Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 3

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Episode starts with….

Ridhima says” I got to know about you , Why didn’t you tell me before?” Vansh thinks whether she got to know about him and says”I was about to say but you didn’t listen to me”. Ridhima says”I know I talk a lot but that dosen’t mean you won’t tell the truth”. Vansh says “It’s Ok, I dosen’t mind it”. Ridhima says “Why will you not mind? You are Vansh sir’s friend”. Vansh gets surprised and says” I am what?” Ridhima says”I know you are Vansh sir’s friend or a close relative so you are staying in this big room else how can a servant stay in such a room? I forgave you for the incident happened some time before so don’t worry I will not complain about you”. Vansh smiles and says”Thanks but tell me how do you find about me ? I mean how did you find that I am Vansh’s friend”. Ridhima says “I am very intelligent. After  seeing these photos I got to know that you are a rich person.I taught you came for Ishani mam’s marriage.I forgot , I should go to Ishani mam and find out about her likes.” Vansh smiles while she leaves. He thinks interesting,very interesting.

Ridhima comes to Ishani’s room. Ishani sighs her to come in. Ridhima introduces herself as event manager and says”Mam, I came to know about your likes and how do you want this marriage to happen?” Ishani says”Sounds interesting,You can ask me anything you need.” Ridhima says” Can you tell me about yourself mam?” Ishani says”Oh please, don’t call me mam. I am not much old than you so we can be friends and you can call me by my name.”Ridhima nods.Vansh wals by and looks at them. Ishani says”There is nothing much to tell about me but I will try to say, Don’t get bored okay.My parents died when I was very small but my brother took care of me from then. Vansh bhaiya gave me everything without me asking him. I never wanted any luxuries but always want my brother to look after me. I told him about my love with Aryan and he agreed to my marriage without even thinking about their status.” Vansh thins Ishani should not know about the truth of our parents else she will shatter. Vansh leaves. Ridhima says”Can you tell me about your family so that we can arrange the preparations according to it?” Ishani says” I have a sister and her name is Siya, she is in abroad for studies. I don’t know whether she will come to my marriage. I want this marriage to be beautiful because it is a memory for lifetime.”Ridhima nods and says “She will make this event indeed beautiful”. She gets Kabir’s call and leaves. Ishani calls out to her and gives her phone number and asks her to call her if she needs any help. Ridhima leaves.

Ridhima attends Kabir’s call. Kabir says”Ridhima have you met Ishani and found about her opinion?” Ridhima says”Yes Kabir, I have met her and got to know about her opinion. She is very simple and want this event to be a beautiful memory. I will find about her likes so that we can arrange the event according to her wish.” Kabir says”Hope we will be successful in this event, I trust you. Did you meet Vansh sir?”Ridhima says”no, I didn’t meet him”. Someone calls out Vansh . Ridhima turns to see him but fails. Vansh comes to that person and says “Angre, long time to meet you. Did you forget our friendship?”Angre says”Vansh, How can I forget you?This friendship means a lot for me.” Vansh hugs him and says”Now this event will become memorible”. Angre says”I came to make this marriage memorible, Don’t worry”Vansh gets a call and leaves.

Vansh calls Kabir and says”Priest called me and said tomorrow is an auspicious day and engagement should be done tomorrow.Prepare the arrangements grandly as I don’t want any mistake to be happen “.Kabir agrees and informs Ridhima about the same. Next day Ridhima and her team do the decorations as per Ishani’s choice. Ridhima climbs a stool to tie the garland. Vansh comes there and looks at her while she is working. She stumbles on the stool and is about to fall but Vansh holds her in his arms. Ishq mein marjawan title track plays….. They have an eye lock. Ridhima stands and moves back. She says thanks and leaves.

Some lady comes into the VR mansion and calls out Vansh. Ridhima comes there.She sees Vansh coming and gets shocked.
PRECAP: Vansh comes to a person and says”How are you papa?”.Ridhima hears some noise and gets shocked seeing someone.

  1. Saach Mae bahuth superb Hai episode…. While I was reading I was imagining how they expressions and their dialogue delivery it’s really entertaining and full time pass….and…
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  2. Superb episode… continue with your ff… it’s really different from other ff and real immj2.please post daily without delay

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    Yes it was really interesting and I hope you will post the next episode soon….😊😊😊

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  5. Oh my god! You had such a great writing skills really impressive!!!
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  6. Your writing skills are just best! Loved it and the storyline is so amazing ! Keep writing… Thanks!!

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