj’s eyes as we separated and our hands parted. Its been 5 years now and I still remember every little part of what happened on April 18. Everyday I look at our happy smiling faces in photos and recall that gruesome night.

We were both watching a romantic movie together, cuddled up. Kunj had a bucket of popcorn next to him and it was a relaxed evening. The next day we were going to go on a thriller adventure to Goa, filled with fun. We heard the doorbell ring and wondered who it was at such a time. There was no-one at the door which made the both of us a little worried but we assumed it was a prank. Approximately 30 minutes later, we heard a gun shot. I turned around to see 2 goons ready to harm us. One of them had a gun and another one had a lighter. Terrified, we began to run to the back door to get out of the house. As I was running, one man pulled my dark black hairs making me wince in pain. I pulled and pulled to let go but his grip just became tighter. He pulled me close to him and held my neck, suffocating me. Sweat had drenched my body and anger rose through me.

From what I could see, the person had on a mask but his eyes were clearly visible. Karan, I muttered under my breath. Since my marriage with Kunj, Karan wouldn’t leave us alone. He wanted me, for dirty reasons, but I hated him. He was back, and he wasn’t going to go easily. He squeezed my cheeks and blood started to flow out. I didn’t care because nothing hurt more than thinking about how dirty and atrocious Karan could possibly be. My anger had reached its peak and with all the strength I could gather, I pushed Karan and his hand away and ran for the knife. I saw Kunj trying to gather his strength but he couldn’t, the goon hit him too hard while I was busy escaping from Karan’s clutch. I wanted to hug my Kunj tightly and help him as well as comfort him and just run but I knew that I had to save the both of us for a little time first. I took the knife and cut Karan’s wrist making him scream while I struggled to run outside with Kunj.

We both hugged each other and has a deep eye lock filled with immense pain and sadness. We kept on hugging not wanting to let go, realizing that we were fighters and would stay strong because we were together. I looked at Kunj and said, “Not even death can separate us”. He immediately pulled me towards him and kissed me. We kissed till we were out of breath and tears rolled down my cheeks. Kunj saw my dried up blood and started to bandage it by ripping his shirt. I signed him a no and put his head on my lap. We began to run a few moments later, each step harder then the one before it. The goons were behind us in no time and cornered us to a dead end. “Where are you going to go now”, one of the men said with a smirk. We had lost and tears had filled my eyes again. My eyes were swollen and blood was smeared all over my face. Karan let out a hysterical laugh and lit his lighter.

That was when I heard the last precious word of my Kunj and saw his blurred face. I wanted to take him with me and never leave his side but it was too late. I saw his body burn in the blazing fire, crumpling up and quickly turning into ashes. I ran and ran not even stopping to breath. My Kunj’s death kept on popping in my mind and I couldn’t take it anymore. I stopped in front of a bench and cried my whole heart out. I had no-one. No-one to take care of me and love me. I had lost everything that I had, my life, my Kunj. I cried even more and buried my face into my legs, forcing myself to sleep. I awoke the next morning asking for a cup of coffee from Kunj but then recalled the last night and my eyes turned glassy. My clothes were murky and my hair was all over the place. I kept on cursing myself, blaming me for killing my Kunj. I was already an orphan and my only reason to live had also vanished away from me. I remembered Kunj’s amazing bright smile.

Suddenly, I clenched my stomach in pain and fell unconscious. I woke up hours later on a hospital bed, extremely confused. A nurse came in and told me that a kind man brought me here. The man appeared and my jaws dropped. It was UV! My childhood bestie was in front of my eyes. Tears of joy appeared on my face and UV hugged me. I couldn’t believe it! We talked for a while, until the nurse interrupted us. I also have some other news Ms. Twinkle, your pregnant!
I looked down at my stomach and recalled all my sweet moments with Kunj and a huge smile spread across my face. I had a reason to live, the last sign of Twinj’s love, our baby.

“Wow, that was beautiful mam. The whole country is excited for reading your new book, ‘Love is Pain’ , and now that we all figured out that its your life’s story, we can’t wait any longer!” I came back to my senses and half smiled. Next to me, UV appeared and so did my cute little 5 year old girl, Jasmine. I lifted her up and ended the conference by saying, “Life is full of sadness but also happiness. You can chose which life to live, the sad one or the happy one in which you keep your memories alive”. I, Twinkle Kunj Sarna, walked off the stage with my daughter and my best friend, who was and is always by my side.

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional sad os

  2. Adya

    Ohh cupcake.
    .U r back…!!!
    Well that was lovely….s emotional I mean it was jst aweeessssooooommmmmeeee……
    Try Posting ur ff soon

  3. SidMin

    Aww loved it the os was really so cute and emotional I just do not have words
    Keep writing ?
    Love you ❤

  4. Ria

    Gosh!!! This was so damn amazing. Do write more.?

  5. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….this story was really heart touching….amazing…. Awesome

  6. dreamer...arundhati

    Cupcake….dear it was out of the world…wonderful

  7. Wow yaar this was amazing n so heart touching.. loved it.. keep writing more ❤

  8. Aanya_pandey

    That ws actually very emotional.. it made me cry yr..
    Reading ur qork fr d frst time n actually fallen fr it.. in this frst time itself.. really good it ws yrr

  9. Angel20

    Heart touching story, really loved it a lot

  10. Twinjfan.tamanna

    woowww…. it was seriously an heart touching love story…. it was so emotional dear…

    love you

  11. Oye cupcake sweet cute n emotional one u know just now I ate cake n now I’m talking cupcake cute na n episode it was heart touching just loved it

  12. Hey cupcake,
    Too gud.Luved it.
    It really did touch my heart.Awesome plus emotional OS.Keep writing.

    Lots of luv,

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