Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky’s love confession shocks Arjun

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 15th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sunny asking Arjun what is he doing? He tells that whatever Sunny has done is for Nandu. Arjun asks him to shut up. Sunny says you was Imarti’s friend and asks him to forgive Pinky for her sake. Arjun tells that this is the thing which made him upset, she had make fun of my friendship and played with my emotions. Sunny says what a big deal, Pinky and Imarti are same. He says we all have understood that they are one, and says I don’t know why you are not understanding. Arjun asks him to keep his gyaan to himself and don’t lecture him. Sunny says ok, and asks him to give this to Pinky as he is leaving. Arjun asks him to listen. Sunny goes. Pinky comes to Ram’s house and tells Antra that she has brought sweets for Shradh. Antra says I will present it. Nalini gets upset and goes inside. Pandit ji comes there. Nalini comes there and asks Asha not to keep the things as few things are still remaining. She keeps Pinky’s photo frame along with Ananya’s photo frame. Asha asks what are you doing? Pinky is right infront of us. Nalini tells that this is the girl who has lied to her parents and betrayed her. She tells that she was wrong in their upbringing and now will cry for both daughters. Pinky apologizes to her. Nalini asks her to let her do what is she doing? She tells Pandit ji that she wants to do her youngter daughter’s shradh as well. Asha asks what are you saying, I thought I am stone hearted, but you are two steps ahead of you.

Nalini asks Pandit ji to start the shradh. Arjun comes and asks Pandit ji to stop. He looks at Pinky’s photo frame kept for shradh. He says many wrong things have happened in this house and tells that he knows that they had left Ananya, but how they can do Pinky’s shradh who is alive. Nalini tells that he has no right to talk. Arjun tells that he has right as the person is his wife for now. He tells that Pinky had done everything selflessly and didn’t want to hurt family, whatever she did was for everyone’s betterment. He says I respect her and can take a stand for her. He asks her to do Shradh of Ananya who is dead. He keeps the clothes and other things which he has brought from his house and puts flower infront of Ananya’s photo frame and folds his hand. He takes Pinky’s photo frame and leaves from there. Antra and Pinky smiles. Pinky comes to Arjun’s house. Arjun says I know you can’t sign and gives her ink for thumb impression. Pinky looks on. Arjun asks what is your problem, what is stopping you? He asks her not to trouble him and asks him to leave her thumb impression on it. Pinky tells that she can’t do this as she loves him. Arjun is shaken up and taken aback.

Pinky says I can’t break this relation, tells that she has understood the meaning of love, by coming near him and knowing him. She tells that she didn’t know when and how it happened? She asks for a chance and promises that she will become a good wife. Arjun sits on the chair. Pinky says you used to ask me to listen to my heart, so I heard it and told you. Arjun goes to his room and is shocked. Pinky sits down on the floor. Sunny asks her to get up and handle herself. He says shall I tell you one thing and says you didn’t do wrong by loving him. He says Arjun, my brother is mad and he didn’t know that his life will get better with you, you both are perfect Jodi, made for each other. Pinky tells that one sided relationship and one sided love doesn’t complete.

Revati comes to her and asks her not to be negative. She says you might be thinking, I didn’t like your sister and talking sweetly with you. She tells that this is truth that I never liked her, but when she died, something in my son died and tells that when Imarti came in her life, then I saw him happy and laughing. I didn’t want him to be hurt again and that’s why I was rude to you. She says now when I saw you expressing your love to him, I got convinced. She says now I feel that Arjun can’t get a good wife than you and Nandu can’t get a better mother than you. She says you are perfect for my son. Sunny asks Revati if she took wrong medicine today and says I think reaction happened. Revati asks him to shut up and tells that today is the auspicious day, she tells that she will keep the prasad infront of God after knowing Arjun’s feeling. Sunny asks Pinky not to worry and tells that he will enquire about Arjun’s feelings.

Pinky thinks what Arjun ji might be feeling? If he has any feelings for me, or will I fail even in this exam. She calls Antra and asks her to meet her. Sunny comes to Arjun and smiles. Arjun asks him to close his mouth else he will break it. Sunny says when the time came to become SRK, why is he becoming Sunny Deol. Arjun says how she can think being Ananya’s sister. Sunny tells that Pinky is already officially his wife and asks him to think what is his feelings for Pinky. Arjun says nothing and asks when did I give her signals. Sunny asks him to think what happens to his heart, thinking about Pinky. Arjun smiles thinking about her. Sunny asks him to say if he can see her as his life partner.

Antra asks Pinky to propose Arjun and says it is ladies first. Arjun throws her out of house and tells that he don’t love her and has no relation with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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