Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi (kaira)- new story,episode 3

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Its a new morning, karthik is seen sleeping hugging a pillow…..he wakes to the sound of a child n when he opens his eyes, he sees Mishti…
Mishti: hey bf,wake up,its already 9’o clock….
Karthik: oh mishti? Y r u here? Rnt u going to school? Its only 9, lemme sleep…
Mishti:(naira calls from somewhere and she answers) yes naira deedi coming….
Bf c u later….(she starts to go…)
Karthik:(smiles n is excited hearing the name naira) mishti wait, I’m also coming (searches fr his best shirt n sprays perfume,combs his hair,looks himself in the mirror n goes)
Mishti: u just said u wanna sleep more n now what happened suddenly?
Karthik: oh i wanna spend more time with my new girlfriend….what do u say? Can I?
Mishti: r u asking me out, no mumma will scold me…
Karthik:OK but I’m coming with u
(They go)

Naira is standing near an inside garden in the house….its so beautiful looking at the light that comes from the large glassless windows decorated with transparent curtains of red yellow n white colours…. She is caught enjoying the sight n feels like dancing…. She dances…. Karthik and mishti comes n sees naira dancing….when mishti starts to go near naira,karthik stops her n they watch naira dance…

Karthik is staring at naira,her hair flies with the wind that comes n suddenly she starts to turn around for the final step but stops seeing karthik n mishti watching….

Naira: Mendak,can’t u just call when u r here…why r u watching me secretly?
Karthik: Ms Rishikesh u dance so beautifully, I love seeing it.
Naira:I’m no goddess, but what do u want me to do for u? Is it for that u r complimenting me ?
Karthik:oh,I’ve no need to compliment a girl like u to get things done, sorry I gotta go(starts to go angrily)
Naira:Mendak,thank u….
Karthik is happy n smiles
Mishti: c u bf,c u later
Kartik:OK c u mishti,miss u,love u
Mishti: love u too
They leave

Naksh is talking to akshara abt naira….akshara is quite unhappy that naira is not talking to her since she came back…naira went away from house wen she was 15 n came back only now….it was bcoz of a misunderstanding she had with akshara.

Naksh: mom don’t worry abt it much,she’ll realise sooner that she was wrong
Aks:it makes me so sad to see her ignore me for some misunderstanding DAT happened years back…I know she will realise but I wish naitik was here….he could have made….(naira and mishti enters,akshara stops talking)
Naksh:oh u r here?
Naira:I want to see pappa,I miss him
Naksh: he said he will b here tomorrow, let’s arrange a feast for him
Mishti:badi papa would love it if we bake cookies n provide iceing….I love it too…
Naira n naksh together: oh mishti….

Its next day,all r excitedly waiting for naitiks arrival… Everything’s ready for him….everybody is well dressed waiting for him….naksh sends a car to the airport

Naksh says its time for papas flight to arrive n naira comes n waits outside….akshara comes out too….karishma,mishti,Dada,dadi everybody r shown happy….a car comes n all eyes r on it….but the door opens to reveal just the driver who comes out crying n naksh goes to him
Naksh: (worried) where’s papa? What happened? Why r u crying?
Driver: ….. I…juz….
Naksh: (in shock) please tell what happened?
Driver: his plane crashed….

Everyone cries,akshara faints……..naira runs inside n takes a framed pic of naitik to her room n cries….

Dadi goes to kanha n prays “please ishwar,let nothing happen to my son….keep him safe,please,oh god”

What happens to naitik? Is he dead or alive….wait for epi 5….

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  1. I mean,wait fr epi4

  2. No he will be safe
    good one…

    1. Thank u shilpa….

  3. Anyan

    I love this episode

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